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Families covered: Bowdon of Beightonfields, Bowdon of Bowdon (Derbyshire), Bowdon of Southgate, Bowdon of Whetstone

William Bowdon of Bowdon, Derbyshire
1. John Bowdon of Bowdon (a 1482, 2nd son)
  A. George Bowdon of Bowdon (a 1520)
  m. Barbara Bagshaw (dau of Nicholas Bagshaw of Abney)
  i. George Bowdon of Bowdon (b 1536-7, d 06.1627)
  m. Ellen Pole (dau of Augustine Pole of Langley by Cecily Bowdon) @@ below
  a. Thomas Bowdon (dvp)
m. Ann Bagshaw (dau of Henry Bagshaw of Ridge)
  (1) George Bowdon of Bowdon Hall (b c1601, d c1658)
  m. (04.1622) Dorothy Browne (bur 01.1636, dau of Nicholas Browne of Marsh Hall)
  (A) Nicholas Bowdon of Bowdon (bpt 1622, d 20.03.1667)
  m1. _ Woodruffe (dau of Ellis Woodruffe of Hope)
  m2. Mary Barnby (dau/coheir of Thomas Barnby of Barnby)
  (i) Barnby Bowdon of Barnby & Bowdon (d c1674)
  (ii) Thomas Bowdon (dsp)
  (iii) Robert Bowdon of Barnby & Bowdon (dsp 03.1681)
  (B) George Bowdon of Coventry. later of Bowdon
  (i)+ 2 daughters
  Bowdon passed through the daughters "into other hands".
  (C) Jermyne Bowdon of Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire (b 1633, 6th son)
  m. Elizabeth Thorpe (dau of John Thorpe of Melton Mowbray)
  (i)+ issue (a 1681) - George (b c1670), Thomas (b c1673), Elizabeth (b c1675)
  (D) Benjamin Bowdon of Stapleford, Leicestershire (b 03.04.1635)
  m. Elizabeth Goodhand of Lincolnshire
  (E) Dorothy Bowdon (b 1624)
  m. John Hage of Lime
(F)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas, Edmund, Valentine, Elizabeth, Anne, Barbara, Ellen, Mary
  (2) Thomas Bowdon of Whetstone, Derbyshire (Captain, 4th son)
  m. Helen Shirgley (dau of J. Shrigley of Leicestershire)
  (A) Henry Bowdon of Whetstone (a 1687)
  m. _ Alleyne (sister/heir of John Alleyne of Whetstone Hall)
  (i) Henry Bowdon of Beightonfields, Derbyshire
  m. (c1691) Mary Hewet (dau/heir of John Hewet of Beightonfields)
  (a) John Bowdon of Beightonfields (b 31.08.1695, d 01.03.1764) - continued below
  m1. Elizabeth Barker (dau of John Barker of Barlbro' & Walls)
  m2. Margaret Nelson of Fayrehurst
  m3. Mary Johnson (dau of George Johnson of Sheffield)
  (b) Mary Bowdon (b 21.05.1694)
  (B) John Bowdon (d 1665, Captain)
  m. Alice Beard (dau of Richard Beard of Beard Hall)
  (3) Dorothy Bowdon
  m. Edmund Bradbury of Ottersetts, Glossop
  (4)+ other issue - Nicholas (bur 1637), Edmund (a 1611), Anne (a 1611), Elizabeth(a 1611)
  b. George Bowdon (a 1590)
m. Aliana Bowdon (dau/heir of George Bowdon of Bowdon Downs)
  (1)+ issue - William, Edward
  c. German Bowdon (b 1585, Captain)
  m. Florence Bradburne (dau of Nicholas Bradburne)
  d. Ann Bowdon
  m. Rowland Smith of Waterford
  ii. Edward Bowdon (a 1541)
  iii. Elizabeth Bowdon
m. Anthony Cresswell of Ford
  iv. Anne Bowden (d 1599) possibly of this generation
  m. Ralph Winington of Offerton (d 1614)
  B. Edward Bowdon (a 1541)
2. Thomas Bowdon (4th son)
  A. Edward Bowdon
  m. Grace (m2. Robert Dakins or Dakeyne of Biggin) ## see here ##
  i. Bernard Bowdon
  B. William Bowdon
  i. Cecily Bowdon
  m. Augustine Pole of Langley, Derbyshire
  a. Ellen Pole
  m. George Bowdon of Bowdon (b 1536-7, d 06.1627) @@ above
3.+ other issue - Christopher, George



