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[Macaulay - see McZmisc01 below]
[MacCarthy or MacCarty - see McCarthy below]
[MacClintock - see McClintock below]
[MacCulloch - see McCulloch below]
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MacDonald01 (21KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 15.06.03
MacDonald of the Isles, MacDonald of Lochalsh, MacDonald of MacDonald, MacDonald of Ross, Macruairi of Garmorran
MacDonald02 (28KB)Uploaded: 18.12.02 / Updated: 21.07.03
Macdonald of Boisdale, Macdonald of Borrodale, Macdonald of Clanranald, Macdonald of Glenaladale, Macdonald of Moidart
MacDonald03 (19KB)Uploaded: 20.12.02 / Updated: 30.04.03
Macdonald or Macdonell of Glengarry, Macdonald or Macdonell of Scotus (Scothouse)
MacDonald04 (21KB)Uploaded: 20.12.02 / Updated: 10.03.10
Macdonald of East Sheen, Macdonald of Sleat (Slate)
MacDonald05 (25KB)Uploaded: 20.07.06 / Updated: 23.06.09
MacDonnell of Antrim, MacDonnell of Kilmore, MacDonald of Largie, MacDonell of Moye (Moyanne)
MacDonald06 (23KB)Uploaded: 20.07.06 / Updated: 20.07.06
Macdonald of Achnancoichean, Macdonald of Garth, Macdonald of Kenknock, Macdonald or Macdonell of Keppoch, Macdonald of Tirnadris
MacDonald07 (12KB)Uploaded: 26.10.12 / Updated: 26.10.12
Macdonald of Balranald, Macdonald of Drimindarroch, Macdonald of Griminish, Macdonald of Kilmalen
[Macdonell and MacDonnell - see within MacDonald]
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[MacDouall - see within MacDowall]
MacDougall01 (09KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 15.06.03
MacDougall of Dunollie, MacDougall of Lorn, MacDougall of MacDougall
MacDougall02 (14KB)Uploaded: 18.03.03 / Updated: 07.03.04
MacDougall of Dunollie, MacDougall of MacDougall
Macdowall01 (07KB)Uploaded: 10.10.03 / Updated: 10.10.03
Macdowall of Garthland
Macdowall02 (16KB)Uploaded: 10.10.03 / Updated: 10.10.03
Macdowall of Castle Sempill, Macdowall of Garthland
Macdowall04 (18KB)Uploaded: 05.11.13 / Updated: 05.11.13
McDouall of Culgroat, McDowall of Freugh, McDouall of Logan
[Macdowall (Macdougal) of Makerston - draft Macdowall03]
Macfarlane01 (10KB)Uploaded: 09.07.04 / Updated: 09.07.04
Macfarlane of Arrochar, Macfarlane of Inversnaid
Macfarlane02 (25KB)Uploaded: 09.07.04 / Updated: 09.07.04
Macfarlane of Acharossan, Macfarlane of Ardess, Macfarlane of Arrocachar, Macfarlane in Ireland
Macfarlane03 (14KB)Uploaded: 12.07.04 / Updated: 12.07.04
Macfarlane of Duillator, Macfarlane of Gartartan (Gartvertane), Macfarlane of Glenralloch, Macfarlane of Lettyr
Macfarlane04 (10KB)Uploaded: 12.07.04 / Updated: 12.07.04
Macfarlane of Ballancleroch (Kirktoun), Macfarlane of Muckroy
Macgregor01 (17KB)Uploaded: 06.12.04 / Updated: 19.06.09
Macgregor of Breackly (Breachdsliabh), Macgregor of Glenorchy, Macgregor of Glenstrae, Macgregor of Macgregor
Macgregor02 (21KB)Uploaded: 06.12.04 / Updated: 19.06.09
Macgregor (Murray) of Glencarnoch, Macgregor of Glenstrae, Macgregor of Kilmanan, Macgregor of Macgregor
[MacIver - see under Campbell]
