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Families covered: Allott of Belper, Allott of Bentley Grange, Allott of Mickelfield, Allott of Thorncliffe

Hunter, on FMG (p494), reports that "This is the copy of a pedigree compiled in 1632 for Dr. Robert Allott of Cambridge. But the earlier descents appear to be entirely fictitious, and cannot be taken as authority for anything above the Doctor's grandfather" (a son of John Allott of Criggleston, below). He then shows what we report in the upper section below and much of what is in the lower section. On p498 he shows "A true Pedigree of the Family of Allott. So entitled by the person by whom it was compiled, about the year 1660" which is supported by p499 on which he shows a separate pedigree headed 'Allott", both of which contradict the ancestry of the John who is shown at the continuation below. Consequenty, the following upper section should be viewed as highly unreliable which is why we show almost all of it in italics.
Brian Allott of Belper, Derbyshire (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
1. John Allott
  A. James Allott
  i. James Allott of Sedsall
  a. Henry Allott of Belper & Buttersby
  m. _ Heaton (dau of Sir John Heaton of Castle Hall in Mirfield)
  (1) Robert Allott
  m. _Beeston (dau of Hugh Beeston of Driffield)
  (A) Edward Allott (3rd son?)
  m. Christian Washton (dau/heir of Robert Washton)
  (i) Ralph Allott
  m. Grace Hopton (dau of Robert Hopton)
(a) Robert Allott
  m. _ Criplin (dau of John Criplin)
  ((1)) Edmund Allott the first mentioned by BLG1858
  BLG1858 reports that Edmund was "lineally descended from Robert Allot, of Sedfull".
  m. Bridget Arthington (dau of Thomas Arthington)
  ((A)) John Allott (a 1509) - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Allington (dau/heir of Sir John Allington)
  ((B)) Thomas Allott this line only briefly mentioned by BLG1858
  m. _ Mirfield (dau of Thomas Mirfield or Merfield)
  ((i)) John Allott
  m. Ann Saintmore (dau of John Saintmore)
  ((a)) Giles Allott of Mickelfield, Suffolk
  m. _ Poulson (dau of Robert Poulson)
  (((1))) Robert Allott of Mickelfield
  m. _ Allington (dau of Nicholas Allington of Middlesex)
  (((A))) Robert Allott
  m. _ Ashley (dau of Robert Ashley)
  (((B))) John Allott
  ((ii)) Allen Allott
  m. _ Wyatt (dau of Sir Henry Wyatt)
  ((a)) Richard Allott of Greenfield, Suffolk (sb Middlesex?)
  m. Mary Jerningham (dau of Sir Henry Jerningham)
  (((1))) Thomas Allott
  m. Julian Dallison (dau of Justice Dallison of Lincolnshire)
  (((A))) daughter
  m. Ralph Champernoun
  (B)+ other issue - Richard, John



John Allott (a 1480, 1509) - continued above
On page 498 & 499, Hunter shows John, tenant of Bentley (son of Thomas, tenant at Bentley and brother of Robert & Richard (a 1466), son by Agnes of Adam (a 1447)) as father by Joan of the following Robert & John. Provisionally, we keep to what he showed on p495, supported by BLG1858, in identifying his wife as ...
m. Elizabeth Allington (dau/heir of Sir John Allington)
1. Robert Allott of Bentley Grange (d before 26.07.1541)
  m. Elizabeth Wade (sister of Armigal Wade (Armigael or Armigaal Wadd, the navigator), niece of William or Alvared Comyn (prior of Nostel))
  A. Robert Allott of Bentley Grange (b c1531, d 14.10.1606)
  m. Joan or Jennet Charlsworth a 1610, dau/coheir of Richard Charlsworth of Totties)
  i. John Allott of Bentley Grange (b 1563, d 01/30.08.1639)
m. Jennett Mitchel (dau/heir of John or Robert Mitchel (Michel) of Silcotes)
  a. George Allott (dvp)
  m. Mary Maude (dau of John Maude of Wakefield)
  (1) John Allott 'of Bentley Grange'
  m. Beatrice Barnby (dau of Thomas Barnby of Barnby)
  (A) Mary Allott
  m1. Thomas Wheatley of Whitecross
  m2. John Moseley
  m3. William Oxley of Skelmanthorp
  (B) Grace Allott
  m. George Thurgarland
  (C) Beatrice Allott
  m. Richard Ashton of Kirkby
  (D)+ other issue - John, Anne (d unm)
  b. Mary Allott
  m. Godfrey Matthewman of Upper Haigh
  c. Jennet Allott
  m. Roger Awdisley of Batley
  d. Anne Allott
  m. Lawrence Farrington of Emley (rector of Emley)
  (1)+ issue - John, Richard, Anne
  e.+ other issue (d young) - Elizabeth, Dorothy, 3 other daughters
  ii. Brice Allott of Thorncliffe (tanner)
m. Elizabeth Wheatley (widow of John Allott ('of Woodhouse'))
  a. John Allott of Thorncliffe
  m. Margaret Hoult
  (1) Robert Allott of Thorncliffe
  (A) Mary Allott
  m. John Allott of Thorncliffe & Bentley (b 1645-6, d 05.04.1728)
  (2) Mary Allott
  iii. Bartin Allott of Bentley Thorp & Bilham Gange (b c1581, d 14.10.1648)
  m. (04.02.1610) Grace Binns (bur 23.11.16443, dau of Thomas Binns of Thorpep, sister of Richard)
  iv. Dorothy Allott (bur 17.05.1646)
  m. (1603?) Philipo Gill of Lightwood
  v. Elizabeth Allott
m1. Richard Speight of Earl's Heaton
  m2. (before 04.04.1610) _ Oglethorp
  vi. Ethelred Allott
  m. (before 1610) Henry Hewet of Beighton Field in Barlborough
  vii.+ other issue - Matthew of York (b 1584-5, bur 27.05.1609)
  B. John Allott of Criggleston shown on p498 as 'of Denby', m. Margaret
  m. Elizabeth Speight (dau of Richard Speight or Spight of Heaton)
  C. Elizabeth Allott
  m. William Sidney of Otford, Kent
  i. Dorcas Sidney
  m. Alexander Cosby of Ireland
  D. Alice or Alison Allott
  E. Margaret Allott
  m. Robert Marsh of Darton Hall
2. John Allott

Main source(s): Hunter's FMG (vol 2, MS210, 'Allott', p494+ & 498), FMG (vol 2, MS211, 'Allott', p499+), BLG1858 ('Allott of Hague Hall')
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