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Families covered: Chadwick of Chadwick (Chadwyke), Chadwick of Heley (Healey)

Possibly descended from a younger son of a Norman baron of Rachdale (Rochdale) was ...
William de Chadwyke (b c1355, a 1413)
1. William de Chadwyke possibly father or brother of ...
2. Nicholas de Chadwyk of Chadwyk Hall (b by 1377, d by 1445)
  m. Maud (dau/heir of Thomas de Paris) possibly parents of ...
  A. Robert Chadwyk of Chadwyk Hall (dsp)
  B. John Chadwyk (d c1445)
  i. Henry Chadwyk of Chadwyk Hall (d c1482)
  m. Margaret
  a. Oliver Chadweke of Chadweke
  (1) Roger Chadwick (d c1556)
  (A) James Chadwick
  (2) Oliver Chadwick of Chadwick (d 1542)
  (A) Roger Chadwicke of Chadwicke (b c1531, d 08.12.1610)
  m. Isobel Ashton (dau of Arthur Ashton of Clegg)
  (i) Oliver Chadwick of Chadwick Hall (d 1621)
  m. Jane Haslam (bur 25.07.1621, dau of Edmund Haslam of Rochdale)
  (a) Roger Chadwick (d young)
  (b) John Chadwick of Chadwick Hall (d unm 30.01.1630)
(ii) Robert Chadwick
  m. Alice Gartside (dau of John Gartside of Ewood)
  (a) John Chadwick of Chadwick Hall (bpt 15.05.1591, d 17.09.1654)
  m. Sarah Trussel of Winchester
  ((1)) Jonathan Chadwick of Chadwick (b c1619)
  m1. Maria Chetham (d 17.07.1668, dau of Thomas Chetham of Nuthurst)
  ((A)) John Chadwick of Chadwick (bpt 16.09.1649, dsp)
  ((B)) Jonathan Chadwick of Chadwick (bpt 06.05.1651, dsp)
  ((C)) William Chadwick of Chadwick (dsp, 4th son)
  ((D)) Sarah Chadwick of Chadwick (bpt 27.05.1655, d unm 21.08.1722)
  ((E))+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 25.09.1659, dsp). Mary (bpt 21.06.1653, d unm bur 06.05.1716), Catharine (bpt 26.04.1657, bur 31.12.1659?)
  m2. (06.1670, sp) Catharine Chadwicke (dau/heir of Colonel Lewis Chadwicke of Movesyn Ridware, widow of Lt Col, John Chadwick of Healey Hall)
  ((2)) Mary Chadwick
  m. Mark Rider of London
  ((3)) Sarah Chadwick
  m. Edward Trussel of London
  ((4)) Catharine Chadwick
  m. Joseph Dearden of Rochdale
  ((5))+ other issue - William, John (bpt 28.10.1627), Theophilus (d unm bur 30.11.1640), Anne (bur 25.10.1636)
  (iii)+ other issue - John (bpt 24.05.1584), James of Ashworth (a 1609), Jane (bpt 24.05.1584)
  (B) James Chadwick of Newbalde
  (i) Oliver Chadwick
(C) Robert Chadwick
  (i) Oliver Chadwick (bpt 21.03.1584)
  b. Edmund Chadwyk
  m. _ Wolstonholme (dau of John Wolstonholme, son/heir of James of Wolstonholme)
  ii. Jordan Chadwyk of Spotland (d c1485)
  m. Elianore Kyrkeshagh (a 06.1481, dau of Christopher Kykrshagh of Hundersfield)
  a. John Chadwyke of Heley, Lancashire (d 1798)
  m. (1483) Alice Okeden (dau/coheir of Adam Okeden of Heley probably by Margaret, coheir of Richard Botterworth)
  (1) Thomas Chadwyke of Heley (d c1556)
  m. (c1512) Catherine Bucley (dau of James Bucley of Bucley)
  (A) John Chadwyck of Healey (b c1512, d 1603)
  m. (1574) Agnes Heywood (dau of James Heywood of Heywood)
  (B) James Chadwyck of Castellon
  (C) Elizabeth Chadwyck (bur 14.01.1607)
  m. Arthur Bently of Wood House, Spotland
  (2) James Chadwyke (priest)
  b. Ralph Chadwyke (d before 08.1515)
  m. Elsabeth Okeden (dau of Adam Okeden)
  (1) Randall Chadwyke
  c. Alan Chadwyke (d 1483)
  d. daughter
  m. John Wolstonholme of Wolstonholme
  partner unkown
  e. William Chadwyke
  iii. Hugh Chadwyk (a 1492)
  C. Isabel Chadwyk
  m. William Helde
  D. Maud Chadwyk
  m. Geffrey Newam

Main source(s): 'The History of Lancashire' (vol II, 1825) by J. Corry, Commoners (vol III, Chadwick of Mavesyn-Ridware)
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