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Families covered: Counts of Auxonne, Counts of Burgundy (Bourgogne), Counts of Macon

Otho Guillaume, Count of Burgundy, Macon, Nevers, etc (b 958/9, d 21.09.1026)
m1. (975/80) Ermetrude de Roucy (b c950, d 1002/5, dau of Ragnold de Roucy)
1. Guy I, Count of Macon (d c1004)
  m. (c991) Aelis of Chalon (dau of Lambert, Count of Chalon)
  A. Otto II, Count of Macon (d 1033/41)
  m. Elizabeth de Vergy
  i. Geoffroy, Count of Macon (d c1065)
  m. Beatrice (d c1072)
  a. Guy II, Count of Macon (d 1109)
  m. (before 14.11.1066) Maitris
  ii. Robert de Macon
2. Renaud I, Count of Burgundy (b c990, d 03.09.1057)
  m. (before 01.09.1016) Adelaide/Judith of Normandy (b c1000, d after 07.07.1037, dau of Richard II 'the Good', Count of Rouen, Duke of Normandy)
  A. Guillaume I 'the Great', Count of Burgundy and Macon (b c1024, d 12.11.1087)
  ROYL (table CCCLXI) identifies this William as William II and shows his wife as Gertrudis, dau of Theodoric, Count of Limburg/Salm. There are also differenecs on other matters such as to which generation certain daughters belonged. We follow GenEU.
  m. (1049/57) Stephanie de Longwy (b c1035, d after 19.10.1088, dau of Adalbert II of Longwy, Duke of Upper Lorraine)
  i. Eudes of Bourgogne (d c1087)
  ii. Renaud II, Count of Burgundy and Macon (d 1097)
  m. Regina (d after 1097, dau of Count Kuno von Oltigen)
a. Guillaume II 'the German', Count of Burgundy and Macon (d after 03.01.1125)
  (1) Guillaume III 'the Child', Count of Burgundy and Macon (b c1110, d 1127)
  iii. Guillaume of Bourgogne (d c1090)
  iv. Etienne/Stephen I 'Tete-Hardi', Count of Vienna and Macon (d 27.05.1102)
  m. (c1090) Beatrix of Lower Lorraine (a 1102, dau of Gerhard IV, Count of Metz, Duke of Upper Lorraine)
  a. Renaud III, Count of Burgundy and Macon (d 22.01.1148)
  m. (c1130) Agatha of Alsace (b c1119, dau of Simon I, Duke of Lorraine)
  (1) Beatrix of Bourgogne (b c1145, d 1184) GHJSWY
  m. (10.06.1156) Friederich III 'Barbarossa', Duke of Swabia, King of Germany, Italy, etc, Emperor (b 1122, d 10.06.1190) GHJSWY
  b. Guillaume III, Count of Macon and Auxonne (d 1155)
  m. Poncette of Traves (dau of Renaud de Traves)
  (1) Etienne II, Count of Auxonne (d after 21.07.1173)
  m. (c1170) Judith of Loraine (d 1173)
  (A) Etienne III, Count of Auxonne (d 1241)
  m1. (c1186, div 1197/1200) Beatrix of Chalon (dau of Guilllaume de Thiers, Count of Chalon)
  (i) Etienne of Chalon (d after 1204)
  (ii) Jean I 'le Sage', Count Palatine of Burgundy, Count of Chalon and Auxonne (b 1190, d 30.09.1267)
  m1. (1214) Mahaut de Bourgogne (d 1242)
  (a) Hugues, Count Palatine of Burgundy (b 1220, d 12.11.1266)
  m. (c1236) Adelheid von Andechs (d 08.03.1279)
((1)) Otto V, Count Palatine of Burgundy (b before 1248, d 17.03.1302)
  m1. (1263) Philippa of Bar (d c1290, dau of Theobald II, Count of Bar)
  ((A)) Alix de Bourgogne (d after 31.01.1285)
  m2. (1285) Mathilde of Artois (b 1268, d 27.10.1329)
  ((B)) Robert, Count of Burgundy (b 1300, d 1315)
  ((C)) Jeanne I, Countess Palatine of Burgundy (b before 15.01.1292, d 21.01.1330) GJ
  m. (01.1307) Philippe V 'le Long', King of France and Navarre (b 1291, d 03.01.1322) GJ
  ((D)) Blanche de Bourgogne (b 1295, d 1325/6)
  m. (c1307, div 1322) Charles IV 'le Bel', King of France and Navarre (b 1295, d 01.02.1327)
