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This section first uploaded 24.07.10.
Visitation reports that the ancestors of the following John "came out of the North and discended (sic) of a younger branch of .. Sir Robert Knolles and seated himselfe in Hampsheir )sic) in the time of King Henry the viijth". That Sir Robert appears to be same as the Sir Robert who heads Knollys1.
John Knolles of Chickenhall, Hampshire
1. Henry Knolles
  m. Joane Salmon (dau of Thomas Salmon of Berton Stacy)
  A. Sir Henry Knolles of Grove Place in Nursling, Hampshire (d 09.10.1638, comptroller of the Household of King Charles I)
  m. Catherine Cornwallys (dau of Sir Thomas Cornwallys, groome porter)
  i. Sir Henry Knolles or Knollys of Grove Place, Bart (b c1611, d unm 07.1648) mentioned in TCB (vol 2, Knollys)
ii. Thomas Knolles of Grove Place (b c1612, d 1679)
  m. Anne Duncombe (dau of _ Duncombe of Battleston)
  a. Robert Knolles of Grove Place (b c1654, a 1686)
  m. Margaret Flemming (dau of Edward Flemming of South Stoneham)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas (b c1685), Henry (b c1689), Anne (b c1684)
  TCB reports that the male issue "became extinct 8 Dec. 1752".
b. Anne Knolles
  m. Thomas Gale
  c. Dorothy Knolles (a 1686)
  d. Elizabeth Knolles
  m. Thomas Ragg of London
  e. Philadelphia Knolles (bpt 05.11.1659, bur 18.07.1725)
  m. (c1682) John Speed of Southampton
  iii. Margaret Knolles (b c1618) probably the Margaret who married ...
  m. Sir Peter Browne of Kiddington (b c1615, d Naseby 14.06.1645)
  iv. Philadelphia Knolles (b c1621, bur 10.11.1655) shown by TCP (Teynham) as married to ...
  m1. Sir John Mill of Newton Bury (d 1643)
  m2. Christopher Roper, 4th Lord Teynham (b 20.04.1621, d 23.10.1673)
  v.+ other issue - Robert (b c1614), William (b c1625), Elizabeth (b c 1617), Frances (b c1626)
2.+ other issue - John, Edward



This section first uploaded 26.07.10.
To help us identify any connection between families with the name Baker, we note that BP1934 identifies the following family's coat of arms as: "per pale arg. and or on a saltire nebuly sa. five escallops of the first, on a chief of the third a lion passant of the second".
Of "a family long setled in Devonshire" was ...
George Baker (vicar of Modbury, archdeacon of Totnes)
m. ?? Weston (dau of Stephen Weston, Bishop of Exeter)
1. Sir George Baker of Loventor in Totnes, 1st Bart (b 1723, d 15.06.1809, President of the College of Physicians, physician to King George III)
  m. (28.06.1768) Jane Morris (d 13.07.1813, dau of Roger Morris of York by Elizabeth, dau of Philip Jackson)
  A. Sir Frederick Francis Baker, 2nd Bart of Loventor (b 13.05.1772, d 01.10.1830) had issue
  m. (07.1814) Harriet Simeon (d 15.11.1845, dau of Sir John Simeon, 1st Bart, by Rebecca Cornwall)
  B. Maria Charlotte Baker
  m. (01.05.1821) Sir John Hutton Cooper, Bart (dsp 24.12.1828, Lt. Colonel) @1@ below



This section first uploaded 26.07.10.
Rev. Benjamin Cooper (in Southwell)
1. Benjamin Cooper of Sleaford, Lincolnshire
  m1. Anne Caudron (dau/heir of Robert Caudron of Great Hale)
  A. Sir John Hutton Cooper of Walcot (Somerset), Bart (b 07.12.1765, dsp 12.1828, Lt. Colonel, MP, 5th son)
  m1. (1790) Elizabeth Mary Ellis (dau of Edward Ellis of Alnwick)
  m2. (1797) Phillis Neate (dau of William Neate of London)
  m3. (1821) Maria Charlotte Baker (dau of Sir George Baker, Bart) @1@ above
  B.+ other issue - Christopher of Doncaster (a 12.1828), Benjamin of Stamford (a 12.1828), 2 sons (d before 12.1828)
  m2. ??



This section first uploaded 26.07.10.
Thomas Gattaker of Shrewsbury
1. Joyce Gattaker
  m. Hugh Morris
2. Maudlyn Gattaker
  m. James Levyns of Shrewbury, later of Bridlington @2@ below



This section first uploaded 27.07.10.
Arnold Ussher
m. Margaret Stanihurst (dau of James Stanihurst, speaker of the Irish Parliament)
1. James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of All Ireland (b 04.01.1581, d 21.03.1656)
  m. (1613) Phoebe Challoner (dau of Luke Challoner)
  A. Elizabeth Ussher (b 1619)
2. Ambrose Ussher
3. Sir Arthur Ussher probably of this generation
  A. Alicia Ussher (b 1625, d 1690)
  m. Sir Theophilus Jones (b by 1610, d 02.01.1685)
4. Sarah Ussher probably of this generation
  m. Theophilus Buckworth, Bishop of Dromore (d before 21.05.1653)
5. Mabel Ussher probably of this generation
  m. Lewis Jones, Bishop of Killaloe (b c1560, d 02.11.1646)



