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Families covered: Cramlington of Cramlington, Cramlington of Earsdon, Cramlington of Newcastle, Cramlington of Newsham

Visitation starts with the unnamed father of Sir William (of Cramlington) and George of Newsham. That father was probably living in the early 15th century. It appears that there were 'Cramlingtons of Cramlington' well before then (for example John ## mentioned here ##). We hope to find more on them in due course.
?? Cramlington of Cramlington
1. Sir William Cramlington 'of Cramlington'
  A. (Agnes) Cramlington (d 16.10.1466)
  m1. William Lawson of Cramlington (a 1425)
  m2. Thomas Harbottle of Cramlington (a 01.1465/6)
2. George Cramlington of Newsham - continued below



George Cramlington of Newsham - continued above
1. John Cramlington of Newsham (a 1453, dsp)
2. Thomas Cramlington of Newsham (a 1488)
  A. George Cramlington of Newsham
  m. (c1489) Eleanor Ogle (dau of Gawen Ogle of Choppington)
i. Thomas Cramlington of Newsham (a 07.1550)
  m. Agnes/Anne Lawson (d 30.09.1558, dau of William Lawson of Raskelf (Rascall))
  a. George Cramlington of Newsham (d 20.06.1551)
  m. Phillis Ogle (d 1606, dau of John Ogle of Ogle Castle, m2. Edward Delaval, m3. John Ogle of Belside)
  (1) Thomas Cramlington of Newsham (b c1542, d(sp) 28.03.1573)
  m. Anne Delaval (dau of Sir John Delaval of Seaton Delval, m2. Robert Lewin of Newcastle)
  (2)+ other issue (a 1551) - Geoffrey, Agnes
  b. Lancelot Cramlington of Blyth Nook, later of Newsham (b c1533, bur 14.09.1602)
  m. Mary Ogle (a 1626, dau of John Ogle of Bebside (or Cawsey))
  (1) Thomas Cramlington of Newsham (b c1591, d 28.05.1624)
  m. (c08.1600) Grace Lawson (bur 21.02.1649/50, dau of Robert Lawson of Cramlington)
  (A) Robert Cramlington of Newsham (b c1601, bur 23.01.1649/50)
  (i) Philip Cramlington of Newsham (a 1695) probably of this generation
  (a) John Cramlington (a 01.1680/1, dvp before 07.06.1695)
  m. (c10.1693) Margaret Heton of Newcastle
  (b) Henry Cramlington, last of Newsham, later in York (a 08.1723)
  m. (c05.1698) Frances Vavasour (dau of Thomas Vavasour, widow of Matthew Hammerton of Purston-Jaglin)
  (ii) Dorothy Cramlington
  (B) Elizabeth Cramlington (b before 14.09.1602)
  (C) Barbara Cramlington (b before 14.09.1602)
  m. Bertram Liddell of Heaton
  (D) Dorothy Cramlington
  m. Robert Loraine of Walker
  (2) Stephen Cramlington of Morwick (bur 12.08.1677, 3rd son)
  m. Isabella Forster of Fleetham
  (A) Lancelot Cramlington of West Hartford & Earsdon (a 03.1717/8, dsp)
  m. (23.12.1670) Jane White (dau of Captain _ White, widow of Robert Mills)
  (B) William Cramlington (d 1707-8)
  m. (c10.1691) Eleanor Blakiston (d before 15.03.1725, au of Tobias Blakiston of Newton-hall, m2. _ Sowerby)
  (i) Lancelot Cramlington of Earsdon (bpt 1662, bur 13.01.1765)
  m. Anne (bpt 29.09.1692, bur 14.05.1762, dau of William Wharriet (Wharmer?) of Birling)
  (a) Henry Cramlington of Newcastle & BIrling (b c1723, bur 03.04.1809, 2nd son)
