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Families covered: Allan of Allan's Flatts, Allan of Backwell Grange, Allan of Barton, Allan of Blackwell Hall, Allan of Brockhouse, Allan of Darlington, Allan of Newbottle, Allan of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Henry Allan of Buckenhall, Staffordshire (a 1290)
1. John Allan of Brockhouse, Staffordshire
  m. Alice de Maschon (dau/heir of Thomas de Maschon of Brokhkouse)
  A. John Allan (a temp Henry IV who r. 1399-1413)
  m. Agnes
  i. Ralph Allan (d 1452)
  a. Thomas Allan (a 1483, 2nd son)
  m. _ Walkenden
  (1) Ralph Allan (a 1485)
  m. Elizabeth Allan (dau of John Allan of Rosalton in Lancashire)
(A) John Allan of Brockhouse (a 1547, 1553)
  m. Elizabeth Robinson of Drayton Bassett
  (i) William Allan of Brockhouse (d 02.07.1589)
  m1. Eleanor Coyney (dau of John Coyney of Weston Coyney)
  (a) William Allan of Brockhouse (d 05.10.1607)
  m. Jane Nicolas (d 05.01.1608, dau of Humphrey Nicolas, widow of John Philips)
  (b) George Allan to co. Durham - continued below
  (c) John Allan
  m. Joan Rowley (dau of John Rowley)
  (d) Thomas Allan
  m. _ Hill (dau of William Hill)
  (e) Susanna Allan
  m. John Malpas
  m2. Helen Macken of Buckenhall
  (B) William Allan (dsp)
  m. Margaret Collier (dau of John Collier of Darlaston)
  b.+ other issue - John (dsp), William in Longmoor & Raskton-Spencer
2.+ other issue - Ralph of Milrich (Staffordshire), Thomas of Garringshall (had issue), Robert



George Allan to co. Durham - continued above
1. George Allan of Yarm, Yorkshire (a 1630, bur 04.12.1674)
  m. Dorothy Sawyer Clinton (dau of Thomas Clinton)
  A. Thomas Allan of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (bpt 05.02.1651, bur 06.05.1717)
  m. Susanna Bailey (bur 05.05.1716)
  i. John Allan (d unm)
  ii. George Allan of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (d 05.10.1729)
  m. Anna Lambert
  a. Anne Allan
  m. William Hicks (surgeon)
  b. Catherine Allan
  m. Richard Pidgeon
  c. Caroline Allan (dsp 13.02.1783)
  m. John Dumaresque (Captain RN)
  d.+ other issue(d unm) - Thomas (d infant), Lionel (d young), Susanna (d 13.09.1781), Rachel
  iii. Lionel Allan of Rotterdam (bur 10.1754)
  m. Susanna Colville (bpt 21.12.1690, d 11.01.1783, dau of Edward Colville of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, sister of Camilla, Countess of Tankerville)
  a. Charles Allan of Rotterdam, later of Norwich (a 1775, 2nd son?)
  m. Hannah Brown
  (1) Susannah Allan
  m. Thomas Littledale (uncle of Judge Sir Joseph Littledalte)
  (2) daughter
  m. _ Jarkas of Holland
  b. Sarah Allan
  m. William Rogers
  c. daughter
  m. _ Davison of London
d.+ other issue including John (dsp)
  iv. Thomas Allan of Allan's Flatts (b c1688, d 21.12.1740, coal-owner)
  m. Margaret Hardwick (d 29.11.1752, dau of Richard Hardwick)
  a. Thomas Allan of Allan's Flatts (bpt 20.09.1719, bur 05.05.1745)
  b. Susannah Allan
  m. (10.12.1751) Ralph Jennison or Jenison of Walworth Castle (bpt 23.12.1696, dsps 15.05.1758, MP)
  c. Margaret Allan (dsp 20.03.1796)
  m. (24.11.1750) Jenison Shafto of Wratting Park (dsp, MP)
  d. Dorothy Allan
  m. James Garland of Michael Stow Hall
  e. Camilla Allan
  m. (14.04.1752) Robert Shafto of Benwell & Wratting Park
  B. Henry Allan (bpt 06.11.1653, 3rd son)
  m1. ??
