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Families covered: Dunne of Ard, Dunne of Brittas, O'Doinn of Castlebrack, O'Doinn of Iregan (Hy Regain), Doyne of Kilcavan, O'Doyne (O'Doinn) of Park

Rory O'Doinn, Chief of I-Regan (d 1427)
1. Lenagh O'Doinn of Castlebrack (Queen's Co.), Chief of I-Regan
  m. _ O'Nellan
  A. Teig O'Doinn, Chief of I-Regan (Iregan)
  m1. Ellen (dau of "Lord Power")
  i. Teig (Oge) O'Doinn, Chief of Iregan (Hy-Regain) the first mentioned by BLG1886
m1. Gormla or Gormley (dau of O'Connor Faile)
  a. Teigh (Reogh) or Thady O'Doinn of Iregan (a 10.1551) this generation omitted by BLG1886
  m. _ McMorrish
  (1) Thady (or Teige Oge) O'Doinn of Tenehinch & Castlebrack (a 1601)
  m. Elizabeth FitzGerald (dau of James FitzGerald of Ballysonan)
  (A) Teigh (Logha) or Thady O'Doyne of Castlebrack (b 1557, d 28.10.1637)
  m1. (div) Margaret O'Neill (dau of Shane O'Neill, m2. Cuconaght Magure)
  (i) Teigh (reogh) or Thady O'Duinne or O'Doyne (in Dublin)
BLG1912 (Dunne of Brittas) shows that Teigh dsp(vp) before 1635. However, BLGI1912 (Doyne of Wells) reports that he had issue by ...
  m. Maud Byrne (dau of James Byrne)
  m2. Ellis FitzGerald (dau of Redmond FitzGerald of Clonboig)
  (ii) William O'Doyne of Park (dvp 12.1635, 4th son?)
  m. Mary FitzGerald (dau of Walter FitzGerald of Glassealy)
  (a) Edward O'Doyne or Dunne 'of Castlebrack' (b 08.1619, a 1637) who appears to have married ...
  m. Mary Barnewall (dau of John Barnewall of Athronan)
  (b)+ other issue - James, William, Oliver, Bridget, Mary, Anne
  (iii)+ other issue - Edmund/Edward (dvpsp before 1635), John (dvpsp before 1635), Richard (vicar general of Kildare), Jame , Rory/Roger (a 1635), Torlough, others (d infant)
  (B) Cormac O'Doyne of Balleskenagh & Lisnarode
  BLG1886 identifies Cormack as "of Tyrtin Shine and Rosboyne" and reports that he had 4 sons: Donald, Donough, Art and Owney. We follow BLGI1912.
  m1. _ O'Molloy
(i) Donal O'Doyne
  m2. Johanna O'Carroll (dau of Sir William O'Carroll, m1. John Bourke, Baron of Leitrim)
  (ii) Cormac oge O'Doyne
  m. _ Purcell
  (iii) Ellis O'Doyne
  (C) Brian or Barnaby O'Doyne (d 23.12.1614)
  m. Margaret O'Molloy (dau of Fergananim O'Molloy)
  (i) Brian or Barnaby oge O'Doyne or Dunn of Brittas, Sheriff of Queen's Co. (b 1590/9, d 07.11.1661) - continued below
  m. Sybella (Elizabeth) Pigott (d 1669, dau of Sir Robert Piggott of Dysart)
  (ii)+ other issue - Donogh, Art Failie, Phelim, George, Daniel, Garrett, Margaret, Katherine, Ellen, Elizabeth
  (D) Cahir or Charles O'Doinn or Dunn (d unm 17.05.1617, Captain of Iregan, Vice Chancellor of Dublin University)
  (E) Murtogh O'Doyne
  (F) Grany O'Doyne
  m. Brian Fitzpatrick (soon of Florence, Baron of Upper Ossory)
  (G) daughter
  m. Calvagh O'Molloy
  (H) daughter
  m. Mulrony O'Carroll
(2) Torlogh or Terence O'Doinn of Kilcavan in Queen's County (a 1601)
  BLG1886 shows Terence as 2nd son of Teig O'Doinn by Gormley. The following is supported by BLGI1912 (Dunne of Kilcoony).
  (A) John Doyne of Kilcavan (d 18.12.1636)
  m1. Margaret Dempsey (dau of Lisagh or Laoighsigh Dempsey of Deskert)
  (i) Terence Doyne of Kilcavan then Ard (Queen's Co.) (d 1680)
  m. Margaret Byrne
  (a) John Dunne of Ard (d 1726)
  ((1)) Terence Dunne of Ard (d 1774)
  m. Jane Esmonde (dau of Laurence Esmonde of Ballynastragh)
  ((A)) Terence Dunne of Ard (dsp)
  ((B)) Laurence Dunne of Ard (d 1804)
  m. Mary Kennan (d 1806, dau of Patrick Kennan of Ballinamoney)
  ((i)) James Dunne of Ard & Bellview, "last Sovereign of Portarlington" (b 1766, d 1842)
  m1. Catherine (b 1769, d 1825, dau of Marie Mosell)
  ((a)) John Henry Dunne (b 1790, d 27.08.1863, rector of Dunshaughlin) had issue
  m. Augusta Bockett (d 07.01.1862, dau of John Bockett of Berkshire)
  ((b)) Isabella Dunne (b 1792, d 1848)
  m. Henry Cary (Commander RN)
  ((c)) Catherine Dunne (b 1800)
  m. George Hare (Chaplain of the Royal Hospital in Dublin)
  ((d))+ other issue - Letetia (b 1794, d 1873), Mary Eliza (b 1806, d 1891), Alice Anne Margaret (b 1807, d 1883), Jane (b 1808, d 1886), Charlotte (b 1810, d 1888)
  m2. Lucy Hodgson
  ((ii)) John Dunne (b 1768)
  m. _ Lawtin (dau of _ Lawtin of Kilkenny)
  ((a))+ issue - James, John
  ((iii)) Laurence Dunne (b 1782, Major) had issue
  m. Sophia Disney (dau of James Disney)
  ((iv)) Jane Dunne (b 1773)
  m. _ Tarlton
  ((v)) Mary Dunne (b 1777)
  m. _ Kelly
  ((vi)) Catherine Dunne (b 1779)
  m. _ Fitzgerald
  (ii) Eleanor Doyne
  m. Christopher Hussey of Hutton
  (iii) Sarah Doyne
  m. Lisagh Molloy
  (iv)+ other issue - Antony, John, Ellen
  m2. Helena MacDonnell (dau of Capt. Hugh MacDonnell of Tenekill)
  (vii) Margaret Doyne
  m. William Stephens of Queen's Co.
  (viii)+ other issue - Edmund, Thomas, Mary
  b. Edmund O'Doinn of Park
  BLG1886 omits Edmund and shows Owen of Park as 3rd son of Teig O'Doinn by Gormley.
  (1) Owen O'Doinn of Park (a 1581)
  (A) Mortagh O'Doinn (a 1601)
  (B) Dermot O'Doinn (a 1601)
  (i) Rory O'Doinn (a 1601)
  (2) Lenagh O'Doinn (a 1581)
  (A) Cahir O'Doinn (a 1601)
  (3) Edmund reogh O'Doinn (a 1581)
  (4) Shane O'Doinn
  (A) Shane O'Doinn
  c.+ other issue - Brien (dsp), Dermot
  m2. Giles (dau of MacGillepatrick of Upper Ossory)
  e. Donogh O'Doinn
  (1) Murtogh O'Doinn of Cowlebohelaine (a 1601)
  (A)+ issue (a 1601) - Donogh, Brian, Shane, Rory, Dermot, Lisagh
  f.+ other issue - Cormac, Cahir, Dermot
  ii. Rory O'Doinn
  iii. Edmundboy O'Doinn
  a. Donough MacEdmundboy (a 1569)
  m2. _ (dau of the Earl of Kildare)
  iv.+ other issue - Shane, Cahir
  B. Falie O'Doinn