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Mackay01 (14KB)Uploaded: 26.01.06 / Uploaded 26.01.06
Mackay of Farr, Mackay of Strathnaver
Mackay02 (27KB)Uploaded: 27.01.06 / Uploaded 27.01.06
Mackay of Borley, Mackay of Reay, Mackay of Scoury (Scourie), Mackay of Strathy
Mackay03 (21KB)Uploaded: 27.01.06 / Uploaded 27.01.06
Mackay of Bighouse
Mackenzie01 (17KB)Uploaded: 09.12.02 / Updated: 05.05.03
Mackenzie of Kintail
Mackenzie02 (27KB)Uploaded: 06.03.03 / Updated: 21.08.06
Mackenzie of Allangrange, Mackenzie of Assynt, Mackenzie of Kintail, Mackenzie of Seaforth
Mackenzie03 (23KB)Uploaded: 07.03.03 / Updated: 12.08.03
Mackenzie of Ardloch, Mackenzie of Cogeach, Mackenzie of Cromarty (Cromartie), Mackenzie of Keppoch, Mackenzie of Kildonan, Mackenzie of Prestonhall (or Preston Hall), Mackenzie of Tarbat
Mackenzie04 (15KB)Uploaded: 28.04.03 / Updated: 14.11.03
Mackenzie of Scatwell, Mackenzie of Scotsburn
Mackenzie05 (29KB)Uploaded: 28.04.03 / Updated: 29.04.03
Mackenzie of Belmaduthy, Mackenzie of Flowerburn, Mackenzie of Gairloch, Mckenzie of Letterewe, Mackenzie of Portmore
Mackenzie06 (23KB)Uploaded: 29.04.03 / Updated: 06.06.08
Mackenzie of Coul, Mackenzie of Delvine, Mackenzie of Dolphinton, Mackenzie of Lentran, Mackenzie of Torridon
Mackenzie07 (12KB)Uploaded: 10.11.06 / Updated: 10.11.06
Mackenzie of Kilcoy, Mackenzie-Fraser of Castle Fraser, Mackenzie-Fraser of Inveralochy
Mackenzie08 (13KB)Uploaded: 04.01.07 / Updated: 04.01.07
Mackenzie of Brae, Mackenzie of Glack, Mackenzie of Hilton
Mackenzie09 (14KB)Uploaded: 04.01.07 / Updated: 08.01.13
Mackenzie of Farenough (Jamaica), Mackenzie of Ord, Mackenzie of Redcastle
Mackenzie10 (15KB)Uploaded: 20.06.09 / Updated: 20.06.09
Mackenzie of Davochmaluag
Mackenzie11 (22KB)Uploaded: 20.06.09 / Updated: 20.06.09
Mackenzie of Achilty, Mackenzie of Fairburn, Mackenzie of Tolly
[MacKerrell - see McKerrell below]
Mackintosh01 (13KB)Uploaded: 30.04.03 / Updated: 08.01.04
Mackintosh of Clan Chattan, Mackintosh of Mackintosh
Mackintosh02 (16KB)Uploaded: 30.04.03 / Updated: 07.05.03
Mackintosh of Clan Chattan, Mackintosh of Daviot, Mackintosh of Mackintosh, Mackintosh of Torcastle
[Mackworth - see M index)
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Maclean01 (09KB)Uploaded: 19.03.03 / Updated: 17.02.11
Maclean of Dowart (Duart), Maclean of Maclean
Maclean02 (15KB)Uploaded: 19.03.03 / Updated: 19.03.03
Maclean of Brolas, Maclean of Dowart (Duart), Maclean of Maclean, Maclean of Morvaren (Morvern)
Maclean03 (14KB)Uploaded: 19.03.03 / Updated: 19.03.03
Maclean (Maclaine or Maggillion) of Lochbuie
Maclean04 (10KB)Uploaded: 28.08.04 / Updated: 28.04.04
Maclean of Ardgour, Maclean of Lazonby Hall
Maclean05 (20KB)Uploaded: 03.06.07 / Updated: 03.06.07
Maclean in Culcabock, Maclean of Dochgarroch
Maclean06 (24KB)Uploaded: 17.02.11 / Updated: 17.02.11
Maclean of Coll, Maclean of Crossapol
Maclean07 (13KB)Uploaded: 18.02.11 / Updated: 18.02.11
Maclean of Torloisk
MacLellan1 (22KB)Uploaded: 09.05.08 / Updated: 09.05.08
MacLellan of Auchlane, Maclellan of Balmangan, MacLellan of Bombie, Maclellan of Borness, MacLellan (Maclellan) of Kirkcudbright, MacLellan of Nunton
