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Azibo, Lord of Ascania and Ballenstadt (d 787)
m. Hasala (sister of Wittekind the Great, Duke of Saxony)
1. Berengerus I, Count of Ascania and Ballenstadt (d 797)
  m. Hadmunda of Henneberg (dau of Henry I, Count of Henneberg)
  A. Albert I, Count of Ascania and Ballenstadt (d 820)
  m. Richardis of Henneberg (dau of Poppo I, Count of Henneberg)
  i. Poppo, Count of Ascania (d 830)
  m. Cunewinda ("of the Carolin blood")
  a. Albert II, Count of Ascania (d 862)
  m. Cunigunda of Wettin (dau of Dietgremus, Count of Wettin)
  (1) Sigismund II, Count of Ascania
  (2) Otto II, Count of Ascania (d 882)
  m. Irmingardis, Countess of Holstein
  (A) Albert III, Count of Ascania (d 899)
  m. Luigarda, Countess of Ringeleim
(i) Sigfrid I, Count of Ascania (d 953)
  m. _ of Reveningen (dau of Otto, Count of Reveningen)
  (a) Sigfrid II, Count of Ascania
  m. Ann (widow of Henry, Count of Schwartzburg)
  (b) Sigismund III, Count of Ascania
(c) Albert IV, Count of Ascania
  m. Ditburga of Oldenburg (dau of Sigfrid, Count of Oldenburg)
  ((1)) Albert V, Count of Ascania
  m. Hilda, heiress of Wolpe
  ((A)) Albert VI, Count of Ascania
  m. (1020) Zerburga of Wettin (dau of Wedo, Count of Wettin)
  ((i)) Ann of Soldwell and Wolpe HS
  m. Sigismund, Count of Ascania @@ just below HS
((2)) Waldeman, Count of Ascania
  m. Catherine of Schwartzburg
  ((A)) Sigismund, Count of Ascania
  m. Ann of Soldwell and Wolpe (dau of Albert VI, Count of Ascania) @@ just above
  ((i)) Ernold, Margrave of Soldwell, Count of Ascania
  ((a)) Otto VI, Margrave of Soldwell, Count of Ascania (d 1046)
  ((b)) Elias V, Margrave of Soldwell, Count of Ascania
(((1))) Otto, Count of Ballenstedt, later Duke of Saxony (d 1123) HS
  The continuation shows a different (probably more reliable) ancestry for Otto from GenEU.
  m. Eilkia of Saxony (b 1080, d 16.01.1142, dau of Magnus, Duke of Saxony) HS
  (ii) Magdalen of Ascania HS
  m1. Sigfried, Count of Oldenburg (d 940/6) HS
  m2. Gezo, Margrave of Brandenburg
  (iii)+ other issue - Sigismund III, Veronica, Anne, Agnes
  (B)+ other issue - Otto III, Charles, Esia II, Henry
  b. Otto I, Count
  B.+ other issue - Herman, Beringerus II, Walemar I, Betha

Main source(s): ROYL (tables CCCX, CCLVII)
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