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Families covered: Doig of Ballingrew, Doig in Gargunnock, Doig of Kilmadock, Doig in Murdieston

The Doig website reports that "The name Dog, or Doig, is derived from the Celtic "Gille Doc," or servant of Saint Cadoc or Cadog."
Walter Doig of Killmadock, Perthshire (b c1365)
1. John Doig of Killmadock
  A. Walter Doig of Kilmadock (d 1478, Chamberlain of Menteith)
  m. Elizabeth Nory (dau of Alexander Nory)
  i. John Doig of Kilmadock (b c1445, d 02.04.1502)
  m. Margaret MacAlpine (d 07.1546)
  a. Walter Doig of Ballingrew (d 1569)
  (1) Alexander Doig of Ballingrew (d 1583 or 1588)
  m. (c1548) Christian Gourlay
(A) James Doig of Ballingrew (b 1551/2, d 13.04.1620)
  m. Catheirne Dow
  (i) James Doig of Ballingrew (b c1595, d 06.1624)
  (a) Elspet Doig (bpt 07.11.1623, d infant)
  (ii) David Doig of Ballingrew (b c1598, d before 28.12.1697)
m. Marion Doig (b c1602, dau of James Doig of Gartincaber)
  (a) Paul Doig of Ballingrew (b c1630, d 06.1685)
  m1. Jean Buchanan (d 1679)
  ((1)) Paul Doig (bpt 27.05.1669, d infant)
  ((2)) Marion Doig (b 1671)
  m. John McCulloch
  m2. (30.12.1679) Margaret Drummond (a 1711, dau of David Drummond (2nd) of Innermay by Helen Chisholm)
((3)) David Doig of Ballingrew (bpt 22.03.1679, bur 04.03.1703)
  ((4)) Jean Doig (bpt 22.01.1681, d before 1701)
  ((5)) Elizabeth Doig (b 1683, a 1719)
  m. Hugh McFarlane of Keuthtoune (son of James of Kirkyon by Mary Keith)
  (b) John Doig (bpt 07.03.1647, youngest son)
  m. Mary Drummond
  (c) Christian Doig
  m1. John Graham of Meiklewood (bpt 08.03.1636, d 1664, son of John of Meiklewood by Christian Henderson)
  m2. (08.04.1667) John Stirling (2nd) of Kippendavie (son of Archibald of Kippendavie by Jean Muschet)
  (d) Elizabeth Doig (bpt 26.12.1643, d 1689)
  m. John Drummond (8th) of Deanston (son of Harie of Deanston by Helen Atcheson)
  (e)+ other issue - John (bpt 24.03.1633, d infant), David (bpt 20.07.1634)
  (B) Walter Doig in Murdieston (d 1631)
  m. Elizabeth Buchanan
  (i) John Doig in Murdieston (b c1596, d by 1650)
  m. Margaret Graham (dau of Walter Graham of Meiklewood by Margaret Muschet)
  (a) John Doig in Murdieston (bpt 24.09.1636, d 1697)
  m. (1659) Elizabeth Napier (bpt 12.02.1637, d 1704, dau of Alexander Napier)
  ((1)) Walter Doig (b c1664)
  m1. (1697) Euphemia Gedd
((A)) John ('Long John') Doig (bpt 06.04.1709)
  m1. (05.06.1729) Elizabeth Harvie (b pt 26.01.1710, dau of James Harvie by Marion Milne)
  ((i)) James Doig in Gargunnock (bpt 26.10.1740, d 1804)
  m1. Hannapele McGregor of Kippen
  ((a)) John Doig in Gargunnock (bpt 31.10.1766, d 05.12.1826)
  m. (01.03.1799) Janet Touch (d 28.08.1820)
  (((1)))+ issue - Alexander (b 1800, d 09.01.1867), Margaret (b 1801/2, d 05.04.1847), Janet (bpt 22.07.1804)
  m2. (22.09.1766) Margaret Stirling (bpt 28.10.1733, d before 1804, dau of William Stirling (of Bargunnock?) by Margaret Bowie)
  ((b)) James Doig (bpt 25.07.1767)
  m3. Agnes Stirling (bpt 05.03.1732, dau of William Stirling by Margaret Bowie)
  ((ii)) Janet Doig (bpt 06.05.1736, d before 1793)
  m. Andrew Doig (b 1715, d 1788/1793, son of Paul by Elizabeth Ferguson)
  ((iii)) Jean Doig (bpt 18.06.1738)
  m. (31.12.1757) Peter Cullins
  m2. Elizabeh (Beatrix) Moir (b c1720)
  ((iv))+ other issue - John (bpt 12.12.1757), Walter (bpt 06.04.1760), David (bpt 22.08.1762), Paul (bpt 12.05.1765), Ann (bpt 20.12.1748), Isabel (bpt 10.04.1751)
  m2. (23.08.1717) Janet Robertson (EITHER bpt 05.03.1696)
  Janet is identified as possibly EITHER bpt 05.03.1696, dau of Archibald Robertson by Agnes Mitchell OR bpt 10.12.1698, dau of Walter Robertson by Janet Archibald.