  m. (26.04.1756) Elizabeth Watson (b c1730, bur 08.01.1804, dau of Thomas Watson of Warkworth)
((1)) Henry Cramlington, Mayor of Newcastle (b[t 26.01.1763, d 22.05.1844, 2nd son)
  ((2))+ other issue - William of Warkworth (bpt 10.08.1758, bur 27.02.1829), Lancelot of Wallbottle (bpt 24.10.1764, bur 06.01.1803), John (bpt 08.02.1769, d 12.1799), Thomas (bpt 06.09.1773, dsp), Margaret (bpt 24.10.1760, bur 14.09.1837), Elizabeth (bpt 24.11.1766, bur 15.01.1778), Anne (bpt 02.06.1772, bur 13.09.1853), Hannah (bpt 03.08.1774, bur 02.1847), Alice (bpt 27.08.1776, d by 1855)
  (b) William Cramlington, Mayor of Newcastle (bpt 25.05.1725, d 12.05.1810)
  m1. (18.05.1752) Anne Scott (b 1732-3, d 18.05.1764, dau of William Scott of Newcastle, half-sister of the Earl of Eldon & Lord Stowell)
  ((1)) William Cramlington (b 17.06.1761, d 28.12.1763)
  m2. (28.04.1772) (b 1733-4, d 23.03.1804, dau of William Lake of Benton, widow of Lewis Hick of Newcastle)
  ((2)) Anne Cramlington (b 22.12.1756, dsp 11.11.1815)
  m. (02.01.1779) Sir John Crichloe Turner (a 1786)
  ((3))+ other issue - Isabel (b 19.03.1753, d 02.03.1755), Elizabeth (b 09.01.1758, d 18.01.1758), Jane (b 17.02.1760, d 10.03.1462)
  (c) Anne Cramlington (bpt 04.04.1728)
  m. (22.04.1750) Richard Harrison of Newcastle then North Shields
  (d)+ other issue - William (bpt 21.08.1721, bur 01.04.1724), Wharrier/Wharmer (bpt 23.01.1723/4, bur 15.06.1724), Hannah (bpt 30.03.1732, bur 30.09.1733), Isabel (bpt 07.05.1734, bur 30.05.1734)
  (ii) Ralph Cramlington of London
  m. Anne Heswell (dau of Thomas Heswell of Gildon Town, widow of Richard Barker)
  (iii) Frances Cramlington
  m. Ambrose Maughling of Newcastle
  (iv)+ other issue - Blakiston (bpt 15.02.1704/5, d before 06.09.1707), Margaret (a 1708), Mary (a 1708), Isabella (a 1708)
  (C) Nicholas Cramlington (a 1694)
  (3) John Cramlington of Tynemouth then Murton (d 02.04.1666, youngest son)
  m. Rachel (bur 18.07.1648)
  (A) Elizabeth Cramlington (bpt 18.12.162)
  m. (07.01.1656/7) William Wood
  (B) Barbara Cramlington (bpt 07.06.1635)
  m. (23.10.1666) John Salkeld
  (C) Mary Cramlington (a 1708)
  m. (21.04.1645) Oliver Ogle of Backworth (d by 1708)
  (D)+ other issue - Lancelot (bpt 16.08.1631, bur 26.12.1631), Catherine (bpt 15.07.1643)
  (4) Mabel Cramlington (bur 18.04.1642)
  m. (19.06.1603) Christopher Prior of Monk Eaton
  (5) Mary Cramlington
  m. Christopher Dobson
  (6)+ other issue - James (bur 08.10.1623), Ralph (a 08.1626)
  c.+ other issue - Earnwell of Blyth Nook (a 1595), Elizabeth (a 1550)
  ii.+ other issue - Arthur, William

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 19.07.19) : Visitation (George Marshall (1878), Northumberland, 1615, 'Cramlington')
(2) For lower section (uploaded 18.07.19) : 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 9, H.H.E. Craster, 1909, 'Cramlington of Newsham', p215+)
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