John Bowdon of Beightonfields (b 31.08.1695, d 01.03.1764) - continued above
m1. (02.1719) Elizabeth Barker (b 1700, d 1728, dau of John Barker of Barlbro' & Walls)
1. John Bowdon of Beightonfields (b 14.05.1722, bur 17.07.1804)
  FMG shows John as son of Henry (by sister of John Allen of Whetston Hall), nephew of Henry of Beighton Fields (d 1665, m. sister of John Hewet). Following Foster, we show them some generations earlier.
  m. Alice Johnson (dau of George Johnson of Sheffield, Warwickshire, sister of John's step-mother)
  A. Henry Bowdon of Southgate House & Beightonfields (b 02.02.1754, d 26.02.1833)
  m. (30.11.1775) Mary Erdeswick (d 06.04.1791, dau/heir of Joseph Erdeswick of Hartley Green, son of Sampson of Hartley by Anne, dau of Edward Stockley of Knowsley)
  i. John Peter Bruno Bowdon of Southgate & Beightonfields, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 30.04.1787, d 17.12.1850) had issue
  m. (26.02.1812) Mary Martha Ferrers (dau of Edward Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton)
  ii.+ other issue (d young) - Henry, Barbara
2. Mary of Elizabeth Bowdon (b c1730, d 1803) named Mary by Foster, Elizabeth by BLG1886/BLG1952
  m. _ Johnson of Sheffield
m2. (by 21.08.1733) Margaret Nelson of Fayrehurst (widow of John Sherborne of Sheffield)
3. Thomas Bowdon (b 20.08.1731, d unm 20.05.1779)
m3. Mary Johnson (d 03.10.1776, dau of George Johnson of Sheffield, Warwickshire)
4. George Bowdon of Radford, Oxfordshire (b 09.10.1743, younger son)
  m. Elizabeth Clements of Oxfordshire
  A. George Bowdon of Barlborough (d 18.02.1822)
  m. Eleanor Harrison of Lancashire (d 26.03.1836)
  i. Eliza Bowdon
  m. Philip Hickin of Wolverhampton
  ii. Anne Bowdon (d 10.06.1843)
  m. James Vinn of Brussels
  iii.+ other issue - George (d young), Mary (d 23.08.1842)
  B.+ other issue - John (d unm 06.01.1826), Joseph (b 02.08.1778, d 04.12.1844, priest of Radford), Mary (b 1772-3, d 12.03.1854), Anne (d unm)
5. James Bowdon of Staveley, Derbyshire (b 15.11.1744, dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Yate (dau of Rev. Samuel Yate of Clown)
6. Charlotte Bowdon (b 17.11.1747)
  m. Richard Butler of Pleasington Hall, Lancashire
  A. Mary Anne Butler of Pleasington Hall (heir)
  Mary Anne bequeathed Pleasington Hall to John Butler Bowdon, later Butler-Bowdon, 2nd son of the above John Peter Bruno Bowdon.
  B.+ other issue (dvpsp)
7.+ other issue - Joseph Caesar (b 1737), Henry (b 1739), Martin (b 1746), Anne (b 1736), Mary Charlotte (b 1747), Alice (b c1741, d 11.10.1781), Frances (b 1742)

Main source(s): 'Pedigrees of the County Families of England' (vol 1, Lancashire, 'Butler-Bowdon of Pleasington Hall') by Joseph Foster (1873) with support for the lower section from BLG1886 (Bowdon of Southgate and Pleasington), BLG1952 (Butler-Bowdon of Pleasington) and just a little support from FMG (vol 3, MS453, 'Bowdon', p1039)
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