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John Geddinge of Geddinge, Suffolk (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
1. Catherine Geddinge
  m. Sir Richard Freyzell of Suffolk
  A. Agnes Freyzell
  m. Sir Symond Saxham of Thurston
  i. Agnes Saxham
  m. Sir Nicholas Drury of Thurston & Rougham (a 1381)
2. Jayne Geddinge
  m. Thomas Ickworth of Ickworth



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Robert de Watervilla
m. Matilda
1. Sir William de Wateville (a 1290)
  m. Thoremina
  A. John de Watevyle of Panfield (a 1341)
  The Harleian editor notes that: "This is copied as accurately as the MS. will admit; there is confusion and evident inaccuracy in the dates."
  m. Amicia (dau/heir of Peter, m2. Robert)
  i. Sir John de Wateville (dsp)
  ii. Johanna de Wateville
  m. John or William Langham
  iii. daughter
  m. Richard Coggeshall



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Samuel Warner of Holbrook(e) Hall, Suffolk
1. Catharine Warner (coheir) 
  m. Henry Vere Graham of Holbrook Hall
  A. Anne Graham (b 1721-2, d 02.02.1778) "dau/coheir of Henry Vere Graham by Catharine, dau/coheir of Samuel Warner of Holbrook Hall"
  m. Sir Walden Hanmer, 1st Bart of Hanmer (bpt 19.03.1717, d 20.10.1783)
  B. Eleanor Graham (d 14.02.1764) "dau/coheir of Vere Graham of Wix Abbey & Holbrooke Hall by (unnamed) dau/coheir of Samuel Warner of Holbrooke Hall"
  m. Sir William Bunbury, 5th Bart (b c1710, d 11.06.1764, vicar of Mildenhall)



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Haslett Powell of London (?) & Luton
m. Ann
1. son (d young)
2. Ann Powell (b 03.09.1735, d 1812)
  m. _ A. Hall
3. Elizabeth Powell (b 08.09.1736, a 1812)
  m1. _ Mercer (dsp)
  A. William Mercer
  B. daughter
  m. Thomas Price
  i. John Price
  m. Dora Isablla Beatson (dau of Genreal _ Beatson, Governor of St. Helena)
  m2. Duncan Dallas (d 19.07.1814, uncle of Judge Sir Robert Dallas)



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Howel ap Rice ("sonne of Philip Ryce Grcek ap Meredith Gethin ap Ryce son of Ryce Windant ap Griffith descended from Ryce ap Tewder one of the Princes of Wales Lord of Caermarden")
1. Yvon
  A. Howel
i. Hoedlew
  a. Merick
  (1) Philip "ap Merick ap Tewder"
  m. Jennet (dau of Philipp ap Howel ap Madock ap Howel ap Griffith ap Gronow ap Hethlow ap Godowgand ap Elistan Glodred)
  (A) Mauld (heir)
  m. Lhuellin Gregerrer "of the Castel of Egles"
  (i) Philipp
  (a) Margret
  m. Richard Hoby of Badland



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John Norris of Fifield, Berkshire
John is shown at the continuation as possibly son of the Edmund of Fifield whose eldest brother, Sir William Norreys of Speke, lived 1459-1506/7. We note that Visitation shows that John's wife Mary had a cousin, Richard, who was mentioned in 1424. That gave us concern that this John of Fifield was of the same line as his projected father Edmund . However, as the dates of the cross-references to this family from elsewhere in the database broadly support that John could have been son of Edmund, and noting the mistake with Elizabeth below, we view it as not unlikely that Visitation was mistaken with that 1424 date.
m. Mary Staverton (dau/coheir of William Staverton of Staverton Mnnor)
1. William Norris of Fifield
  m. Mary Fortescue (dau of Adrian Fortescue)
  A. John Norris of Fifield
i. John Norris of Fifield
  m. Mary Beresford (dau of George Beresford of London, widow of Roger Colte of Wodax or Woday)
  a. Elizabeth Norris
  Visitation shows that Elizabeth married Thomas Viscount Fenton. However, there is no indication in TCP (Kellie) that Thomas Erskine (1566-1639), who was later created 1st Earl of Kellie having been created Viscount Fentoun in 1606, ever married an Elizabeth née Norris. However, he did marry, in 1604 as his 2nd wife, Elizabeth Pierrepont, widow of Sir Edward Norreys. Note that CountyGen (Berry, Hampshire, p178), which is focused on the Staverton family and which otherwise follows Visitation & reports the above, does not mention Elizabeth at all.
  Mentioned in the Visitation, but not directly connected to the above line, was the following Anne. Uncertainty with the dates leads to uncertainty with the generations. She could be some generations earlier!
  b. Anne Norris
  m. Richard Staverton of Warvyle
  B. Jane Norris possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Rudyard of Rudyard (d c1620)



Isaac Selfe of Benacre
m1. Anne Smith (dsp, dau of Thomas Smith)
m2. (17.07.1690) Penelope Lucas (dau/coheir of Charles, Lord Lucas of Shenfield)
1. Anne Selfe
  m. Thomas Methuen (d 1737)

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