  ((2)) Hugues de Bourgogne, Sn de Montbouson. etc (a 1312)
  m1. (1282) Bona of Savoy (b 1275, d 1300)
  m2. Margareta (dau of Ulrich II, Count von Pfirt)
  ((3)) Renaud de Bourgogne, Count von Mompelgard (d 1322) had issue
  m. (before 15.05.1282) Guillemette de Neuchatel
  ((4)) Jean de Bourgogne, Sn de Montaigu, etc (d 1301/3) had issue
  m. Margaret von Blamont
  ((5)) Elizabeth de Bourgogne (d 1275)
  m. (1254) Hartmann V, Count von Kiburg (d 1263)
  ((6)) Hippolyte de Bourgogne
  m. (1270) Aymar de Poitiers, Count of Valentinois and Diois
  ((7)) Guye de Bourgogne (d 1316)
  m. (1274) Thomas III, Count of Savoy, Maurienne and Piedmont (b 1248, d 1282)
  ((8)) Agnes de Bourgogne
  m. (c1259) Philippe II de Vienne
  ((9))+ other issue - Etienne (d 1299), Henri, Alix (nun), Marguerite (nun)
  (b) Elizabeth de Bourgogne (d 1277)
  m1. Henri de Vienne (d 1233)
  m2. Ulrich II, Count of Pfirt (d 1275)
  m3. Henri de Vergy (d 1258)
  (c) Marguerite de Bourgogne (d 1262)
  m1. Henri de Brienne, Sn de Venizy (d 1249/50)
  m2. (1250) Guillaume I de Courtenay, Sn de Champignelles (b 1228, d 1280)
  (d) Jeanne de Bourgogne (d 1265/8)
  m. Jean de Cuiseaux
  (e) Blanche de Bourgogne (d 1306)
  m1. (1260) Guichard de Beauheu (d 1265)
  m2. (1268) Beraud de Mercoeur (d c1285)
  m2. (1242/3) Isabelle de Courtenay (d 1257)
  (f) Jean I de Chalon, Count of Auxerre (b 1243, d 1309) had issue
  m1. (1257) Isabelle of Lorrine (d 1266, dau of Matthias II, Duke of Lorraine)
  m2. (1268) Alix d'Aucerre (b 2365, d 1290, dau of Eudes de Bourgogne, Count de Nevers, etc)
  m3. (1290) Marguerite (dau of Louis de Beauheu)
  (g) Etienne de Bourgogne, Sn de Rouvres (d 1302) had issue
  m. (before 1262) Jeanne (dau of Gautier de Vignory)
  (h) Pierre de Bourgogne 'le Bouvier', Sn de Chatelbelin (d 1272/4)
  m. (1258) Beatrix of Savoy (d 1292)
  (i)+ other issue - Robert (d after 1245), Mahaut (nun), Guillemette (a 1261, Abbess of Battaut), Marguerite (a 1263, Abbess of Chateau-Chalon)
  m3. ??
  (m) Jean I de Chalon, Sn d'Arlay (b 1259, d after 16.04.1316) had issue
  m1. (1272) Marguerite of Burgundy (d after 1300, dau of Hugues IV, Duke of Burgundy)
  m2. (c1312) Alix (dau of William of Flanders, Lord of Dendermonde and Crevecoeur)
  (n) Hugues de Bourgogne, Archbishop of Besancon (d 1312)
  (o) Marguerite de Bourgogne (d 1328)
  m. (1285) Hugues de Bourgogne, Sn de Villains-de-Duesmois (d 1288)
  (p) Agnes de Bourgogne (d 1350)
m. Amadeus II, Count of Geneva (d 1308)
  (iii) Agnes de Bourgogne (d 1223)
  m. Richard de Montfaucon, Count von Mompelgard (d 1227)
  (iv) Clementia de Bourgogne (d after 1235)
  m. (1212) Bertold V, Duke of Zahringen (d 1218)
  (v) Beatrix de Bourgogne (d 1260)
  m. Simon de Joinville (d 1233)
  (a) Sir Geoffrey de Geneville, Sn de Vaucouleurs, Lord of Trim (b after 1225, d 21.10.1314) Y
  m. Maud de Lacy (dau of Gilbert de Lacy of Ewyas Lacy) Y
  m2. (before 1212) Agnes de Dreux (b 1195, d 1258)
  p. Blandine de Cicon
(vi) Etienne, Baron d'Oiselet (b 1208, d after 1267) had issue
  (2) Geraud I, Count of Macon and Vienne (b c1142, d 1184)
  m. Guyonne/Maurette of Salins (dau of Gaucher III de Salins)
  (A) Guillaume IV, Count of Macon and Vienne (d 1224) had issue
  m1. Pontia de Beaujeu
  m2. Scholastica de Champagne (d 1219)
