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Families covered: Browne of Bodmin, Browne of Gwinear, Browne in Leicestershire, Browne of London, Browne of Trewardale

Nichols identifies the arms of the following family as "Or, a saltire engrailed Azure, betwen four flies erect Gules" and reports the the following John was "of the family of Browne of Bornam in the Isle of Axholme, co. Lincoln".
John Browne of London
1. Anthony Browne
  m. Elizabeth Somers
  A. Henry Browne
  m. Katharine Forde of Suffolk
  i. Edward Browne (3rd son)
  m. Katharine Entwyssell
  a.+ issue - Francis, Thomas, Somers
  ii.+ other issue - William, Thomas, Anne, Jane, Elizabeth
  B. Edward Browne
  m. _ Entwyssell
  i. Francis Browne of Leicester
m. (1607) ??
  a. Elizabeth Browne
  m. _ White
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas, Phoebe
  C. Francis Browne of Kilby (d 03.12.1592)
  m. Dorothy Villiers (dau/heir of Sir John Villiers of Brokesby)
  i. Thomas Browne of Wistow (a 1603)
  m. Mary Cave (d 02.12.1597, dau of Brian Cave of Ingarsby)
  a.+ issue - Henry (bpt 25.03.1594), Cave (d 1602), Francis, Mary (bpt 23.10.1597), Anne
  ii.+ other issue - Abraham, Villiers, Somers, Lydia, Poebe, Margaret



Bennett Browne of Gwinear (b c1580)
1. Vernon Browne of Gwinear & Ladock (bpt c1610)
  m. (20.04.1632) Anne Bannallacke (dau of Henry Bennallacke of Ladock)
  A. William Browne of Trewardale (bpt 1644, a 1707)
  m. (1679) Honour Spry (dau of Georeg Spry of Blisland)
  i. William Browne of Bodmin & Trewardale (pbt 1684, bur 1750)
  m. (1713) Elizabeth Bullock (dau of Robert Bullock of Bodmin, sister.coheir of Richard)
  a. William Browne of Bodmin & Trewardale, later in London (bpt 04.10.1715, bur 1762)
  (1) William Browne of Hatton Garden, London (solicitor)
  (A) Harriet Browne (d 1832)
m. Henry Clutterbuck of London (doctor)
  (B)+ other issue - John of Polwyn (dsp 1853), Mary
  b. George Browne of Bodmin & Trewardale (bpt 27.01.1719/20, bur 08.06.1795)
  m. (16.12.1754) Mary Hamley of Bodmin
  (1) Elizabeth Browne (bpt 30.12.1755, bur 1837)
  m. (1774) John Basset Collins (d 22.06.1790, rector of Camborne)
  c. Elizabeth Browne (b 1737, bur 08.04.1807)
  m. (29.03.1760) Edward Hoblyn of Bodmin
  d.+ other issue - Mary (bpt 1723, bur 1732), Mary (b 1741)
  ii.+ other issue - Vernon (bpt 1687, dvp bur 1707), George (bpt 1690, dvp), Grace (bpt 1680), Philippa (bpt 1681), Ann (bpt 1683, bur 1700), Honour (bpt 1682), Elizabeth (bpt 1686, bur 1705), Mary (bpt 1688, d infant?), Mary (bpt 1692, bur 1696), Lucy (bpt 1693, bur 1696)
  B. Michael Browne (bpt 1647, youngest son)
  m1. ??
  m2. (07.07.1687) Elizabeth Thistlethwaite (relict of Robert Robyins of Trewardale)
  C.+ other issue - Vernon (bpt 1640), Jane (bpt 1640), Mary (bpt 1641, d infant?), Mary (bpt 1649), Elizabeth (bpt 1650, d infant?), Elizabeth (bpt 1653)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 2, 1798, 'Pedigree of Browne of Wistow and Kilby', p874)
(2) For lower section : 'The Parochial and Family History of the Deanery of Trigg Minor in the county of Cornwall' (Sir John Maclean, vol 1 (1873), 'Pedigree of Collins and Browneof Bodmin and Trewardale', p332+)
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