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Families covered: Dodington of Dodington, Dodington of Horsington, Manning of Little Houghton, Marriott of Hardingstone

The progenitor of this family is reported to have been the following Adam de Conteville. We have no reason to presume he was closely connected to the Vicomte de Conteville.
Adam de Conteville (b 1154, d 1189)
m. Amelia, heiress of Dodington in Somerset (dau of Ranulph de Stringston)
1. William de Dodington
  A. William de Dodington of Dodington
  m. Agnes (dau of Simon Portbrief)
  i. Roger de Dodington of Dodington (a 1286)
  a. William de Dodington of Dodington (d 1307)
  The family site contains a pedigree which inserts a John de Dodington between William & Philip but he is not mentioned by Collinson.
  (1) Thomas de Dodington of Dodington (d before 1363)
  m. Maud Laundey (dau/coheir of Stephen Laundey by Cecilia, dau of Sir Edmund Burnel by Cecilia, sister/coheir of Sir Thomas Trivet of Durborough)
(A) Thomas de Dodington of Dodington
  m1. Beatrice Buckler (dau of John Buckler)
  (i) John Dodington of Dodington
  m. Mary Pain (dau of John Pain)
  (a) John Dodington of Dodington (b 1422, a 1484)
  m. Elizabeth Hewish (dau of Oliver Hewish or Hywich)
  The family site's pedigree inserts 2 generations between this John (& Elizabeth) and Richard (& Margaret) - a John (m. Johanna) followed by another John - neither of whom is mentioned by Collison. We compromise (!) and show one extra generation ...
  ((1)) John Dodington of Dodington
  ((A)) Richard Dodington of Dodington (bur 02.01.1558)
  m. Margaret Lyte (dau/heir of John Lyte)
  ((i)) John Dodington of Dodington (bur 14.04.1573) - contintued below
  m1. Thomasine Duland or Dillon
  m2. (23.07.1543) Jean
  ((ii))+ other issue - Richard, Giles (m. Ann)
  (b) Philip Dodington
  m2. Joan Gapphey (dau/heir of Thomas Gapphey of Gapphey)
  (ii) Philip Dodington ancestor of Dodingtons of Gapphey & Bremer (Southamptonshire) ## see here ##
2. Hugh de Dodington