  ((B)) Archibald Doig (bpt 29.06.1722)
((C)) Paul Doig (bpt 14.07.726)
  m. (06.01.1750) Elizabeth McAllister (b c1729, dau of Robert McAllister)
  ((i)) Paul Doig (b 11.06.1758)
  m. (08.12.1781) Elizabeth Doig (bpt 08.06.1759, dau of Andrew Doig by Janet Doig)
  ((a)) Paul Doig (bpt 05.03.1786) had issue
  m. (20.05.1814) Janet Thomsson (d before 1841, probably b 01.10.1794, dau of William Thomson by Marion)
  ((b)) John Doig (bpt 13.12.1789, d 20.09.1857, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (12.12.1832) Janet FcFarlane (b 11.06.1808, d 08.1838)
  ((c)) Robert Doig (b 07.03.1797, d 06.09.1858, 5th son) had issue
  m. Isabella Doig (b 24.05.1804, dau of John Doig by Janet Buchanan)
  ((d)) James Doig (b 21.12.1798, d 13.09.1857) had issue
  m. Jane McGregor (b c1802)
  ((e)) Janet Doig (bpt 05.01.1784)
  m. (03.07.1801) William Mackison or Maxwell (possibly bpt 23.10.1774, son of George Maxwell by Margaret McNee)
  ((f))+ other issue - Andrew (bpt 23.12.1787), Walter (b 03.02.1792, d 1798/1800), Elizabeth (b 12.03.1794), Walter (b 11.12.1800), Janet (b 11.09.1803)
  ((ii)) John Doig in Philadelphia (bpt 29.04.1764, d 03.1821, 3rd son)
  m. (18.04.1795) Isabella Elder of Balquidder (b c1775, a 1821)
  ((a)) Thomas Doig (b 1809/10, youngest son) had issue in Philadelphia
  m. Betty (b 1811/2 in Ireland)
  ((b))+ other issue - Paul, John, 2 daughters
  ((iii)) Andrew Doig (of Kipppen?) (bpt 19.04.1767, a 1841)
  m. (15.09.1793) Susanna Elder of Balquidder (b c1772, d before 1841)
  ((a)) Paul Doig of Glasgow (b 13.07.1794, d 28.11.1858) had issue
  m. (09.06.1826) Jean Forsyth (b 06.01.1799, d 15.10.1863, dau of William Forsyth by Marion Gray)
  ((b)) John Doig (bpt 17.03.1810 (sb 1801?), d 1843/1851, youngest son) had issue
  m. Agnes Ewing (d 09.01.1875)
  ((c))+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 10.07.1796), John (bpt 26.08.17698, d 1798/1800), William (bpt 26.08.1798), John (bpt 11.05.1800, d 1800/10), Marjory (bpt 09.10.1803), Susannah (bpt 08.09.1805)
  ((iv)) Ebenezer Doig (bpt 18.12.1774, d before 1841, youngest son) had issue
  m. (04.04.1802) Janet Connel (d 12.03.1860)
  ((v)) Elizabeth Doig (bpt 20.02.1751)
  m. (13.11.1773) James Murdoch
  ((vi)) Janet Doig (bpt 15.04.1753, d 07.03.1795)
  m. (15.07.1769) Robert Thomson (bpt 03.10.1744, d 09.12.1832, son of Alexander)
  ((vii)) Catherine Doig (bpt 30.05.1756)
  m. (03.12.1779) George Paterson (of Stirling?) (bpt 23.11.1746, son of John by Elizabeth Hendrie)
  ((viii))+ other issue - Robert (bpt 21.069.1760, d 1760/1769), Robert (bpt 31.12.1769), Margaret (bpt 06.12.1761)
  ((D)) Jean Doig (bpt 03.07.1718)
  m. (15.03.1744) James Shaw (son of James by Jean Murdoch)
  ((E)) Ann Doig (bpt 01.05.1720)
  m. (01.07.1739) Hugh McCulloch
  ((2)) Paul Doig (bpt 08.08.1670)
  ((A)) Paul Doig
  ((B)) Elizabeth Doig (b c1700)
  m. John Robinson (bpt 05.08.1688, son of Andrew by Ann Paterson)
  ((3)) Helen Doig (b c1661)
  m. John Maxwell of Murdieston (d 1701)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Doig
  m. (03.08.1699) Mungo Muschet (bpt 11.11.1669, son of Alexander by Margaret Henderson)
  ((5)) Margaret Doig (b 1671, d 08.1742)
  m. (01.11.1710) Rev. Stephen Paton (d 01.1755)
(b)+ other issue - David (bpt 26.07.1646), Elpset (bpt 05.04.1627), Jealls (bpt 01.12.1631), Catherine (bpt 02.03.1634), Janet (b c1640), Margaret (bpt 30.10.1642)
  (C) Margaret Doig (d before 1632) possibly married to ...
  m. John Aissone (a 1632, minister in Kincardine)
  (i) Margaret Aissone (d 1632)
  (2)+ other issue - John (a 1564), Archibald, Dionis (d 1563)
  ii. James Doig of Dunrobin (b c1449, d 1526/1532)
  m. Margaret
  iii.+ other issue - Walter, Alexander (Canon of Inchmahome), Patrick
2. Sir Thomas Doig (b c1400, a 1478)
3. Patrick Doig
  A. Walter Doig (b c1440)
  m. Jonet
  i. Andrew Doig of Newlyle, Angus (d c1589) possibly of this generation
  m. Elizabeth Lyng
  B. Alice Doig

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