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This page shows the genie data pages that have been uploaded into the database so far this year. Pages uploaded in earlier years are shown, in date order, here (2002-2011) and here (2012-2020). The subtotals in bold below, and on the prior-years pages, show the numbers of the pages at various midpoint dates (in order Section I-Section II-Section III = Ancient-Continental-British) which have been used to provide the following graph. This shows the growth of the database from September 2002 to November 2021 (excluding the many draft & temporary pages).

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You may wonder what makes us decide to include some families before others. The answer is that there is often little logic or specific purpose to it. We started off with certain core families related to Stirnet's founder's family (as reported on Sources and acknowledgments) and then gradually expanded the database, trying to cover all parts of the British Isles. We recognised that it would be sensible for us to develop a base of some 'major' familes (such as the Stewarts, Tudors, Howards & FitzGeralds) but at the same time we were keen to include many 'small landowners' and 'townfolk' to evidence that we intend for the database to set a broad target for people who want to find connections to historical figures and not just make it easier for people who already have a clear connection to a well-documented family. From time to time we may focus on a particular area of the British Isles or on a 'theme' (past themes have included the British Prime Ministers shown on the Selected Individuals page). If we are presently working on any theme or series of reviews, there will probably be reference to that in the "PCBG notes" given below.

We welcome suggestions for families to work on PROVIDED THAT you give clear direction as to where the data may be (or has been) sourced (remember that Sources and acknowledgments identifies many of the sources we already have copies of) AND you allow properly for the fact that we operate to the following constraints:
(1) with few exceptions, we do not come more forward in time than generations with at least one person born by 1800 (which at least means that, for many families, there is some overlap with the early censuses which can be found online elsewhere); and
(2) we focus only on British & Irish families so, unless a family comes back into the British Isles by 1800, it is very rare for us to follow a line which has emigrated from the British Isles; and
(3) we shall not include a family in our database until we have found a connection between that family and another family which is already in the database.

Several people have been very helpful with this, not least with suggesting useful sources we had not used previously, and so have obtained Free Membership. For more information on this, see Membership Scheme.

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New pages
1,436 936 878 414 374 374 269 262 172 193 306 261 231 214 331
Total at 31.12.20 = 64+95+6492 = 6651 (excluding the many Draft & Temporary pages)

