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Families covered: Barry of Ballinaltig, Barry of Castle Lyons, Barry of Rathbarry, Barry of Rathcobane, Barry of Tanestown

Richard Barry of Rathcobane
1. William Barry
  A. John Barry
  i. Ellen Barry (a 1561)
  m. _ Magher
2. Gerald Barry
  A. James Barry
  i. Margaret Barry (a 1561)
  m. William McShane Cotter of Coppingerstown
  B. Edmund More Barry of Rathcobane (a 1560)
  i. Robert Barry of Rathcobane (a 1573)
  a.+ isue - William (a 1617), Edmund
  ii.+ other isue - David, Garret, John



David Barry of Rathbarry (aka Garranehinnefeake)
1. Garret Barry
  A. John Barry
  i. Garret ('Dowlagh') Barry of Rathbarry & Tanestown (a 1573)
  a. James Barry of Rathbarry & Tanestown (a 1630)
  (1) John Barry of Rathbarry & Tanestown (a 1641)



James Barry "probably the father of" ...
1. Edmond Barry of Ballinaltig
  A. Richard Barry
  i. Richard Barry of Ballinaltig
  a. Margaret Barry
  m. John Barry of Rathcormack
  b. Ellen Barry
  m. Charles McCarthy
  (1) Ellen McCarthy
  m. Daniel Duff O'Cahill
  (A) Ellen O'Cahill
  m. Garrett Barry of Leamlara
  (2)+ other issue
  ii. Robert Barry of Scartbarry (d 1624)
  a. David Barry of Ballinaltig
  (1) James Barry of Ballinaltig (a 1638)
  (A) Frances Barry
  m. _ McAdam Barry
  b.+ other issue - James, Richard, Thomas
  iii.+ other issue - James, John (a 1615)
  B. Edmond Barry probably son of Edmond of Ballinaltig
  i. David Barry of Scartbarry (a 1573)
2. Robert Barry of Castle Lyons
  A. David Barry
  i. John Moyle Barry of Castle Lyons & Ballygovan
  a. James Barry (dvp 1584)
  m. Eileen O'Keiffe (dau of Donall McArt O'Keiffe of Glenville)
  (1) Garrett Barry of Clonemologh (a 1601, 3rd son) possibly ancestor of the Barrys & Milner-Barrys of Kilgobbin
  (2)+ other issue - Robert of Castle Lyons (a 1601), Richard of Castle Lyons
  b. Richard Barry (5th son)
  (1) Philip Meale Barry (a 1607)
  c.+ other issue - Edmond of Balleneshiewy (a 1577, dvp), John Oge of Castle Lyons (a 1595), William (a 1585), Thomas of Castle Lyons (a 1601)
  ii. David Oge Barry probably son of David
  a. William Barry of Castle Lyons (a 1602)

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Barry)
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