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Families covered: Arthur of Doncaster, Arthur of Glanomera
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(1) It is unlikely that there was any connection between the family shown in the top section with those shown in the lower sections. They share the page for our convenience.
(2) Of the following family, BLG1912 reports that "The Arthurs are stated to have been originally "Artureighs" and to derive their descent from a common ancestor with the O'Briens, viz., Cormac Cas, King of Munster. The name, it is further asserted, was anglicised, in common with many others, on the invasion of Ireland by Henry II, who is stated to have conferred honours and grants of land on one of that name in 1178."
Piers Arthur
m. Margaret Arthur (dau/heir of Thomas Arthur of Glanomera)
1. Thomas Arthur of Glanomera, co. Clare
  m. Elizabeth Butler, "heiress of Kilmoyler" (dau of Capt. John Butler) ## see here ##
  A. Thomas Arthur of Glanomera
  m. (11.1766) Lucy O'Brien (dau of Sir Edward O'Brien, Bart, of Dromoland)
  i. Thomas Arthur of Glanomera (b 04.1778, d 06.05.1845) had issue
  m. (10.04.1803) Harriet Smith (dau/coheir of William Smith of Cahirmoyle, sister of Charlotte (who m. Sir Edward O'Brien, Bart))
  ii. Mary Arthur
  m. Richard Henn of Pardise



John Arthur of Doncaster (b c1646, d 27.02.1715)
m. Catherine Mainwating (b c1648, d 31.03.1731, dau of Thomas Mainwaring of Martin Sands)
1. William Arthur of Wadworth (b c1675, d 1741)
  m. ?? (m1. widow of _ Jackson)
  A. John Arthur of Doncaster (b c1710, d 02.11.1773, of the Middle Temple)
  m. Sarah Gilbert (b 1713-4, d 04.07.1800, "a natural child")
  i. John Arthur, later Worsop of Doncaster & Alverley Grange (a 1778)
  m. (02.07.1778) Sarah Mauleverer (d 31.03.1790, dau of Timothy (not Thomas) Mauleverer of Arncliffe)
  B. William Arthur (3rd son)
m. ?? ("a dau. of a Director (of the India House)")
  C.+ other issue (d unm) - Daniel in London, Thomas, Esther of Howden (b c1707, d 22.12.1788)
2. Thomas Arthur in Norway had issue
  m. "a Norwegian woman"
3. John Arthur of Doncaster (bpt 02.11.1681, d 24.12.1740)
  m1. Martha Mawhood (dau of John Mawhood of Doncaster)
  A.+ issue (d young) including John (b 1708-9, d 11.04.1725)
  m2. (09.06.1713) Catherine Walker (dsp, dau of William Walker, alderman of Doncaster)
  m3. Ruth Beaumont of Hatfield (b c1702, d 05.12.1779)
  B. Martha Arthur (dsp)
  m. _ Hollingworth (Captain)
4. Mainwaring Arthur of Leeds then Swinton (bpt 10.07.1684)
  m. Jane Spencer (niece of Dr. _ Spencer of Swinton)
  A. Jane Arthur (d young)
5. Charles Arthur (bpt 26.09.1686, d 1748, vicar of Wadworth)
  m. _ Pollard of Criggleston
  A. Catherine Arthur
  m. James Dennis of Doncaster
  B.+ other issue - John (b c1718, d 1732), Charles (d young)
6.+ other issue - Henry (bpt 06.03.1687-8, in Norway), John (d young), Catherine (bpt 09.10.1677, d unm 03.04.1748), Diana (bpt 23.11.1690, d unm 1775), Sarah (d young), Elizabeth (d young), Boynton (d young)



Possibly connected to the family shown just above was ...
John Arthur "of near Doncaster"
m. Mary Oliver (dau of John Oliver of Pocklington by Sibil Linton)
1. John Arthur of London
  m. _ Sharpe
  A. Robert Arthur of London (dsp, 2nd son?)
  m. _ Hawksworth of Yorkshire
  B.+ other issue - John, Jane
2. Ann Arthur (d unm)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BLGI1912 ('Arthur of Glanomera')
(2) For middle section : FMG (vol 2, MS262, 'Arthur', p632)
(3) For lower section : FMG (vol 2, MS262, 'Arthur-Oliver', p633)
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