New pages uploaded so far in 2021: 211

01.01 Wales81       06.01 Davenant1, Davenant2       09.01 Davies04      11.01 Dallaway1, Maghull1       12.01 Birch2, Birch3, Frere4, Moore15       13.01 GZmisc13       14.01 Fetherston03, Maitland04       16.01 Bodrugan1       17.01 Arcedekne1      18.01 [old Brodrick1 renamed Brodrick2] Brodrick1      19.01 Brown20, Brown21      20.01 Villiers03, Watson03      21.01 Webb06       23.01 Lake03, Woodrove03      25.01 Stamford1      28.01 Bentley1      29.01 Wiggett2      30.01 Bedford1       At 31.01.21: 64+95+6519=6678      01.02 CZmisc21, Godde1      02.02 Barton04, Houlton1      03.02 Debonnaire1, Dupuis1      05.02 Gwynne1, Holford02      06.02 Withy1      07.02 Harington4      08.02 [old Wordsworth1 renamed Wordsworth3] Wordsworth1       09.02 Peverel2      10.02 Jackson05       12.02 Gibbs02, Sibthorp1      13.02 Waldo1       14.02 Crispe2, Harrison4      18.02 Aldworth2, Amyand1, Cole04      20.02 Wilson09, Wilson10      21.02 Bragg1       24.02 Braithwaite1, Hall09, Knight03      25.02 Fergusson03, Ligonier1       26.02 Pickering03       At 28.02.21: 64+95+6549=6708       04.03 Harington5, Lauder04, Lowth1       05.03 Hord01       06.03 Garvey1       07.03 Eaton1       08.03 Hinton1, Madocks02      10.03 Vawdrey1, Wyatt3      11.03 Heysham1       12.03 Dowse1       15.03 Thorner1       17.03 Lane04      20.03 Shank1      21.03 Rivett1, Rivett2      22.03 Bolney1      23.03 Blosse1      25.03 StAndrew1      27.03 Clench1      31.03 Bisse1, Bisse2       At 31.03.21: 64+95+6572=6731       02.04 Courten1       05.04 [old Langley1 & Langley2 renamed Langley04 & Langley05 respectively] Langley01, Langley02, Langley03, Langley06       10.04 Haynes1      11.04 Hopkins02, Probyn1       13.04 Shuckburgh3       15.04 Boddington1       22.04 Seede1      24.04 Brown22, McCausland1      26.04 Heard1      27.04 LZmisc13       29.04 Clinton03, Higgins1, Higgins2       At 30.04.21: 64+95+6590=6749      07.05 Evelyn2, Evelyn3       09.05 Colston1       12.05 Alder1       14.05 Smart1       16.05 Gregory03, Prichard1       17.05 Bell04, Gery1, SZmisc21       18.05 WZmisc13      21.05 Comberbach1, Comberbach2, Henshaw1      22.05 Harrison5      25.05 Pritchett1, Rufford1      28.05 Pix1       At 31.05.21: 64+95+6608=6767       06.06 Speed1       09.06 Priaulx2       12.06 Pincke1, Pincke2       15.06 Haldenby1, Tenison2       16.06 DZmisc13       19.06 Longden1      20.06 [old Grazebrook1 renamed Grazebrook2] Grazebrook1, Wolley2      21.06 Barker06      28.06 Stonor3      30.06 Bures1       At 30.06.21: 64+95+6621=6780       05.07 GZmisc14, Hervey10, Hobson1       08.07 Hartwell1, Ourry1      09.07 Butler23, Talbot08      10.07 Holditch2, Ray3       11.07 Acworth1, Oakes1      18.07 Clarke08, StEloy1      27.07 Staresmore1      31.07 Wittewrong1      At 31.07.21 64+95+6636=6795       01.08 Duppa1       03.08 Lloyd28       04.08 LeHeup1, Peers1      06.08 HZmisc20      19.08 [old Harman1 renamed Harman2) Harman1      21.08 Mahony01       At 31.08.21 64+95+6643=6802       02.09 Mahony02, Mahony03       04.09 Watson04      05.09 Blagrave2, Buckeridge1       09.09 Northwood2, Twemlow1       15.09 Bazely1       16.09 Fuller04      17.09 Goddard04, Raynsford2      20.09 Sheibell1      21.09 Clarell1      23.09 Brady1      24.09 George02       At 30.09.21: 64+95+6658=6817      02.10 Noye2       05.10 Aylmer4       06.10 Buckeridge2, Stewart33      08.10 Cope04, Roberts12       09.10 Herries2       10.10 Dalrymple4, Orr1      11.10 Wilkie1, Wilkie2       12.10 Hewson2       15.10 Liston1       16.10 Halkerston1, Rankin2       17.10 Barron1, Barron2, Hardy03       19.10 Lewin4, Young09       20.10 [old Travers01 & Travers02 renamed Travers02 & Travers03 respectively] Travers01, Travers04      23.10 Dingwall1       25.10 Fordyce1       At 31.10.21: 64+95+6682=6841       02.11 Molony1       04.11 Fuller05       07.11 Smethcote1      09.11 Noble1, Noble2       12.11 Theobald1      13.11 Philipps07      16.11 Corsellis1      18.11 Floyd1      19.11 Fuller06      24.11 Scott21      26.11 Barnston1, Doddridge1      27.11 Boothby2      28.11 Tristram3      29.11 Henderson04       At 30.11.21 64+95+6698=6857      01.12 Boothby3       02.12 Spittal1      05.12 Binning1       07.12 Drury07, Watson05.