  i. daughter
  m. _ Mewse (Captain)
  m2. Dorothy Grainge of Stockton-upon-Tees
  ii. Margaret Allan
m. William Francis of London (surgeon)
  C. George Allan of Darlington & Backwell Grange (bpt 09.08.1663, d 24.03.1743/4, 5th/6th son)
  m. Ann Grundy (d 07.02.1709, dau of James Grundy)
  i. George Allan of Backwell Grange (bpt 30.01.1694, bur 05.08.1853, 4th son)
  m. (13.08.1717) Thomasine Prescott (bpt 13.02.1692, bur 11.06.1731, dau/coheir of Arthur Prescott of Blackwell)
  a. Ann Allan of Backwell Grange (bpt 21.04.1718, bur 25.10.1785)
  b.+ other issue (d unm) - George (bpt 13.04.1721, bur 17.04.1721), Dorothy (vpt 14.03.1712/3, d 26.10.1785), Catherine (bpt 19.06.1719, bur 10.06.1753)
  ii. Jane Allan (bpt 20.07.1692)
  m. (10.10.1719) Robert Killingham of Middleton St. George
  iii. Hannah Allan (bpt 14.09.1698, d 15.12.1778)
  m. (13.12.1743) Farrow Eden of Darlington
  iv.+ other issue - James (bpt 15.08.1686, bur 17.12.1713), George (bpt 04.07.1688, bur 23.03.1693), Thomas (bpt 06.12.1690, bur 15.08.1695), Dorothy (d infant), Ann (bpt 18.11.1696, bur 16.11.1737)
  D. Robert Allan of Darlington (bpt 18.07.1666, a 1695, d in Antigua)
  i. Dollack Allan (bpt 07.02.1693, d unm)
ii. Elizabeth Allan (bpt 08.06.1695)
  m. John Burke
  a. Elizabeth Burke (d 03.01.1771)
  m. Martin Blake (Major)
  (1) Margaret Blake ("2nd. cos. of Sir Patrick Blake (MP)")
  m. (16.06.1763) John Thomlinson (b 1731, d 01.02.1767, MP, son of John of East Barnet (London) by Mary, dau of Thomas Grainger of Hammersmith)
  (A) Mary Thomlinson (d 1818)
  m. Edward Beeston Long of Hampton Lodge (d 1825)
(2)+ other issue - John, 3 daughters
  E. Nicholas Allan of Darlington & Staindrop (co. Durham) (bpt 12.05.1668, d 04.03.1716)
  m. (07.03.1691) Elizabeth Sober (bur 30.08.1755, dau of William Sober of Cockerton)
  i. John Allan of Darlington (bpt 18.02.1695, d unm bur 06.03.1763)
  ii. James Allan of Blackwell Grange & Barton, Yorkshire (b 23.10.1712, d 19.01.1790, youngest son)
  m. (18.11.1712) Elizabeth Pemberton (b 12.07.1710, bur 28.06.1756, dau of William Pemberton of Darlington by Elizabeth, dau of John Killinghall of Middleton St. George)
  The following is partly supported by Burke's 'Heraldic Illustrations' (1846, plate CIX, 'Allan of Blackwell Hall & Barton').
  a. George Allan of Blackwell Grange (b 07.06.1736, d 17.05.1800, antiquary)
  m1. (18.09.1766) Anne Nicholson (b 21.09.1741, d 05.12.1787, dau/heir of James Colling Nicholson of Scruton)
  (1) George Allan of Blackwell Grange (b 08.07.1767, dsp 21.07.1828, MP)
  m. (09.1796) Prudence Williams (d 31.03.1844, dau of William Williams)
  (2) Anne Allan (bpt 24.06.1768, bur 24.03.1797)
  m. (04.09.1786) John Wright of Bolton-upon-Swale (Captain)
(3) Elizabeth Allan (bpt 15.06.1796, d 24.11.1794)
  m. (11.1791) Seymour Hodgson of Richmond
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - James (bpt 22.02.1772, d 28.05.1795, Captain), Hannah (bpt 28.11.1770, d infant), Dorothy (d 18.09.1821)
  m2. (c1798) Mary Palliser (dau of John Palliser)
  (7)+ other issue - James (d young), Elizabeth (d infant)
  b. Robert Allan of Sunnyside/Bishopwearmouth & Newbottle (co. Durham) & Barton (b 12.09.1740, d 27.03.1806)
  m. (23.02.1767) Elizabeth Harrison (d 31.12.1808, dau/coheir of Robert Harrison of Sunderland)
  (1) Robert Allan of Newbottle, co. Durham (b 10.04.1769, d 27.12.1813)
  m. (20.12.1792) Hannah Havelock (bpt 09.02.1767, d 09.01.1837, dau of William Havelock of Sunderand, sister of William of Ingress Park)
  (A) William Allan of Blackwell Grange (b 21.05.1796, d unm 12.11.1854, 2nd son)
  (B) Robert Henry Allan of Blackwell Grange, Blackwell Hall & Barton, Sheriff of co. Durham (b 22.01.1802, a 1851) had issue (d infant)
  m. Elizabeth Gregson (dau of John Gregson of Durham & Burdon by Elizabeth, dau/heir of Lancelot Allgood)
  (C) John Allan of Dalton-upon-Tees, Yorkshire (b 25.06.1803, dsp 18.03.1844)
  m. Eliza Jeffries (d 15.02.1866)
  (D) George Thomas Allan of Eryholme (Yorkshire) & Bishop Middleham Hall (co. Durham), later of Blackwell Grange (b 11.10.1804, a 1886?)