MacLeod01 (12KB)Uploaded: 05.03.03 / Updated: 09.06.03
MacLeod of Dunvegan, MacLeod of Harris, MacLeod of MacLeod
MacLeod02 (21KB)Uploaded: 05.03.03 / Updated: 20.05.03
MacLeod of Bernera, MacLeod of Dunvegan, MacLeod of Grishernish, MacLeod of Harris, MacLeod of Luscantyre, MacLeod of MacLeod, MacLeod of Vatersteen
Macnab01 (22KB)Uploaded: 17.06.09 / Updated: 17.06.09
Macnab of Arthurstone, Macnab of Bovain, Macnab of Macnab
Macnaghten1 (16KB)Uploaded: 18.06.09 / Updated: 18.06.09
Macnaghten of Beardiville, Macnaghten of Benvarden, Macnaghtane of Dunderave, Macnaughtane (Macnaughton) of that ilk
MacNeil01 (15KB)Uploaded: 28.02.04 / Updated: 28.02.04
MacNeil (Macneil) of Barra, Macneil of Ersary
MacNeil02 (32KB)Uploaded: 23.11.05 / Updated: 23.11.05
McNeill of Ardlussa, McNeill of Aros, McNeill of Ballymascanlon, McNeile of Colliers Hall, McNeill of Colonsay, McNeill of Cushendun, McNeill of Faughart, McNeill of Gigha, McNeill of Kilchrist, McNeill of Losset, McNeill of Macrihanish, McNeill of Mount Pleasant, McNeill of Oronsay, McNeill of Taynish, McNeill of Tirfeargus, McNeill of Ugadale
[Macneill (Macneill-Hamilton) of Taquish - see McZmisc01 below]
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Macpherson01 (25KB)Uploaded: 02.04.04 / Updated: 02.04.04
Macpherson of Banchor, Macpherson of Cluny, Macpherson of Londonderry, Macpherson of Macpherson, Macpherson of Nuide, Macpherson of Pitmain, Macpherson of Ralia
[Macpherson of Invereshie & Macpherson-Grant of Ballindalloch - see Temp96]
[MacPhioris - see within Bermingham1]
MacRae1 (12KB)Uploaded: 30.12.06 / Updated: 30.12.06
MacRae (MacRa) of Conchra, MacRae (MacRa) of Inverinate
[Macro - see M index]
MacThomas1 (19KB)Uploaded: 28.06.06 / Updated: 28.06.06
MacThomas (McColme) of Cronaherty, MacThomas (McColme) of Finegand, MacThomas (McThomas) in/of Glenshee, Thomas in Ardonachie, Thomas (Thoms) in Belhevie
Macwilliam1 (09KB)Uploaded: 04.11.15 / Updated: 04.11.15
Macwilliam of Stambourne
McCarthy01 (19KB)Uploaded: 27.07.08 / Updated: 27.07.08
McCarthy (MacCarthy) of Blarney, McCarty (McCarthy or MacCarty) of Clancarty, McCarty of Cork, McCarthy (MacCarthy) of Muskerry
McCarthy02 (12KB)Uploaded: 27.07.08 / Updated: 27.07.08
McCarty of Carrignavar, McCarthy of Dooneen, McCarthy of Drishane Castle
McClintock1 (22KB)Uploaded: 21.06.09 / Updated: 21.06.09
McClintock of Castrues, McClintock of Drumcar, McClintock of Dunmore, McClintock of Newtown, McClintock of Trintagh
McCulloch1 (19KB)Uploaded: 08.09.14 / Updated: 08.09.14
McCulloch of Ardwall, McCulloch of Cardoness, McCulloch of Hills, McCulloch (MacCulloch) of Myrtoun (Myretoun)
[McDouall - see under Macdowall above]
McGillycuddy1 (08KB)Uploaded: 06.10.10 / Updated: 06.10.10
McGillycuddy of The Reeks
McKerrell1 (13KB)Uploaded: 08.06.07 / Updated: 08.06.07
McKerrell of Hillhouse
[McMahon & MacMahon - see Temp67]
McZmisc01 (07KB)Uploaded: 02.12.16 / Updated: 09.12.16
Macaulay of Rothley, Macneill of Taquish

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