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NB. Reported file sizes are approximate only.              Number of lists : 20

Bar1 (14KB)        Uploaded: 19.07.05 / Updated: 19.07.05
Counts & Dukes of Bar, Counts of Mousson
(19KB)        Uploaded: Early / Updated: 15.06.03
Counts of Ampurias, Dukes of Aquitaine, Counts of Auvergne, Counts of Barcelona, Counts of Carcassone
[The original 'Bavaria01' was renamed Germany03 and transferred to the Ancient & Mythical section of the database on 07.01.05.]
Bavaria01 (10KB)        Uploaded: Early / Updated: 30.06.03
Dukes of Bavaria, Counts of Scheyern, Counts of Wittelsbach
['Bavaria02' not being used at present.]
Bavaria03 (14KB)        Uploaded: Early / Updated: 15.06.03
Dukes of Bavaria, Counts of Holland, Seeland and Hainault
[Belesme - see within Ponthieu1 and Montgomery01]
Billung1 (12KB)        Uploaded: 12.02.03 / Updated: 15.06.03
Dukes of Saxony
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Blois1 (22KB)        Uploaded: 23.01.03 / Updated: 04.08.03
Counts of Aumale (Albemarle), Counts of Blois and Chartres, Counts of Troyes, Lords of Holderness
Blois2 (09KB)        Uploaded: 23.01.03 / Updated: 28.06.03
Counts of Champagne and Brie, Kings of Navarre
Bohemia1 (13KB)        Uploaded: 04.02.05 / Updated: 04.02.05
Dukes/Kings of Bohemia
[Boulogne - see BZvar01, Lorraine03 & Work02]
Bourbon01 (14KB)        Uploaded: Early / Updated: 15.06.03
Dukes of Bourbon and Auvergne
Bourbon02 (16KB)        Uploaded: Early / Updated: 22.01.03
Bourbon Kings of France and Navarre, Dukes of Estouteville, Counts de la Marche, Dukes of Montpensier, Count de St. Pol, Count de Soissons, Counts/Dukes of Vendome
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Brabant02 (17KB)        Uploaded: Early / Updated: 30.06.03
Dukes of Brabant, Counts of Louvain
Brabant03 (12KB)        Uploaded: 30.06.03 / Updated: 28.07.03
Dukes of Brabant, Dukes of Limburg
Brandenburg1 (18KB)        Uploaded: 11.05.05 / Updated: 11.05.05
Princes of Anhalt, Counts of Ballenstedt, Margraves of Brandenburg, Dukes of Saxony
[Brandenburg - see also Nurnberg1]
Brienne1 (18KB)        Uploaded: 03.02.03 / Updated: 27.02.04
Counts of Brienne, Seigneurs of Ramerupt
Brittany2 (19KB)        Uploaded: Early / Updated: 02.08.03
Dukes of Brittany (Bretagne), Counts of Rennes
Brittany3 (12KB)        Uploaded: Early / Updated: 07.04.05
Dukes of Brittany (Bretagne), Counts of Richmond, Counts of Penthievre
[Brittany - see also Dreux1]
Burgundy2 (24KB)        Uploaded: Early / Updated: 30.06.03
Dukes of Burgundy (Bourgogne)
Burgundy3 (27KB)        Uploaded: 17.10.02 / Updated: 15.06.03
Counts of Auxonne, Counts of Burgundy (Bourgogne), Counts of Macon
[Burgundy - see also Valois1]
BZvar01 (12KB)        Uploaded: 06.10.02 / Updated: 15.06.03
Counts of Bayeux, Counts of Boulogne and Lens
BZvar02 (10KB)        Uploaded: 03.11.04 / Updated: 30.12.04
Early Lords of Bourbon, Seigneurs de Bethune

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