  (B) Gaucher/Wautier IV de Macon, Sn de Salins (d 1219) had issue
  m1. (c1180, div 1195) Mahaut de Bourbon (d 1228, dau of Archambault de Bourbon)
  m2. (c1200) Adelaide de Dreux (b 1189, d 1258, dau of Robert II, Count de Dreux et de Braine)
  (C) Geraud de Macon, Sn de Vadans
  m. Perrette von Pfirt
  (D) Etienne de Macon, Archbishop of Besancon (d 1193)
  (E) Renaud de Macon
  (F) Beatrix de Macon (d 08.04.1230) EGHJSWY
  m. (c1175) Umberto III, Count of Savoy (b 04.08.1136, d 04.03.1189) EGHJSWY
  (G) Alexandrine de Macon (d 1242)
  m. (1188) Olry II de Bauge et de Brosse (d c1220)
  (H) Ida de Macon (d 1224)
  m1. (c1170) Humbert de Coligney (d 1190)
  m2. Simon II, Duke of Lorraine (b before 1152, dsp c1206)
  c. Elizabeth of Macon (d after 1125)
  m. (c1110) Hugues I, Count of Troyes (d 1126)
partner unknown
  (1) Eudes de Champlitte had issue
  d. Clemence of Macon (d 1164)
  m. (c1120) Guigon VI d'Albon, Dauphin de Vienne (d 1142)
  v. Raimond of Bourgogne, Count of Amerous, Galicia and Coimbra (d 1107) EGHJWY
  m. (1087) Uracca, Queen of Castile and Leon (b 1081, d 08.03.1126, dau of Alfonso VI, King of Castile and Leon) EGHJWY
  vi. Hugues of Bourgogne, Archbishop of Besancon (d 1101)
  vii. Guy of Bourgogne, Archbishop of Vienne, Pope Calixtus II (d 13.12.1124)
  viii. Gisela of Bourgogne (b c1070, d after 1133) EGHJWY
  m1. (c1090) Humbert II, Count of Savoy & Maurienne, Margrave of Turin (b before 1080, d 18.09/14.10.1103) EGHJWY
  m2. (1105) Rainer, Margrave of Montferrat (d 1135/7) HJSY
ix. Clemence of Bourgogne (d c1133) Y
  m1. (before 1092) Robert II, Count of Flanders (d 1111)
  m2. (c1125) Godfrey, Duke of Lower Lorraine (d 1139) Y
  x. Etienette of Bourgogne
  m. Lambert Francoius, Prince of Royans (d after 1119)
  xi. Sibylle of Bourgogne (b 1065/85, d after 1103) GHJSWY
  m. (1080) Eudes I Borel, Duke of Burgundy (b c1058, d 1143) GHJSWY
  xii. Bertha of Bourgogne (dsp 1097/8)
  m. (1093) Alfonso VI, King of Castile and Leon (b 1040, d 1109)
xiii. Ermentrude of Bourgogne (d after 08.03.1105) GHJSWY
  m. (c1065) Thierry I, Count of Bar (d 1102/5) GHJSWY
  B.+ other issue - Guy (d after 1069), Hughues (d after 1045)
3. Matilda of Bourgogne (d 1005)
  m. (c995) Landeric de Monceau, Count of Nevers (d 1028)
  The following connection was found on www.gros.nom.fr which was kindly brought to our attention by a contributor (MEO, 25.03.05). It is of interest not least because the following Bodon/Eudes of Nevers is shown by that site as father also of Ivo de Taillebois (c1020-c1094).
  A. Bodon (Eudes), Count of Nevers et Vendome (d c1017 or 1023)
  m. Adele, Countess of Vendome (dau of Fulk III 'the Black', Count of Anjou)
  i. Foulques "L'Oison" de Nevers
  m. Petronille de Chateau Gontier
  a. Euphrosyne de Nevers
  m. Geoffroy III Jordain de Preuilly
4. Gerberga of Bourgogne (d 1020/3)
  m. (c1002) Guillaume II, Count of Provence (d 1018)
5. Agnes of Bourgogne (b c995, d 10.11.1068) EGHJSWY
  m1. (1019) Guillaume III de Poitou, Duke of Aquitaine (b c969, d 31.01.1030) EGHJSWY
  m2. (1032, div 1049/52) Geoffrey II 'Martel', Count of Anjou (b 1006, dsp 1067)
m2. (before 1016) Adelaide/Blanche of Anjou (d 1026)

Main source(s): GenEU (Ivrea1, 2, 4), 'Royal Genealogies'
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