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Garnier de Reims (b c716, d 736)
m. Rolande de France
1. Thierry de Reims (d 772)
  A. Josseaume de Reims
  i. Remy de Reims
  m. Arsende de Ponthieu (dau of Angilbert de Ponthieu)
  a. Bertha de Reims EGHJRSWY
  m. Raymond de Limoges, Count of Toulouse (d 863) EGHJRSWY



This section first uploaded 07.09.08.
Hernequin, Count of Boulogne
m. Berthe de Ponthieu (dau of Angilbert de Ponthieu)
1. Odakar V, Count of Boulogne
A. Ingelbert I, Count of Boulogne
  i. Odakar VI, Count of Boulogne
  a. Arnoul II, Count of Boulogne
  (1) Mathilde de Boulogne shown by some sites as dau of Baudoin de Boulogne GSY
  m. Ardolf I (or II) de Guisnes GSY
  b. Baudouin I de Boulogne
  (1) Ingelbert II of (Boulogne &) Ghent (d c1032)
  m. Hermengarde de Flanders (dau of Baldwin 'Barbu', Count of Flanders)
(A) Raoul de Boulogne, Lord of Alost or Aalst (d by 1056)
  m. Gisele of Luxembourg ( by 1019, d after 1058, dau of Friderich, Count of Moselgau, by Irmentrude)
  (i) Baudouin (Baldwin) I of Ghent (d 1082)
  (a) Baudouin (Baldwin) II of Ghent (a 1094)
  ((1)) Baudouin (Baldwin) III of Ghent
  m. Luitgarde of Grimberghem
  ((A)) Beatrix of Ghent
  m. Henri de Bourbourg (b 1115, d 1168)
  ((i)) Gauthier (Walter) de Bourbourg
m. Mathilde de Bethune (dau of Robert V de Bethune by Adelaine, dau of Hugh de St. Pol)
  ((a)) Beatrice de Bourbourg (d 1214) GSY
  m. (before 03.1200) Arnould II, Count of Guisnes (d 1220) GSY
  (b) Ralph 'the Chamberlain'
  (c) Gilbert de Gaunt (Gant) (d c1095) Y
  m. Alice (dau of Hugh II de Montfort) Y
  (d) Gertrude de Ghent (b 1078, d 1138)
  m. Arnulf II, lord of Ardres
  ((1)) Adeline de Ardres
m. Arnould of Marck and Ardres
  ((A)) Christine de Marck GSY
  m. Baldwin II, Count of Guisnes (b 1135, d 02.01.1205) GSY
  (B) Folkard of Ghent
  m. Landrade of Louvain
  (i) Lambert II of Ghent
  m. Mathilde de St.Omer
  (a) Wenemar of Ghent (b c1088) GSY
  m1. Lutgarde
  m2. Gisela of Guisnes (dau of Baudoin I, Count of Guisnes) GSY

Main source(s):
(1) Sn. de Reims : various web sites
(2) Early Counts of Boulogne : various web sites, in particular www.geneall.net
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