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Families covered: Counts of Oldenburg

Nayo, a lord of Friesland
m. Rira, heiress of Oldenburg
1. Elimar I, Count of Oldenburg (d 1108)
  m. Richenza (dau of Dedo, Margraveof Stade)
  A. Gertrud of Oldenburg
  B. Elimar II, Count of Oldenburg (d c1142)
  m. Eilika von Rietberg (dau of Heinrich, Count of Rietberg)
  i. Heinrich I, Count of Oldenburg-Wildeshausen (d 1167) had issue
  m. Salome of Geldern (dau of Gerhard II, Count of Geldern)
  ii. Otto of Oldenburg, a canon
  iii. Christian I, Count of Oldenburg (d 1167)
  m. Kunigunde, a countess of Lockwa
  a. Christian II, Count of Oldenburg (dsp 1192)
  This Christian is shown by GenEU as a younger brother of Maurice. On this matter we follow 'Royal Genealogies' and the numbering that source uses for the later Counts Christian.
  b. Maurice, Count of Oldenburg (d 1211)
  m. Countess Salome von Wickerode
  (1) Christian III, Count of Oldenburg (d 1251)
  m. Agnes, Countess of Altena or Mathildis of Stade
  (A) Otto of Oldenburg, Abbot
  (B) John I, Count of Oldenburg (d 1272)
  m. Countess Richeza von Hoya or Margaret, Countess of Lippe
  (i) Christian IV, Count of Oldenburg (d 1285)
  m1. Hedwig of Oldenburg
  m2. Countess Jutta von Bentheim
  (a) John II, Count of Oldenburg (d 1314/5)
  m1. Elisabeth of Braunschweig-Luneburg (d 1294/8)
  m2. Countess Hedwig von Diepholz
  ((1)) Christian V, Count of Oldenburg (d c1334)
  ((A)) Jutta, prioress
  ((2)) John III, Count of Oldenburg (d 1344) had issue
  m. Mechtild von Bronckhurst
  ((3)) Conrad I, Count of Oldenburg (d 1347)
  m. Ingeborg of Holstein
  ((A)) Conrad II, Count of Oldenburg (d 1386) had issue
  m. Kunigunde of Diepholz
((B )) Gerhard of Oldenburg (d 1368)
  ((C)) Christian VI, Count of Oldenburg (d 1423)
  m. Countess Agnes von Honstein
  ((i)) Dietrich (Theodore), Count of Oldenburg (d 1444)
  m1. Adelheid of Oldenburg-Delmenorst
  m2. (1423) Hedwig of Schleswig and Holstein (d 1436, dau of Gerhard, Count of Holstein, Duke of Schleswig)
  ((a)) Christian VII, Count of Oldenburg, King Christian I of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (b 02.1426, d 21.05.1481) S--
  m. (1449) Dorothea of Brandenburg (b 1430, d 25.11.1495, dau of Johan 'the Alchemist' of Brandenburg) S--
  ((b)) Moritz V, Count of Delmenhorst (b 1428, d 1464)
  m. (1458) Katharina von Hoya (d 1465)
  ((c)) Gerhard VI, Count of Oldenburg-Delmenhorst (b 1430, d 1500)
  m. (1453) Adelheid von Tecklenburg (d 1477)
  ((d)) Adelheid of Oldenburg
  m1. (1443) Ernst III, Count of Hohnstein (d 1454)
  m2. (1474) Gebhard VI, Count of Mansfeld (d 1492)
  ((ii)) Christian of Oldenburg, a canon
  ((D)) Agnes of Oldenburg
  m. Count Ludolf von Wunstorf
  ((4))+ other issue - Moritz (d 1368), Gisela
  (b)+ other issue - Christian, Otto (Archbishop of Bremen)
  (ii)+ other issue - Heinrich, Moritz, Otto II of Oldenburg-Delmenhorst (d 1304, had issue), Hedwig
  (2)+ other issue - Otto I (d 1162, Count of Oldenburg), Hedwig, Kunigunde, Oda, Salome
  iv. Beatrix of Oldenburg
  m. Friederich von Ampfurt
  v. Eilika of Oldenburg
  m. Heinrich, Count of Tecklenburg
  C.+ other issue - John, Burchard (dsp)

Main source(s): GenEU (Oldenburg1), 'Royal Genealogies'
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