This section first uploaded 27.07.10.
Hugh Copledyke (Baron of the Exchequer)
m. Elizabeth Littlebury (dau/heir of Richard Littlebury of Wisbich, Cambridgeshire)
1. John Copledyke
  A. John Copledyke
  i. Richard Copledyke
  a. William Copledyke
  m. Elizabeth Wanton (dau/heir of Thomas Wanton)
  (1) Catherine Copledyke (heir)
  m1. John Everard of Wisbich
  m2. Thomas Howard @3@ below



This section first uploaded 27.07.10.
Thomas Howard
m. Elizabeth Tilney (dau/heir of John Tilney, son of Thomas by dau/heir of Sir John Fitton)
1. Thomas Howard
  m. Catherine Copledyke (dau/heir of William Copledyke, relict of John Everard of Wisbich) @3@ above
  A. William Howard
  m. Beatrice Trusbutt (dau of Thomas Trusbutt)
  i. Catherine Howard (heir)
  m1. John Everard of Wisbich



This section first uploaded 28.07.10.
Both Dugdale & Commoners start with the following James albeit identifying his father as from Westmoreland.
James Levyns
m. _ Bacchus of Milton in Somerset
1. Thomas Levyns of Bedminster, Somerset this generation given by Dugdale but omitted by Commoners
  m. Jane Kemise of Bedminster
  A. James Levyns of Swynflete, Yorkshire
  m. Ellen Lee of Maxfield
  i. Thomas Levyns of Rusholme, Yorkshire (d c1626)
  m1. Anne Beverley (dau of Vincent Beverley of Selby)
  m2. Anne Browne (dau of Henry Browne of Selby)
  a. Lewis Levyns of Eske in Holdernesse, Yorkshire (b c1616, a 089.1666)
  m. Eleanor Wytham (dau/heir of William Wytham of Ledston)
  (1)+ issue (a 09.1666) - William (b c1646), Thomas (b c1648), Lewis (b c1651), Wyyham (b c1653), Lucyan (b c1655), Charles (b c1657)
b. Lucyan Levyns of Rusholme
  c. Margaret Levyns
  m. Elias Micklethwayt
  d. Mary Levyns
  m. John Adams of Rawcliffe
  e. Sarah Levyns
  m. Alexander Stocke (rector in Yorkshire)
  ii. James Levyns of Shrewbury, later of Bridlington this generation given by Commoners but not by Dugdale
  m. Maudlin Gattaker (dau/coheir of Thomas Gattaker) @2@ above
  a. Thomas Levyns
  m. Mary Prosser (dau of John Prosser)
  b.+ other issue - Robert, Maud
  iii. Alice Levyns
  m. Robert Anby of Selby
  iv. Anne Levyns
  m. Roger Marshall of Selby



This section first uploaded 06.08.10, reviewed 20.06.21.
This section was first prepared using information from various web sites plus cross-references from elsewhere in the database plus the input from CountyGen given below. It was reviewed on 20.06.21 using MGH (NS3 vol 3 (1900), p124+) & 'Pedigrees of the Knights' (Le Neve, edited by George Marshall (1878), p208). Anything below left from 'various web sites' is shown in italics.
Hugh Sheldon of Stanton (near Ashborne), Staffordshire mentioned by MGH
1. Roger Sheldon of Stanton ('servant to Gilbert Talbot, Earl of Shewsbury') the first mentioned by Le Neve
  A. Ralph Sheldon of Stanton
m. Mary Perkes (dau of John Perkes of Wandley)
  i. Sir Joseph Sheldon, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (b c1627, d 16.08.1680)
  m1. Elizabeth Clifton (dau of William Clifton of Covent Garden)
  a. Elizabeth Sheldon (d before 1716)
  m. (14.01.1678/9) Sir John Cotton, Bart (d 20.01.1712/3)
m2. Margaret Rose (dau/coheir of George Rose of Eastergate)
  The following is supported by CountyGen (Sussex, Berry, p25).
  b. Anne Sheldon (a 1681)
  m. (after 1681?) Hugh Reason of Hamptonet, Sheriff of Sussex (a 1711)
  (1) Anne Reason (d unm)
  (2) Judith Reason
  m. Somerset English of Hamptonet & Eastergate
  (A) Judith English
m. (17.05.1748) Sir William Dolben, Bart of Findon (d 1814)
  ii. Daniell Sheldon of Ham Court, Surrey
  m2 Judith Rose (dau/coheir of George Rose of Eastergate, relict of Sir Maurice Diggs of Chilham Castle, Bart)
  a.+ issue - Gilbert (b c1677, a 1681), Judith, Mary
  iii. Roger Sheldon (a 1681)
  iv. Ellen (Eleanor) Sheldon (d 1722)
  m. Francis Mohun of Fleet (b c1628, d 25.02.1711/2)
  v. Katherine Sheldon
  m. John Dolben, Archbishop of York (b 1625, d 1686)
  B. Gilbert Sheldon, Archbishop of Canterbury (b 19.07.1598, d unm 09.11.1677)
  C. David Sheldon (Director of the East India Company)
  i. Mary Sheldon
  m. William Craddock ## here? ## (where Mary is identified as dau of Gilbert Sheldon of St. Andrew's Holborn)
  D. Catherine Sheldon shown by some web sites as the Catherine who married Archbishop Dolben; Le Neve shows that Katherine a generation later
2. Alice Sheldon
  m. Ralph Wolley of Newton

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