John Dodington of Dodington (bur 14.04.1573) - contintued above
m1. Thomasine Duland (d c1542, dau of Thomas Duland or Dillon)
1. George Dodington of Dodington (d 1617 or bur 25.09.1620) the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. (22.10.1571) Catherine Walsh (bur 24.03.1607, dau of Robert Walsh or Welch or Walshaw, widow of _ Bickomb)
  A. John Dodington of Dodington (b 28.12.1573, bur 16.02.1617)
  The extract from Collinson's work suggests that John's wife was called Catherine but the family site's pedigree, supported by Visitation, identifies her as ...
  m. Margaret Anketell (d 1647, dau of Christopher Anketell of Stour Provost)
  i. Sir Francis Dodington of Dodington, Sheriff of Somerset (bpt 19.02.1603, a 1663)
  m1. Anne (or Alice) Hoby (dau/coheir of Sir William Hoby)
a. John Dodington (dvp 1663)
  m. Hester Temple (dau of Sir Peter Temple, Bart)
  (1) George Dodington of Dodington & Eastbury (dsp 03.1720)
  (2) Peter Dodington (b 28.02.1669, d 02.03.1669)
  (3) Mary Dodington
  m. Jeremiah Bubb (son of Jeremiah)
  (A) George Bubb, later Bubb-Dodington of Dodington, Lord Melcombe of Melcome Regis (b 1691, dsp 28.07.1762)
  m. (1725) Katherine (d 17.12.1756, Mrs. Behan)
  (4) Penelope Dodington who married ...
  m. Edmund Wyndham of Tale (d 1723)
  b. Alice Dodington (d 12.02.1630)
  m2. "a French widow"
  c.+ 2 sons
  ii. Christopher Dodington (bpt 09.06.1605, d before 16.11.1657)
  Christopher is the first mentioned by BLG1886 which, together with the article in 'The Genealogist' (which identifies him as son of John of Doddington by Margaret Anthill), provides (almost all of) the following.
  m. (24.06.1634) Mary Gouge (dau of Rev. William Gouge of Blackfriars, London)
  a. George Dodington of Lincoln's Inn & Wells (b c1648, d 31.03.1698-9)
  m. (c02.1696-7) Eleanor Butt or Bull of Shapwick
  b. William Dodington of London, later of Lambeth (b c1651, d 22.03.1708)
  m. (before 1680) Edith Rookes (d before 18.02.1714, dau of Thomas Rookes of London)
  (1) George Dodington of Horsington, Somerset (b 1680-1, dsp 14.04.1757)
  m1. Alicia Gifford (1690-1, bur 27.06.1745, dau of William Gifford of Kensington/Horsington)
  m2. (1746) Mary Benet
  (2) Rookes Dodington of Horsington (d unm 1728)
  (3) Margaret Dodington (a 1760)
  m. Charles Jackson of London (d before 20.02.1737)
  (A) Samuel Jackson, later Dodington, Sheriff of Somerset (d 05.1813)
  (i) Mary Jackson or Dodington (b 19.05.1762, dsp 30.04.1812)
  m. (20.02.1798) Francis Bushell Reaston (b c1757, d 08.1827)
  (B) Edith Jackson
m. James Brightman of London
  (C) Margaret Jackson of Newington, later of Westminster (d unm 10.09.1799)
  (4) Edith Dodington of Horsington (d unm 1729)
  (5) Elizabeth Dodington (bur 29.03.1763)
  m. (11.09.1711) Richard Sibley of Cogenhoe, Northamptonshire (d 1735)
  (A) Elizabeth Sibley (b 31.05.1715, d 17.10.1796)
  m. James Manning of Little Houghton (d 13.05.1767)
  (i) George Dodington Manning of Little Houghton (bpt 04.01.1748, d 17.11.1791)
  m. (07.04.1767) Anne Johnson (d 1831, dau of Austin Johnson of Great Houghton)
  (a) William Dodington Manning, later Dodington of Horsington (bpt 12.03.1774, d unm 22.02.1853)
  (b) George Manning of Kettering, Northamptonshire (b 24.10.1776, d 1824) had issue
  m. Sarah Garret (d 04.1849, dau of William Garret of Broughton)
  (c) James Manning of Little Houghton (b 20.03.1781, dsp 07.1848)
m. Elizabeth Monk (dsp 16.02.1843, dau of Samuel Monk of Little Houghton)
  (d) Charles Manning of Beckenham, Kent (b 11.05.1784, d 08.1834) had issue
  m. (1814) Elizabeth Searle of Walworth (d c1835)
  (e) Austin Manning (a 1853, d unm?)
  (f) Martha Manning b 17.04.1769, d 06.1848)
  m. John Marriott of Hardingstone, Northamptonshire (d 02.1817)
  ((1)) John Marriott of Hardingstone (b 27.10.1798, a 1853, d unm?, 2nd son)
  ((2)) Thomas Marriott, later Marriott-Dodington of Horsington (b 14.12.1803, d 22.03.1876, cleric) had issue
  m. (03.08.1837) Elizabeth Bird Phelps (dau of Rev. Thomas Spencer Phelps of Maperton)
  ((3)) Harriet Marriott (dsp 02.1839)
  m. (11.1834) John Brothers
  ((4))+ other issue - George (b 07.06.1796, d 07.09.1841), William (b 04.08.1808), Elizabeth (b 05.02.1801, a 1853, d unm?)
  (ii)+ other issue (a 1762) - James, William, Elizabeth, Mary
  (6) Sarah Dodington
m. (before 1728) _ Mason
  (7) Mary Dodington (a 1757)
  m. William Overvman of Streatham (d before 10.02.1748)
  c. Margaret Dodington
  m. (01.01.1670-1) John Davis
  d.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Mary, Anne
  iii. Margaret Dodington (bpt 08.02.1606)
  m. (08.10.1622) John St. Alban
  iv. Mary Dodington (bpt 03.03.1601)
  m. (13.10.1628) Thomas Freke
  v. Katherine Dodington (bpt 08.02.1606)
  m. (William) Coward
vi. Elizabeth Dodington (bpt 19.02.1608)
  m. _ Surway
  vii. Florence Dodington (bpt 09.04.1610)
  m. (08.02.1634-5) Lawrence St. Lo
  viii. Susan Dodington (bpt 07.04.1611)
  m. _ Baughton
  ix.+ other issue - Elizabeth (bpt 27.01.1607, d 1607), Anne (bpt 17.03.1616)
B. George Dodington or Doddington of Loxton, Somerset (bpt 10.05.1581, a 1623, 3rd son)
  m. Anne Hopkins (widow of _ Bowman or Boreman)
  i. George Dodington or Doddington (b c1619, a 1623)
  C. Thomazin Dodington (bpt 09.03.1576, a 1612)
  m1. (10.10.1599) John Hippesley
  m2. John Smithes
  D. Richard Dodington
  i.+ issue - Hugh, Anastatius, Agas, Johanna
  E.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 23.11.1577), Humphrey, Egidius (Giles), Nicholas
2. Robert Dodington (d before 01.07.1598)
3. Mary Dodington
  m. Humphrey Copleston
m2. (23.07.1543) Jean
4. Richard Dodington (bpt 29.04.1546)
  A.+ issue - John, Agas
5. Humphrey Dodington (bpt 18.12.1561, bur 01.12.1594)
  m. Dorothy Bird (dau of Thomas Bird)
  A. John Dodington (bpt 08.11.1591)
6. Giles Dodington (bpt 10.01.1562)
  m. (23.07.1592) Margaret Luttrell
  A. Andrew Dodington
7.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 07.07.1555), Bartholomew (bpt 16.09.1556), John (bpt 24.05.1558, bur 21.01.1559), Agas (bpt 29.03.1545), Alice (bpt 10.08.1552), Grace (bpt 01.04.1554, bur 07.07.1559), Margaret (bpt 23.01.1559)

Main source(s):
(1) the family web site at www.dodingtonfamily.org which contains (inter alia) a page of text apparently transcribed from pp 518-520 of Collinson's 'History of Somerset' (1791), which follows the main line 'of Dodington', plus a pedigree which covers that main line plus the Horsington line whilst adding some data about some of the younger children
(2) input as reported above from BLG1886 (Marriott-Dodington of Horsington) and a (very) little support from Visitation (Somerset, 1623, Dodington & Visitation (Somerset & Bristol, 1672, Dodington of Lincoln's Inn)
(3) 'The Genealogist' (vol 1 (1877), 'Pedigree of Marriott-Dodington of Horsington', p81) 185
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