Brian or Barnaby oge O'Doyne or Dunn of Brittas, Sheriff of Queen's Co. (b 1590/9, d 07.11.1661) - continued above
m. Sybella or Elizabeth Pigott (d 1669, dau of Sir Robert Piggott of Dysart, widow of Richard Cosby of Stradbally)
1. Cahir or Charles Dunne of Brittas (d 1680)
  m. Margaret Coghlan (d 07.1696, sister of John Coghlan of Birr)
A. Terrence Dunne of Brittas (d Aughrim 1691, Captain)
  m. (1676) Margaret Byrne (d 1722, dau of Daniel Byrne, sister of Sir Gregory, 1st Bart of Timogue)
  i. Daniel Dunne of Brittas (b 1678, d 1738)
  m. (1703) Margaret Nugent (dau/coheir of Maj. Gen. William Nugent, son of Richard, 2nd Earl of Westmeath)
  a. Mary Dunne
  m. John Hussey (dsp)
  b. Alice Dunne
  m. (1720) Nicholas Plunkett of Dunsoghly
  (1) Margaret Plunkett (coheir)
m. (10.08.1760) Francis Dunne of Brittas @@ below
  ii. Charles Dunne (b 1769, dsp)
  iii. Barnaby Dunne of Rathleen, King's Co. (d 1723)
  m. Mary Molloy
a.+ issue - Mary, Margaret
  iv. Edward Dunne of Brittas (d 18.07.1765)
  m. (1730) Margaret Wyse (dau of Francis Wyse of St. John by Mary, dau of Thomas Masterson of Castletown)
  a. Francis Dunne of Brittas (d 28.07.1765)
  m. (10.08.1760) Margaret Plunkett (dau/coheir of Nicholas Plunkett of Dunsoghly Castle by Alice, dau/coheir of Daniel Dunne) @@ above
  (1) Edward Dunne of Brittas, Sheriff of Queen's/King's Co. (b 21.10.1763, d 24.10.1844, General) had issue
  m. (28.07.1801) Frances White (d 02.12.1856, dau of Simon White of Bantry House, sister of Richard, 1st Earl of Bantry)
  (2) Alice Dunne
  m. (08.1782) Henry Osborn of Dardistown Castle
  (3) Margaret Dunne (d 1826)
  m. (1811) Ambrose O'Ferrall of Balyna
  (4)+ other issue - Francis (dsp 1844, Colonel), Nicholas, Frances (d unm), Katherine (d unm)
  b. Anastasia Dunne
  m. (24.12.1751) Charles Whyte of Leixlip
  c. Juliana Dunne
  m. _ O'Carroll
  d.+ other issue - Barnaby (dsp), Margaret, Mary
  v. Dorothy Dunne
  m. Arthur Molloy of Gurtacor
  B. Mary Dunne
  m. (1683) Philip Molloy of King's Co.
  C. Clare Dunne
  m. Owen Carroll of Kilmanman
  D.+ other issue - Edward (dsp), Barnaby, John (Captain), Charles of Ballynakill (d before 30.04.1681), Daniel, Peggy, Polly

Main source(s): BLGI1912 (Dunne of Brittas), BLG1886 (Dunne of Brittas)
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