PCBG notes (last updated 06.12.21)
(1) I have a large backlog of things to work through at the moment, not least:
* Catching-up with correspondence. I have problems keeping up with the emails I receive and do apologise to those of you who are still waiting for a response from me. For more on this, please see the Contact Us page.
* Trying to upgrade the huge amount of data in Draft & temporary pages: Can you help? so that it may be moved into 'the database proper'.
* Working through some of the many issues within the Families Database that I know warrant further attention. I have marked many of these using the phrase "in due course" so that I can search the database for them in due course.
(2) Provisonal ambitions for 2022 are mainly those left-over from 2021!
* completing my plough through the many volumes of 'Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica', referred to within the database as "MGH". A note on that most useful source is given on the MGH tab on Sources & Acknowledgements.
* making some progress with The Tribes of Wales and connecting as many Welsh families to that page as possible. I started on this interesting but complex & difficult challenge back in 2009 (I think) but since then have merely dipped in & out of it. It is a messy project so I am having to leave some workings dotted around the site which I will sometimes mark with something like "[2021-2 review: ...]", or "in due course", so that I do not lose sight of them.
* having a look back at some of the 'big name families' I worked on in the early years of the database (Normans, Plantagenets, Stewarts, Tudors, FitzGeralds, etc.) to check that I have considered the sources on them which I now have at hand but which I may not have had access to in those days.
(3) I sometimes focus on 'multi-branch families', many of which were Scots who seem to have had more of a tradition of documenting junior cadet branches than the English did and who are normally easier to follow than Welsh & Irish families. So far I have worked on the Burghs, Campbells, Carews, Frasers, Hamiltons, Leslies, MacDonalds, Mackenzies, Montgomerys, Munros & Sinclairs.
* Other families to be covered in due course will probably include Bruce, Bulkeley, Douglas, Johnston, Leigh, Murray, Ogle & Stewarts.
* I am still stuck on the Staffords so any suggestions on them would be welcome.
(4) Being apparently quiet for a while may mean that I have made only minor changes to the database pages in that period (something that is quite common; reviewing old pages & making minor changes can take longer than producing new pages) or that I am in the midst of a major project that is taking several days to complete (also quite common) or, of course, that I have simply not worked on the site recently.

A. Only on rare occasions will I work on Sections I & II of the database, the Ancient & Continental sections that cover the early ancestors of various British Royals and others (see Ancestral Lines). Normally I concentrate on expanding & improving Section III of the database ('British Families - Medieval, Renaissance & Modern'). If you wish to suggest a family for me to work on, please see "We welcome suggestions ..." above.

B. The following pages have recently been subjected to significant change/extension and/or review (some involving the insertion of new families): 02.10 Buckeridge1 03.10 Lewin3 05.10 Aylmer1, Aylmer2, Aylmer3, Clarell1, Haldenby1 06.10 AZmisc13, Buckeridge1 07.10 Lewin3, Loraine1 08.10 CZmisc21, Hervey01, Hervey10 09.10 Graham14 10.10 Bayne3 12.10 Hewson1 13.10 PZmisc06 15.10 Scott10 16.10 BZmisc14 18.10 Allen07, McCall1 19.10 Torkington1 25.10 Irvine01, Lindsay09 26.10 CZmisc06 02.11 Herries1, Landor1, Wentworth01 03.11 James01 06.11 BZmisc05, Willoughby05 07.11 Smithett1 08.11 Hopkins02, Porter02, Porter03 09.11 Cotton08 13.11 Boothby1 17.11 Fox03 24.11 Scott12 02.12 Forrester02 05.12 Lowth1.

C. Latest non-trivial additions/changes to Draft & Temporary pages linked to/from the Can You Help? page: 03.10 Temp36 07.10 Tmp27 12.10 Tmp28 26.10 Temp48 02.11 Tmp28 10.11 Tmp28 13.11 Tmp29 26.11 Tmp30 30.11 Tmp29 06.12 Tmp30.

D. See The Stirnet Portal to find out how easy it is to get a free link from this Families Database to your own web site. If you don't have your own site at the moment but would like one, we may be able to help you with that also.

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