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Families covered: Baskerville of Erdisley, Baskerville of Lawton, Baskervillle of Pickthorne, Baskerville of Weston

Commoners reports that "The family of Baskerville is one of the most ancient and honourable in England, its name is upon the roll of Battel Abbey, ..."
Sir Robert Baskerville of Erdisley Castle, Herefordshire
m. Agnes (dau/heir of Nesta, dau of Rees ap Griffith, Prince of South Wales) ## here? ##
1. Sir Ralph de Baskerville of Erdisley (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  m. _ Clifford (dau of Lord Clifford)
  A. Sir Roger de Baskerville of Erdisley (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  m. _ de Gros (dau of Sir Rothes de Gros of Orcop)
  i. Walter de Baskerville of Erdisley (a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
  a. Walter de Baskerville
  m. Susan Crigdon (dau of Sir John Crigdon)
(1) Sir Walter de Baskerville of Erdisley (d 1290)
  m. Sibella Streaton (dau of John Streaton)
  (A) Joan de Baskerville
  m. Roger Clifford (son/heir of Walter, Lord Clifford)
  (B) Sibill de Baskerville
  m. Hugh de Kinnersley
  (2) Sir Richard de Baskerville of Erdisley (a 1296)
  m. _ Sollers (dau of Sir _ Sollers)
(A) Sir Walter de Baskerville of Combe (d c1309, elder son)
  m. (1297-8) Sibill Corbet (dau of Peter Corbet of Caux)
  (i) Sir Richard de Baskerville of Erdisley (a 1347)
  m. (1310-1) Jane/Joane Poines (dau of Sir Richard Poines or Poynings)
  (a) Sir Richard Baskerville of Erdisley
  Commoners notes that some sources identify Richard's wife as dau of Sir Richard Hampton but in the text identifies her as ...
  m. Isabella Caveley (dau of Sir Walter Caveley)
  ((1)) Sir Richard Baskerville (d 16.09.1395)
  m. Joan Everingham (dau of Adam de Everingham of Laxton)
((A)) Sir John Baskervile (a temp Henry IV who r. 1399-1413)
  Comments on Sir John's wives are given on the continuation page.
  m1/2. Johanna de Brugge
  m2/1. Elizabeth Einford (dau of Sir John Einford or Eynfforde)
  (ii) Robert Baskerville possibly of this generation
  (a) Eleanor Baskerville
  m. Robert Lacy of Cromwellbotham
  (3) George de Baskerville of Lawton & Pickthorne, Salop (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  (A) George Baskerville of Lawton & Pickthorne
  (i) Sir Richard Baskerville of Pickthorne
  (a) Sir Roger Baskerville of Pickthorne (a temp Edward III who r, 1327-1377)
  ((1)) Sir Walter Baskerville of Pickthorne
  m. Elizabeth Lucy
  ((A)) John Baskerville of Pickthorne
  ((i)) Margaret Baskerville
  m. William or Robert Fowlehurst
  ((2)) John Baskervillle of Weston (dsp)
  ((3)) Richard Baskerville
  ((A)) ?? Baskerville
  ((i)) ?? Baskerville
  ((a)) Sir John Baskervillle of Weston, Sheriff of Hereford (a 1465, dspms?)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol I, Baskerville of Clyrow Court)
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