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Families covered: Egioke of Egioke, Esdaile of Cothelestone, Esdaile of Great Gaines, Esdaile of London, Edgbury (Edisbury or Eddisbury) of Pentreland, Eyton of Gaddesby

Thomas Egyoke or Egioke of Egioke, Worcestershire
m. Elizabeth Morgan
1. Humphrey Egyoke or Egioke of Egioke
  m. Margaret More (dau of Henry More or Moore)
A. John Egioke of Egioke
  m. Anne Huband (dau of Nicholas Huband or Husband of Ippesley)
  i. Sir Francis Egioke of Egioke (d 22.11.1622)
  m. Ellinor Dynley (dau of Francis Dynley of Chorlton)
  a. Anne Egioke
  m. Foulk Knottesford of Stodley
  b. Elizabeth Egioke
  m. Phillip Barcrofte (Bearcroft) of Meregreene
  c. Mary Egioke
  m. William Liggon of Madersffeld (b c1612, d 29.01.1680)
  d. Ellinor Egioke
  m. George Savage of Tidmington
e. Frances Egioke
  m. Martin Sandes of Ombersley
  f.+ other issue - John (d young), John of Lincoln's Inn (a 1635), George, Edward, Marcye (d young)
  ii. Dorothy Egioke
  iii. Elizabeth Egioke
  m1. _ Channell
  m2. _ Abbotts, Bishop of Sarum
  iv. Mary Egioke (d 19.01.1630)
  m1. Sir Francis Leake of Derbyshire
  m2. (sp) Sir Gervas Clifton of Clifton
  B. Richard Egioke (4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Sheldon (dau of Baldwyn Sheldon of Brodway)
  C. Joane Egioke
  m. Thomas Morgan
  D.+ other issue - Thomas, Henry



The progenitor of the following family was "a French Protestant (who) fled to England on the revocation of the Edict of Nantz (Nantes)" in 1685. Some web sites, including Wikipedia ("Sir James Esdaile"), suggest that this progenitor was Baron D'Esdaile whereas Commoners merely refers to the following as "descended from an honourable house, then represented by the Baron d'Estaile".
_ D'Estaile (a 1685)
1. (Pierre or Peter?) D'Estaile or Esdaile possible name found on a web site
A. Sir James Esdaile of Great Gaines (Essex), Lord Mayor of London (b c1714, d 1793)
  m1. Mary Jennings
  i. Peter Esdaile of Great Gaines (dsp)
  m. Frances Humphries
  ii. Louisa Esdaile
  m. Sir Benjamin Hammet (MP)
  iiii. daughter
m1. Bond Hopkins
  m2. _ Burdett (Captain)
  m2. Mary Mayor
  iv. James Esdaile
  The following is supported by MGH (NS2, vol 1 (1886), 'Rickards, Hadfield, and Fremeaux Families', p211).
  m. (28.02.1775) Susannah Hadfield (b 1752) dau of John Hadfield of Manchester)
  a. James Esdaile
  m. Amelia Kennedy (b 07.1776)
  (1) Edward Esdaile (3rd son)
  m. _ Kennedy (cousin)
  (2) Amelia Esdaile
  m. Walter Venning
  (3)+ issue - James (d unm), John (cleric), Peter, Anne
  b. Joseph Esdaile (4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Garratt or Garrrett
  (1) daughter
  c. Benjamin Esdaile
  m. Charlotte Williams
  d. Elizabeth Esdaile (b 19.11.1778)
  m. Robert Burkett Wyatt
  (1)+ 6 sons + 2 daughters
e.+ other issue (d unm) - John, Peter, Susanna
  v. Joseph Esdaile
  m. Penelope Wilkinson
  a. son (cleric)
  vi. William Esdaile of London (banker)
  The following is supported by BLG1952 ('Esdaile of Cothelestone').
m. Elizabeth Jeffries (dau of Edward Jeffries)
  a. Edward Jeffries Esdaile of Cothelestone House, Sheriff of Somerset (b 06.04.1785, d 25.02.1867) had issue
  m. (10.04.1809) Eliza Drake (d 22.04.1862, dau/heir of Clement Drake of Taunton)
  b. Mary Esdaile
  m. _ Richardson
  c. Louisa Esdaile
  m. Robert Werter
  d. Caroline Esdaile (d 07.10.1860)
  m. (02.03.1824) Rees Goring Thomas of Llanon
  e.+ other issue - Henry, Emma
  vii. John Esdaile
  m. Mary Humphries (sister of Frances)
  a. Mary Esdaile
  m. George Stubbs
  (1)+ issue - son (d unm), 3 daughters



Richard Wilkinson ("born at Edgebury, co. Chester")
m. Anne Crowfoote (m2. James Calveley of Cheshure)
1. Richard Wilkinson, later Edgbury (a 1619)
2. Robert Wilkinson, later Edgbury of Merwhile, Denbighshire
  m. Jane Kenrick (dau of _ Kenrick (alias Roberts) by Rose Stanley of Harden)
  A. Kenrick Edgbury or Edisbury ('of Harwich'?) of Deptford, Kent (a 1619)
m. Mary Harding (dau/heir of Edmund Harding of Rochester)
  i. John Edgbury (Edisbury or Eddisbury) 'of Pentreland' (b 1607)
  m. Martha Downing (dau of John Downing of Limehouse & Chatham)
  a. Joshua Edgbury 'of Pentry yr Claud'
  m. (Grace) Delves (dau of Sir Henry Delves, sister of Sir Thomas of Doddington)
  b. Mary Edgbury or Edisbury
  m. Robert Owen of Woodhouses (b c1633, d 1696)
  c.+ other issue - John, Martha, Grace (d unm)
  ii. Richard Edgbury or Edisbury 'of London'
  m. Marian (or Anne) Bickley (dau of Sir Francis Bickley of Norfolk, Bart)
  iii. Mary Edgbury or Edisbury possibly of this generation
  m. Nathaniel Cooper, later Cooper-Leman, of Norwich & Plymouth
  a. Grace Cooper, later Cooper-Leman (b c1707, bur 13.01.1766, heir)
  m. (19.04.1742) Sir Frederick Rogers of Wisdome & Blachford, 4th Bart (bpt 1716, d 06.1777)



Nichols identifies the Eyton arms of this family, quartered with those of Hussey & Derby, as "Or, a frett Azure".
Richard Eyton of Perie, Staffordshire
m. Mary Brasbridge (dau of Willim Brasbridge)
1. Edward Eyton, later of Gaddesby
  m. Elizabeth Derby (dau/heir of Lebbeus Derby of Gaddesby by Anne Digby)
  A. Simon Eyton of Gaddesby and of Eyton (Salop) (a 1608)
  m. Mary Ashby (dau of Thomas Ashby of Loseby)
  i. Anne Eyton
  m. Henry Pilkington of Borough, later of Gaddesby (son of Robert by dau/heir of Singleton of Lanashire)
  a. Henry Pilkington of Gaddesby (b c1607)
  m. Mary Heyrick (b 1608, dau of Rev. Tobias Heyrick of Houghton, son of alderman Robert of Leicester)
  b.+ other issue (a 1619) - William (b c1611), Robert (b c1613), Thomas (b c1615)
  B. Anthony Eyton of Gaddesby (a 1619)
  m. _ Grey of Newtown
  i.+ issue (a 1619) - Isaac (b c1605), Damaris, Apula, Priscilla, Deborah

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