  m. (11.10.1843) Maria Ramshaw (dau of Rev. Thomas Ramshaw of Brampton)
  (E) Elizabeth Allan (dsp 25.10.4854)
  m. (21.05.1832) Benjamin Dunn of Hurworth
  (F) Joanna Mary Allan (d 06.01.1857)
  m. (22.09.1836) Edward Haygarth Maling of Sunderland
  (G) Mary Emma Allan (dsp 02.02.1869)
  m1. (10.07.1837) William Wheatley of London (dsp 30.09.1850)
  m2. (30.03.1853) Rev. Arthur Rudd
  (H) Caroline Jane Allan (d 30.11.1849)
  m1. (28.09.1831) William Hunter Burne (d 08.07.1844, Captain, grandson of Charles of Sunderland by Philadelphia Lambton)
  m2. (23.10.1845) John Murray
  (I)+ other issue - James (b 16.10.1793, d 22.04.1794), James (b 02.12.1807, d unm 26.03.1833), Catherine Mary (d 18.06.1799), Ann of Darlington
  (2) John Allan of Blackwell Hall & Barton (b 29.08.1778, d 04.09.1844)
  (3) Elizabeth Allan (b 19.12.1770, dsp 05.10.1810)
  m. John Maling of Hylton (cousin of Admiral Maling)
  (4) Mary Allan (b 27.10.1782, d 10.07.1865)
  m. (13.06.1802) John Henry Johnson or Johnston (d 01.08.1825, son of Owen of Waterford)
  (5)+ other issue - James (d infant), Sober (d infant), Anne (b 05.11.1772, d 30.05.1807), Catherine (b 17.11.1776, d unm 13.05.1796)
  c. Hannah Allan (b 29.09.1746)
m. (20.07.1765) Jeremiah Rudd of Darlington
  d. Susannah Allan (b 27.11.1751)
  m. (12.12.1770) Bristow Pease of Darlington
  e.+ other issue (d unm) - James of Darlington (b 21.10.1738, d 26.09.1800), Elizabeth (d young), Ann (b c1750, d 28.08.1768)
  iii.+ other issue (d unm) - William (bpt 06.02.1696, bur 02.04.1697), Robert (d infant), George (d infant), Sober of Stockton-upon-Tees (b 08.11.1703, d 09.04.1773), Thomas (d infant), Lionel (d infant), Nicholas (d infant), Henry (d infant), Elizabeth (d infant), Dorothy (d infant), Elizabeth, Dorothy, Jane
  F.+ other issue - John (bpt 18.06.1653), George (bpt 22.01.1660/1, buir 02.10.1662), Joshua (bpt 03.01.1670, d infant), Dorothy (bpt 09.03.1657, bur 15.02.1660)
2. John Allan
  A. daughter
  m. ?? Swainston of Stockton-upon-Tees

Main source(s): 'Pedigrees of the Couny Families of Yorkshire' (Joseph Foster, vol 3 (1874, 'North and East Riding'), 'Pedigree of Allan of Blackwell Hall, co. Durham, and Barton, co. York') with some support for the lower section from BLG1886 ('Allan of Blackwell Grange')
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