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Families covered: Clopton of Chiperley, Clopton of Clopton, Clopton of Kentwell, Clopton of Long Melford, Clopton of Toppesfield, Clopton of Wickhambrook

The progenitor of this family is reported to be the following Guillaume Peche who accompanied the Conqueror from Normandy.
William (Guillaume) Peche of Cloptunna and Dalham (d after 1088)
m. Alfwen
1. William de Clopton of Clopton
  A. Walter de Clopton of Clopton Hall (d after 1154)
  i. Sir William de Clopton of Clopton Hall
  a. Walter de Clopton of Wickhambrook
  m. Frances Trussell (dau of Sir William Trussell)
  (1) William Clopton of Wickhambrook & Chiperley (d 1294)
  (A) Walter Clopton of Wickhambrook and Chiperley (d 1327)
  m1. Alice FitzHugh (a 1289, dau of Warin FitzHugh)
  (i) Sir William Clopton of Toppesfield (d c1376)
  m1. Amitia or Ivetta de Grey (dau of Thomas de Grey of Bokingham or Buckingham Castle)
  (a) William Clopton of Hawkedon or Hawsted
  m. _Chewyt
  ((1)) son (dsp)
  m. Frances Trussell
(b) Walter Clopton of Toppesfield
  m. Elizabeth Piggott or Peccolt
  ((1))+ 2 daughters
  (c) Edward Clopton of Newenham or Newnham Hall (d 1389)
  m. Blanche FitzEustace
  ((1)) son (dsp)
  Reported by Visitation as being sisters of Sir William but shown by the Clopton site as his daughters, which we provisionally follow having regard to the dates, were 2 sisters both called Joan or Johanna.
  (d) Johanna Clopton H
  m1. Sir Walter Walcote
  m2. Roger Beauchamp, '2nd Lord Bletsho' (d 1406) H
(e) Joan Clopton
  m. Sir Thomas Erpingham (b 1357,d 1428, Lord Marshall of England, KG)
  m2. Mary Cockerell (dau of Sir William Cockerell of Toppesfield)
  (f) Thomas Clopton
  (ii) Sir Thomas Clopton of Kentwell Hall (d c1382/3)
  m1. ??
  m2. Katharine Mylde (d 1402/3, dau of William Mylde of Clare, m2. Sir William Tendring)
(a) William Clopton of Long Melford (d 08.1446)
  m1. Margery Drury (dau of Sir Roger Drury of Rougham)
  ((1)) Alice Clopton (d 06.1440)
  m. John Harleston of Shimpling
  ((2)) Katherine Clopton
  m. John Denston 'of Denston' (son of John by _ Wanton)
  Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1566, Cheyney of Toddington) provides the following connection.
  ((A)) Anne Denston
  m. John Broughton
  ((3))+ other issue - William (dvp 10.03.1420), Margery, Anne
  m2. Margery Francis (dau of Elias Francis of Norfolk)
  ((6)) John Clopton of Long Melford & Kentwell (d before 16.11.1497)
  m. Alice Darcy (dau of Robert Darcy of Maldon)
  ((7)) Elizabeth Clopton
  m1. Sir John Gedney, Lord Mayor of London
  m2. Robert Cavendish (sergeant-at-law)
  m2. Anwett or Ivetta Weyland
  (ii) John Clopton of Chiperley
  (B)+ other issue - Adam, Clement (a 1323), William, Hugo, Robert
  b. Richard de Clopton

Main source(s): the Clopton Family Genealogical Society site within Rootsweb, Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, 'Clopton of Kentwell Hall in Long Melford')
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