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PCBG note:
– If you are new to this site: “Welcome!” I apologise for the interruption but the Families Database would not have existed had I not poured many thousands of hours of work into it and that would not have been possible had the database not been generating some income. This interruption is the means I have to encourage people to support the site. The few seconds delay before the interruption should be enough to enable you to move around the database by clicking quickly on the page links, giving you just enough time to ‘get a feel’ for what it offers. To help you evaluate the database further, viewing of the support pages (including the alphabetical indices which list the families covered) is not interrupted.
– If you are not new to this site: “Welcome back!” If you have been away for a while you will find that, since you were last here, the database has grown and there have been many changes to the site!

The Families Database has obtained a following because it does what many people want – provide a huge amount of genie data in an easy-to-see way, with sources identified, and (where possible) uncertainties & contradictions highlighted. The database does have some restrictions (it only covers generations born by 1800 of documented British & Irish families), so it cannot help everyone, but it is one of the largest genie databases on the Internet and has clearly helped many people with their genie research. If you are interested in ‘old documented families’ (many of which were titled or landed but many were not), you will probably find that this database will save you time, effort & money. How much time/effort/money? That depends on which families you are interested in. The ‘generations born by 1800’ restriction means that this database will not help you find your great-grandparents but for many families it overlaps with the earliest censuses so, if you can trace your ancestry back to (say) 1840, there is chance that we can take you back many more generations, maybe even back to Adam & Eve!

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