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Families covered: Early Counts of Amiens Valois & Vexin, Visconti of Milan

Walter (Gauthier) I, Count of Amiens, Valois & Vexin (d c995)
m. (c965) Adele de Dreux or d'Anjou
1. Walter (Gauthier) II 'the White', Count of Amiens, Valois & Vexin (d 1027)
  m. (c989) Adele, Countess of Senlis (dau of Bernard, Count of Senlis)
  A. Dreux or Drogo, Count of Amiens, Valois & Vexin (d 1035)
  m. Godgifu of England (dau of Ethelred II 'the Unready', King of England)
  i. Walter, Count of Amiens, Valois, Vexin & Maine (d 1063)
  m. Biota (dau of Herbert, Count of Maine)
  ii. Ralph de Sudeley 'of Hereford' (d 02.12.1057)
  m. Getha or Gythia (possibly dau of Osgood Clapa)
  iii. Fulk, Bishop of Amiens (b 1030, d 1058)
B. Raoul II de Crepy
  m. (c1020) Adele de Breteuil (b 1000, d 11.09.1051, dau of Hilduin de Creil, Vicomte de Chartres)
  i. Raoul III de Crepy, Count of Amiens, Valois & Vexin (b c1021, d 1074)
  m. Adele de Bar-sur-Aube (b 1000, d 1053, dau of Nocher III de Bar-sur-Aube)
  a. Simon, Count of Amiens, Valois & Vexin (dsp 1077)
  b. Adele de Valois (b 1032, d 1080) GHJRSWY
  m. Herbert IV, Count de Vermandois (b 1028, d 1080) GHJRSWY
  c. Hawise de Valois GHJSY
  m. Roger de Mortimer (d before 1086) GHJSY
d. Alais/Adelaide de Valois
  m. Barthelemy de Broyes
  ii. Thibaut de Crepy
  a. Adam 'le Riche' de Crepy
  (1) Thibaut II de Crepy
  m. Elisabeth de Chatillon (dau of Henry I, Sn de Chatillon)
  (A) Agnes de Crepy
  m. Guillaume III de Garlande
  iii. Alix de Crepy d 1093/1100)
  m. (before 1061) Thibaut III, Count de Blois (d 1089)



Eriprandus, Viscount of Milan (d 1037/67)
m. Beatrix
1. Otto, Viscount of Milan (d 1111)
  m. Lucretia (dau of Hugh de Stampa)
  A. Wido or Guidone, Viscount of Milan
  m. Alicia or Garizia
  i. Otto Visconti, Consul of Milan (d 1162)
  m. Aldegunde (dau of Marquis Anselm)
  a. Ruggero Visconti, Consul of Milan (d after 1189) this generation omitted by ROYL
  (1) Uberto Visconti, Consul of Milan (d before 1248)
  m. Berta or Anastasia
  (A) Uberto Visconti, Archbishop of Milan (d 08.1295)
  (B) Andreotto or Obizzo Visconti, Consul of Milan (d after 1266)
  m. Florina Mandelli (dau of Ruffino Mandelli)
  (i) Theobald Visconti (d 1274)
  m. Anastasia Porivano (niece of Albert, Archbishop of Milan)
  (a) Matteo I Visconti of Milan (b 1250, d 24.06.1322)
  m. (1269) Bonacosa Borri (d 1321, dau of Squarcino Borri or Burrus)
  ((1)) Galeazzo I Visconti of Milan (b 1277, d 1328) had issue
  m. (1300) Beatrice d'Este (d 1334)
((2)) Stephen Visconti of Milan (d 1337)
  m. (1318) Valentina Doria (d 1359, dau of Bernabus Doria of Geneva)
  ((A)) Matteo II Visconti of Milan, Parma, etc had issue
  ((B)) Galeazzo II Visconti of Milan, Pavia, etc had issue
  ((C)) Bernabo I Visconti of Milan, Brescia, Parma, etc (b 1323, d 12.1385)
  m. (27.09.1350) Beatrix of Verona (d 18.06.1384, dau of Martin, Sn de Verona)
  ((i)) Thaddea Visconti (b 1350, d 28.09.1381) H
  m. (1364) Stefan III, Duke of Bavaria-Ingolstadt (b c1337, d 25.09.1413) H
  ((ii)) Maddalena Visconti (b 1361, d 17.07.1404) S--
  m. (1381) Friederich II, Duke of Bavaria-Landshut (b 1339, d 04.12.1393) S--
  ((iii))+ other issue

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(2) For lower section (uploaded 09.05.05) : GenEU (Visconti1, 2), ROYL (tables CCCCX, CCCCXI)
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