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Families covered: Clippesby of Clippesby (Clipsbye of Clipsbye), Clipsbye of Owby

(1) We title the page using the "Clippesby" spelling of the family's name but that is somewhat arbitrary, albeit following the modern spelling of the village whence the family came. The pedigree given within BHO spells the name "Clipesby" whilst Visitation uses "Clipsbye".
(2) BHO reports that there are pedigrees showing the family going far back in time but that they are clearly faulty. BHO provides a connected pedigree descending from the first John shown below. In the text there is a confusing indication that father (or grandfather) of John was an Edmund (son of Sir Robert by Agnes, dau/heir of John de Salicibus or de Willows by Agnes, dau/coheir of William de Stalham) but that Edmund is then identified as the (later) Edmund who married Eva Caley. The first connected ancestor shown by BHO, also the first person mentioned by Visitation, is ...
John de Clipesby of Clipesby (Clipsbye of Clipsbye)
m. _ Jenney (dau of Sir John Jenney)
1. John Clipsbye of Clipsbye
  m. _ Fitz (dau of John Fitz of Norfolk)
  A. William Clipsbye of Clipsbye
  m. _ Newent (dau of Robert Newent or Newant of Norfolk)
  i. Edmund Clipsbye of Clipsbye (a 1374)
m. Eve Caylie (dau/coheir of Sir William Caylie or Caly of Owbye)
  a. John Clipsbye of Clipsbye
  m. Alice Longstrother (dau of Sir Thomas Longstrother of Cheshire)
  (1) William Clipsbye of Clipsbye
  m1. (sp) Alice Woodhouse (dau of John Woodhouse)
m2. Catherine Spilman (d 18.04.1491, dau of Henry Spilman of Stow Bydon, m2. Edmund Paston)
  (A) John Clipsbye of Clipsbye
  m. Constance Paston (dau of William Paston of Paston)
  (i) William Clipsbye of Clipsbye & Owby (d before 29.10.1541)
m. Lettice Knightley (dau of William Knightley of Norwich, m2. William Cardinal of Bromley Magna)
  (a) John Clipsbye of Clipsbye & Owby
  m. Julian Ellis (dau of Mathew Ellis of Cheshire)
  ((1)) William Clipsbye (dsp)
  m. _ Booth
  Visitation shows William as father rather than brother of Audrey & Julian. BHO shows him as their brother. The cross-references from Guybon & Crewe show Audrey & Julian as daughters of John.
((2)) Audrey Clipsbye
  m. (1600) Thomas Guybon
  ((3)) Frances Clipsbye (dsp)
  ((4)) Julian Clipsbye
  m. (1598) Sir Randall Crewe (Lord Chief Justice)
  (ii) Thomas Clipsbye
  (iii) Elizabeth Clipsbye
  m. James Amys
  (iv) Suzan Clipsbye
  m. Ed. Derham of Suffolk
  (2) Elizabeth Clipsbye possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Berney of Reedham

Main source(s): BHO ('An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk', volume 11 (1810), West Flegg hundred: Clippesby), Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Clipsbye)
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