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Families covered: Counts of Bayeux, Counts of Boulogne and Lens

Balso d'Espaine (Espagne ?), Count of Bayeux (b c930)
m. Poppa of Sulzbach (b c930, dau of Berengar of Sulzbach) who was possibly the same person as Poppa of Senlis
1. Ancitel 1, Count of Bayeux (b c991)
  A. Ranulf, Count of Bayeux (b c1017)
  m. Alice of Normandy (b c1021, dau of Richard III, Duke of Normandy)
  i. Ranulf de Meschines, Count of Bayeux (b c1050, d 1129)
  m. (c1069) Maud d'Avranches (b c1054, dau of Richard, Viscount d'Avranches)
  a. Ranulph 'de Briquessart' de Meschines, Vicomte de Bayeux and d'Avranches, 1st Earl of Chester (b c1070, d 01.1128-9) GHJRSY
  m. (c1097) Lucy (dau of either Algar, Earl of Mercia, or Thorold, Sheriff of Lincoln) GHJRSY
  b.+ other issue - William, Geoffrey, Robert
  Some sources show William as the William of Copeland whose daughter Alice m1. William FitzDuncan of Scotland, m2. William Paganel of Were. Provisionally, we show that William as son rather than brother of Ranulph.
2. Hugues de Bayeux



Guy de Guisnes
1. Baudoin de Boulogne
  m. Ada of Ghent (probably dau of Arnulf, Count of West Friesland / Holland)
  appear to have been the parents of ...
  A. Eustache 1, Count of Boulogne (d c1049)
  m. Matilda of Louvaine (dau of Lambert I, Count of Louvain)
  i. Eustache II, Count of Boulogne and Lens (d c1080)§B
  m1. (c1036, sp) Goda of England (dau of Ethelred II 'the Unready', King of England)
  m2. Ida of Lorraine (d 1113, dau of Godfrey II 'der Bartige', Duke of Upper and Lower Lorraine)
  a. Godfrey of Bouillon 'the Crusader', Duke of Lower Lorraine, King of Jerusalem (d 1100)
  b. Eustache III, Count of Boulogne and Lens (d after 1125)
  m. (1102) Mary of Scotland (d 31.05.1116, dau of Malcolm III 'Canmore', King of Scots)
  (1) Matilda, Countess of Boulogne and Lens (d 30.05.1151) GHJWY
  m. (1125) Etienne de Blois, Count of Boulogne = Stephen, King of England (d 25.11.1254) GHJWY
  partner(s) unknown
  (2)+ other issue - Raoul (d young), Eustache (a 1120)
  c. Baldwin, Count of Odessa, King of Jerusalem (b 1058, d Al-Arish 03.1118)
  m1. (before 1096) Goehild de Tosny, Dame de Conches (d 1097)
  m2. (c1099, rep) Arda, an Armenian princess (a 1117)
  m3. (1113, rep) Adelaida di Savona (d 1118)
partner(s) unknown
  d. Guillaume
  e. Godfrey of Boulogne, lord of Carshalton
  m. (before 1086) Beatrix de Mandeville (dau of Geoffrey de Magnavil)
  (1) William de Boulogne (d c1130)
  (A) Faramus de Boulogne (or de Tingry)
  m. Maud
  (i) William (dsp)
  (ii) Sibyl GHJSY
  m. Enguerrand de Fiennes (d Acre 1189) GHJSY
  The above ancestry for Sibyl is supported by TCP (Saye and Sele).
ii. Godfrey, Bishop of Paris, Chancellor of France (d 1095)
  iii. Lambert de Boulogne-sur-Mer, Count of Lens (d Phalampin 1054)
  m. (1053/4) Adelaide of Normandy (b c1030, d 1081/4, dau of Robert 'the Devil', Duke of Normandy)
  a. Judith of Lens GHJRSWY
  m. (1070) Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon (d 1073/31.05.1076) GHJRSWY
www.setonfamily.com suggests that Lambert was also father of ...
  b. Saier de Lens de Seton
  c. Walter de Lens de Bedford
  (1) Winemar de Lens 'the Fleming'
  A contributor (LR, 15.09.07) kindly brought the following suggested connection to our attention.
  (2) Roger 'Olifard' de Lilford
  (A) William Olifard de Lilford, Northamptonshire --
  (B)+ other issue - Hugh, Robert, David
  (3) Sir Donald Olifard (b 1093)
  B. ? Matilda of Boulogne ?
  Matilda of Boulougne, wife of Ardolph, 2nd Count of Guisnes, is shown by some sites as daughter of Baudoin.
  Thought to be connected to this family in a way that we have not yet determined was ...
  C. ?? presumed intermediary generation
  i. Ernulf or Arnulf, Sn de Hesdin (b c1038) HJRY

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