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Over the years, quite a number of people have shown their support for this site by subscribing regularly. For those who are tight for cash, helping us may lead to their being provided with Free Membership (the rules for which are set out on Membership Scheme). Those who have benefited from my work on this site and are financially comfortable may like to consider helping us (me) in one of the ways mentioned below. If there is another way you would like to help, feel free to Contact us to discuss.


Contributions of genealogical data
We are always open to contributions of genie data (although, as reported on Contact us, I am not always as quick as I should be to deal with them). The criteria for what what I like to receive is shown in the ‘Meaningful contribution – criteria’ note near the foot of the Membership page.

There is a page within the Families Database section of the site that is called Draft & temporary pages : Can you help? with which I would welcome assistance. That page links to hundreds of sections of data on families for which I have yet to find a reliable source. I would much welcome suggestions of ways to upgrade those sections into pages (or sections) that are worthy of being uploaded into ‘The Database Proper’.


Stirnet Histories
This section is going to be replaced by the Extra Content section mentioned below.


Contributions of other material
The main ‘other material’ that is likely to be of use to this site would be something to help me expand the Extra Content section of the site OR ideas for good sites for me to link to through The Stirnet Portal. I would indeed welcome appropriate contributions of these sorts.


Over the years a few generous people have sent us a financial donation. This has been welcome so, in case you would like to make us a donation (and thereby help me continue working on the site), I provide the following facility to do so.

What will happen when I click on the above ‘Donate’ button?
You will be taken to a page operated by PayPal where you may specify what amount you would like to donate to Stirnet. If you have an account with PayPal you will have the option of paying for the donation by charging that account; otherwise you may pay by credit or debit card. In either case, follow the instructions given by PayPal who will process the payment independently of us, crediting your donation to our account with them. You will be able to send us a covering message. Please do that as otherwise we may not know what is is for. After completing the donation you will be returned to a page in this site.

Other ways to make a donation are:
(a) to send me a cheque by post. Our address is on the Contact us page. Please include a note to confirm that the funds are in respect of a donation.
(b) to transfer funds directly to our bank account. Our banking details are shown here. Just ignore the non-relevant instructions there but please do send me an e-mail to confirm that the funds are in respect of a donation.

Thank you for considering making a donation to help me continue working on this site.