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Families covered: Belasyse of Belasyse, Belasyse of Wolneston

Belasius (a 1066)
1. Rowland or Rouland, later of Belasyse (d temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
  m. Elgiva (dau of Ralph de Belasyse of Belasyse)
  BE1883 jumps from Rowland to his great-grandson Sir Rowland (m. Mary Spring). Collins reports that Rouland's son/heir was Ralph who was succeeded by William (de Belasis) who was probably father of Robert father of William. Presumably that line died out for the next mentioned was the Rouland who m. Mary Spring.
  A. son
  i. Ralph or Roger de Belasyse (a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199) mentioned by Foster
  a. Sir Rowland de Belasyse (a 1264)
  m. Mary Spring (dau/heir of Henry Spring of Howton-le-Spring)
  (1) Sir Roger Belasyse 'of Belasyse'
  m. Joan Harbottle (dau of Sir Robert Harbottle)
(A) Sir Robert Belasyse of Wolneston & Bellases in the Bishoprick of Durham (a 1312)
  m. Anne Goulbourne (dau of Sir William Golbourne or Gouldbourne)
  (i) Sir John Belasyse of Wolneston (a 1332)
  m. Oswald Talbois (dau of Sir William Talbois)
  (a) John Belasyse
  m. Alice de la Hay (dau of John de la Hay)
  ((1)) William Belasyse (a 1316)
m. Maud Bellingham (dau/coheir of William Bellingham of Bellingham & Wolneston)
  ((A)) Sir John Belasyse (a 1365)
  m. Alice Hansard (dau of Sir Robert Hansard of Walworth)
  Foster disagrees with BE1883 & Collins on the next 2 generations, showing John's successor as John (m. Anne, dau of Robert Lamplugh of Lamplugh) father of Sir Robert (m. Margery, dau of Richard Dalton) father of William (m. Jennet, dau of Thomas Tipping) father of Thomas (m1/2. Cicely Hutton, m2/1. ??, m3. Margaret Thirkeld) with William nevertheless being described as "brother to Robert, and not his son". Noting that we show the husband of Margery Dalton as Thomas, son of William, we provisionally follow BE1883 & Collins which show ...
  ((i)) Robert Belasyse (d 1431)
  m. Alice (Anne) Lamplugh (dau of Robert Lamplugh of Lamplugh)
  ((a)) John Belasyse (d 1439-40)
  m. Joneta (Jennet) Tipling (dau of Thomas Tipling or Tipping)
  (((1))) Alice Belasyse (b c1409)
  ((b)) William Belasyse of Belasyse
  m1. Cecily Hotton (dau of William Hotton or Hutton of Butterwick)
  m2. Margaret Thirkeld (dau of Sir Lancelot Thirkeld)
  ((c))+ other issue - Robert, Geoffrey
  ((ii)) John Belasyse (a 1419)
  Foster shows the daughters married as follows: Elizabeth to Thomas Brigham then Sir John Waddon, Julian to Sir John Cramlington. We provisionally follow BE1883 & Collins which show ...
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Belasyse
  m1. Thomas Brigham called Thomas Bingham by BE1883
  m2. Sir John Cranlington or Cramlington
  ((iv)) Julian Belasyse
  m1. John Fishburn of Fishburn
  m2. Sir John Waddon
  ((B)) Joan Belasyse
  m. John Bussy
  ((2)) John Belasyse
  m. Maud Doolard (dau of John Doolard or Pollard of Aukland)
  ((3)) Mary Belasyse
  m. William de Featherstonhaugh of Featherstonhaugh
  (b) Peter Belasyse (dsp)
  (c) Thomas Belasyse
  m. Mary Whitwell (dau of Thomas de Whitwell)
  (d) Dionysia Belasyse
  m. Sir Gerald Salveyn
  (e) Jane Belasyse
  m. Robert de Buckton
  (f) Elizabeth Belasyse
  m. Hamon Byrd of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  (ii) Mary Belasyse shown a generation later by Foster
m. John de Lambton
  (iii) Anne Belasyse
  m. Robert Fowbray
  (iv) Ursula Belasyse shown a generation later by Foster
  m. James de Claxton
  (v) Frances Belasyse shown a generation later by Foster
  m. William de Wickliffe of Wycliffe
  (B) John Belasyse
  m. Mary Bertram (dau of Roger Bertram)
  (C) Elizabeth Belasyse
  m. Thomas Madison or Maddison

Main source(s): BE1883 (Belasyse of Fauconberg), Collins (1812, vol 6, Viscount Fauconberg), Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Bellasis of Newborough)
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