The Stirnet Portal


How do you draw attention to work you have done on your own Family History or other hobby or interest? We offer The Stirnet Portal as a means of attracting people to your web site. If you do not have your own web site, we may be able to set up some pages for you either in this site or in a sister site. In most cases we will provide links/connections for free but in some cases, such as if we view the link as effectively an Advertisement for a commercial venture, we may charge a small fee.  ‘THE STIRNET PORTAL’ is what we call our provision of links from this site to other sites. We offer connections to:
1. sites which include more information about families we cover within our Families Database, whether because they come more forward in time than we do or because they follow families outside of the UK (which we normally do not) or because they provide more details than we do on one or more of the individuals mentioned in our database; and
2. sites which provide more information about subjects we have introduced in Stirnet Histories or about subjects we do not cover but which we view as relevant to what we are trying to achieve with this site.


In some cases, our “connections” will simply be by providing a link to relevant sites; in other cases, comments & analyses may be added. Over time we hope to build this up to being a significant facility. At the moment, The Stirnet Portal is still at an early stage of development so we are open to suggestions as to what sites we should link to.

Within the Families Database in particular, our provision of a link will normally involve the insertion of a standard symbol onto our page (shown on the right) with linkage provided by clicking on that symbol. Whether or not that symbol is accompanied by a note or comment will depend on the circumstances.



* This offer relates to our providing a link from one or more pages in this site to one or more appropriate pages in another web site. For this purpose, a page is likely to be “appropriate” only if it enables someone who has visited the relevant page in our site to obtain more information about the subject covered in our page. For links from our Families Database, which is likely to be the main focus for this offer, the subject will probably be viewed as “appropriate” if the same family is involved. We prefer to link to & from a page that is specifically relevant to the page from which we provide the link rather than to a general Index.
* We are unlikely to process the application of anyone who has never been a Stirnet Member.
* We are unlikely to provide a link to someone else’s web page unless that page contains an appropriate link back to a relevant page in our site. We reserve the right to remove a link to a site if we find that a relevant link back to our site has been removed.
* We do not accept any obligation to deal positively with an application under this facility and reserve the right to reject an application, or apply specific terms & conditions to an application, for any reason or whim. We reserve the right to change these terms & conditions without notice.
* These terms & conditions supplement and do not replace the Terms of use that apply to this site in general.