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Families covered: Cresswell of Cresswell

Sir Robert de Cresswell, Northumberland (a 1240.1256)
1. Simon de Cresswell (a 1261)
  A. Roger de Cresswell (a temp King Edward I who r. 1272-1307) succeeded by ...
  i. Robert de Creswell (a 1327, 1358)
  a. Alexander de Creswell (a 1376)
  (1) John Cressell (a 1380)
  (A) George Cresswell of Cresswell (a 1509) - continued below



George Cresswell of Cresswell (a 1509) - continued above
1. Robert Cresswell
  m. Elizabeth Lumley (dau of Sir Thomas Lumley of Lumley Castle by Elizabeth, dau of King Edward IV by Elizabeth Lucy)
  A. Oswin (Oswald) Cresswell of Cresswell (d 29.07.1569)
  m1. (sp) ??
  m2. Janet Errington
  i. Margery Cresswell
  m. _ Newton
  m3. Dorothy Hedworth (dau of Sir Ralph Hedworth of Harraton by Dorothy, dau of Sir Henry Gasgoine)
  ii. John Cresswell of Cresswell (b 1562, d 29.10.1598-9)
  m. Elizabeth or Anne Wyberg (dau of Richard Wyberg of Clifton Hall, m2. Luke Errington)
  a. John Cresswell of Cresswell (b 1588, 09.01.1673)
  m. Joan
(1) William Cresswell 'of Cresswell' (b 09.01.1635, d 10.09.1698)
  m. Lilias Lewin (dau of Nicholas Lewin of Amble & Hauxley)
  (A) William Cresswell of Cresswell (d after 1748)
  (i) Robert Cresswell
  (ii) William Cresswell of Woodhorn Demesne, later of Cresswell (d 03.03.1772)
m. Grace Forster (dau of Joseph Forster of Low Buston)
  (a) John Cresswell (b 27.10.1748, d 10.01.1781)
  m. Catherine Dyer (d 30.06.1768, dau of Rev. Thomas Dyer, son of Robert of Aberglasney)
  ((1)) Frances Dorothea Cresswell (b 10.06.1768)
  m. (1787?) Francis Easterby, later Cresswell (d 08.02.1834, son of Francis of Skinningrove by sister of John Addison of Woodhorn Demesne)
  Their eldest son inherited Cresswell and assumed the name Cresswell, later Baker-Cresswell.
  ((2)) Catherine Grace Cresswell (b 10.06.1768)
  m. Birnie Brown
  (b) Catherine Cresswell (b 09.04.1729)
  m. (05.09.1754) William Johnston or Johnson of Woodhorn
  (c) Elizabeth Cresswell (b 30.12.1736, dsp 01.12.1807)
m. (1767) John Addison of Whitby & Appleton (d 01.12.1807)
  (d) Lelia or Lilia Cresswell (b 28.12.1738)
  m. Rev. Robert Sanderson of Morpeth
  ((1)) _ Sanderson (Captain RN)
  ((2)) Maria Sanderson (d 01.05.1817)
  m. (05.01.1797) Sir (George) William Leeds, Bart of Croxton Park (b 01.11.1773, d 19.07.1838)
  ((3)) Anne Sanderson
  m. William Burrell of Alnwick
  (e) Bridget Cresswell (b 14.01.1742)
  m. (05.11.1766) Sir Harry Parker, 6th Bart of Melford Hall (d 15.01.1812)
  (f) Alice Cresswell
  m1. George Smalridge (rector of Bothal)
  m2. Rev. Edward Otter
(g)+ other issue - Dorothy (d unm), Grace (d unm), Juliana (b 04.03.1740, d 07.10.1829)
  (iii) Henry Cresswell of New Windsor (d 03.03.1775)
  m. Sarah Cheslyn (dau of Richard Cheslyn)
  (B) Robert Cresswell of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  m. (c08.1700) Ann Tully ??
  (C) Henry Cresswell of Creswell
  m. (06.12.1700) Jane Wilkinson
  (D) Jane Cresswell
  m. (1688) Edward Manners of Acton
(2)+ other issue
  b.+ other issue - Jane, Isabella
  iii. Cuthbert Cresswell
  m. Margaret
  a.+ 6 children
  iv.+ other issue - Robert of Ellington, 2 daughters
2. Percival Cresswell
  m. ?? Hassall (dau of ?? Hassall of Hanklow)
  A. George Cresswel of Nunkilling in Holdernesse
  m1. Margaret Donnington (dau of John Donnington of Escrike)
  i. Ralph Cresswell (b c1564, a 1584)
  m2. Anne Swinhow (dau of William Swinhow)
  ii.+ other issue - John, Catherine, Dorothy
  B. Thomas Cresswell
  i.+ 2 sons
  C. Richard Cresswell
  i.+ 2 children
  D. Elizabeth Cresswell
3.+ other issue including Percival

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