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Families covered: Early Counts/Dukes of Geldern (Gueldres) [We hope to check this page against other sources in due course.]

Otto I of Nassau, Count of Geldern
m1. (1061) Adelheid (d 1083, dau of Wichard III, lord of Geldern)
1. Gerhard I, Count of Geldern (d 1131)
  m. Hedwig of Holland (dau of Floris II, Count of Holland)
  A. Arnold of Geldern
  B. Henry, Count of Geldern (d 1162)
  m. Mary of Bouillon (dau of Godfrey of Bouillon)
  i. Gerhard II, Count of Geldern (d 1180)
  m1. Margaret, Countess of Sponheim
  Not certain that children were all by his first wife.
  a. Henry, Count of Geldern (dvp)
  m. Adelheid of Holland (dau of Theodore VIII, Count of Holland)
(1) Agnes of Geldern
  m. Henry, Count of Luxembourg
  b. Otto of Geldern
  c. Gerhard III, Count of Geldern
  m. Mary of Nassau (dau of Robert, Count of Nassau)
  (1) Otto III 'Claudius', Count of Geldern (d 1271)
  m1. Margaret of Cleves (d 1251, dau of Theodoric VI, Count of Cleves)
(A) Rainald I, Count of Geldern (d 1326)
  m1. Irmgard, Duchess of Limburg (d 1283, dau of Walram V, Duke of Limburg)
  m2. (1286/96) Margaret of Flanders (d 1321/31, dau of Guy Dampierre, Count of Flanders)
  (i) Bechtild of Geldern
  m. John, Count of Cleve
  (ii) Margaret of Geldern GJ
  m. Theodoric IX, Count of Cleves (d 1347) GJ
  (iii) Rainald II, Duke of Geldern (d 1343)
  m1. Sophia, Countess of Mechlin
  (a) Mary of Geldern (d 1401) GJ
  m. William II, Duke of Julich (d 1361/1393) GJ
  m2. (1332) Eleanor Plantagenet (b 08.06.1318, d 22.04.1355, dau of King Edward II of England)
  (b) Rainald III, Duke of Geldern (d 1371)
  m. Mary of Brabant (dau of John III, Duke of Brabant)
  (c) Edward of Geldern (d 1372)
  m. Catherine of Holland (dau of Albert, Count of Holland)
  (B) Margaret of Geldern
  m. Adolph IV, Count of the Mark
(C) Lenningard of Geldern
  m. Theodoric VII, Count of Cleves
  m2. Philippa, Countess of Aumale
  (2) Henry of Geldern
  m2. (1231) Margaret of Brabant (dau of Henry IV, Duke of Brabant)
  d. Adelheid of Geldern (b c1187, d 04.02.1218) GHJSWY
  m. William I, Count of Holland (b c1167, d 04.02.1222) GHJSWY
  m2. Ida, Countess of Baalgau
  ii. Otto II, Count of Geldern
  iii. Margaret of Geldern GJ
  m. Engelbert I, Count of Berg (d 1189) GJ
  C. Yolande van Wassenberg probably of this generation GHJSWY
  m. (c1107) Baldwin III, Count of Hainault (b 1088, d 1120) GHJSWY
2. Henry of Geldern
m2. (1086) Sophia of Zutphen (dau of Wichman III, Count of Zutphen)

Main source(s): ROYL (table CCCXLIX)
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