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Families covered: Foster of Brickhill, Foster of Egham, Foster in Jamaica, Foster-Barham of Trecoon (Trecwn)

The connection provided for the following John is as given in www.airgale.com.au/foster/d5.htm (with thanks to a contributor (LW, 15.03.09) for bringing this to our attention). However, we note that BLG1952, which starts with this John, makes no reference at all to his ancestry whilst BLG1886 (in which John is the first mentioned also) starts with the note that "Ths family claims to be descended from the ancient and distinguished house of Forster or Foster, of Etherstone Castle, Lucker, and Bamborough Castle, Northumberland." Commoners, which was published in 1838, starts as follows: "There is strong presumptive evidence of the descent of this family from the Fosters of Bamborough Castle, in Northumberland, but the link of connexion has not been precisely ascertained." Commoners reports that it was the (unnamed) father of the John who died in 1731 who was the one who joined Penn & Venables's 1655 expedition to Jamaica but BLG1866 & BLG1952 report that it was the following John, grandfather of that later John. It seems probable that this family has been subjected to some serious research since Commoners was published. With no disrespect to the airgate site, but to be consistent with our view of reducing our reliance on other web sites, we show in italics the data (other than dates) obtained from that site.
John Foster of Egham (Surrey), later in Jamaica (bpt 09.04.1618, d 23.03.1677, Captain)
m. Elizabeth
1. Thomas Foster in Jamaica (b c1651, d 1692, Captain)
  m. Mary (d 18.01.1717)
  A. John Foster of Egham & Jamaica (b 28.07.1681, d 30.08.1731, Colonel, 2nd son)
  m. (1710) Elizabeth Smith of Barbados (d 05.1735, m2. Henry Barham of Jamaica)
  i. Thomas Foster in Jamaica & Egham (b 1720, dsp after 07.04.1762, MP)
  m. (06.1741) Mary Helden (b 1726, d 1776, dau of John Helden)
ii. William Foster (b 18.04.1722, d 31.10.1768)
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth Vassall or Vassell (b 1725, dau of John Vassall of Jamaica)
  m2. (08.02.1743) Dorothy Gale (b 1726, dau of Isaac Gale of Acomb & Jamaica)
  a. Thomas Foster of Jamaica & Grove House in Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshire (b 19.08.1752, d 1822)
  m1. (1775) Deborah Senior (dau of Christopher Senior)
  (1) Elizabeth Deborah Foster
  m. Sir Thomas Ussher (d 1848, Admiral)
  (2) Maria Catherine Foster (dsp)
m. William Pennefather
  (3) Dorothy Valeria Foster
  m1. _ Fergus (Captain RN)
  m2. Robert Strong
  m3. Baron Eisendecker
  (4) Emma Louisa Keith Foster
  m. James Esdaile Hammet
  (5)+ other issue (d unnm) - Thomas, William
  m2. Elizabeth Overend (d 1845)
  (7) Marianne Foster
m. Hermann von Zezschwitz (Captain, cousin)
  (8) Harriet Foster (d 1872)
  m. Robert Edward von Zezschwitz (Royal Chamberlain, Major)
  b. Frederick William Foster in Jamaica, Bishop (b 01.08.1760, d 12.04.1835, Bishop of the Moravian Chuich)
  m. (15.05.1791) Anna Louisa Eleanora La Trobe (d 24.07.1824, dau of Benjamin La Trobe "of a noble refugee family from Languedoc")
  (1) John Frederic Foster of Jamaica & Kempston (Bedfordshire) (b 18.06.1795, d 09.04.1858) had issue
  m. (13.05.1817) Caroline Bagshawe (d 19.05.1874, dau of Sir William Chambers Bagshawe of Oaks & Wormhill Hall)
  (2) William Foster of Hazlehurst and/or Ockbrook, Derbyshire (b 20.01.1797, d 1829) had issue
  m. (23.01.1817) Marianne Bagshawe (dau of Sir William Chambers Bagshawe of Oaks & Wormhill Hall)
(3) Anna Dorothy Foster (d 1857)
  m. John Amery of Stourbridge
  (4) Mary Louisa Foster
  m. (1825) Rev. P. La Trobe of Ely Place (cousin)
  (5)+ other issue (d unm) - Isaac Henry (b 1800, d 1827), Margaret Eleanora (d 1833)
  c. John Foster of Jamaica, Brickhill House, & Marston (b 1765, d 30.06.1831)
  The following comes mainly from BLG1886 (Foster of Brickhill).
  m1. Margaret Place (dau of Thomas Bosville Place, recorder of York)
  (1) Margaret Foster
  m. Maurice Farrel (rector of Woughton)
  (2)+ other issue - William (d unm), Thomas (d young), Edward (d young)
  m2. Flora Foster (dau of Samuel Foster) @@ below
  m3. (22.06.1803) Amelia Morgan (dau of John Morgan, recorder of Maidstone, sister of Countess of Carhampton)
  (5) Algernon Foster (b 1811, dvp 1821)
  (6) Arthur FitzJohn Foster of Brickhill (b 1813, d unm)
  (7) Morgan Hugh Foster of Brickhill (b 1815) had issue
  m. (1838) Mary Flint (dau of George Flint)
  (8) Mary Amelia Foster
  m. Henry Fuller (rector of Thornhaugh & Wansford)
  (9) Flora Foster
  m. Alfred Dawson (rector of Flitwich)
  d. Elizabeth Dorothy Foster (b 21.09.1749, d 1816)
  m. (03.07.1779) Henry William Weber (b c1768)
  e. Sarah Foster (b 1751)
  m. Baron Frederic Christlieb Von Zezschwitz of Taubenheim & Deutsch Baslitz
  f. Anna Benigna Foster (b 1758, d 1799)
  g. Mary Helden Foster (b 09.10.1762, d 26.06.1832)
  m. John Roederer of Neuwied on the Rhine
  iii. Samuel Foster (b 1725, 4th son)
  m. Sarah Warren Waldron (dau of Thomas Waldron)
  a. John Foster of Egham & Jamaica (b 1747, bur 25.12.1840)
  m. (1777) Mary Brooks
  (1) George Foster (b 19.04.1778) had issue
  m. Sarah Huntley
  (2) Henry Foster (d 1816, Captain) had issue
  m. Susan Stebbin
b. Samuel Warren Foster (d 1791) had issue
  m. (03.01.1774) Elizabeth Cope (dau of Hon. John Cope)
  c. Richard Foster (d unm)
  d. Elizabeth Foster
  m. John Venner
  e. Flora Foster
  m. John Foster of Brickhill House (cousin) @@ above
  iv. Joseph Foster, later Foster-Barham of Trecwn (b 16.12.1729, d 21.07.1789)
  The following is largely supported by Commoners (vol IV, Forster-Barham of Trecwn) which adds some details of Joseph's daughters' children.
  m1. (01.07.1754) Dorothea Vaughan (b 26.03.1721, d 26.09.1781, dau of John Vaughan of Trecoon by Joan Corbet)
  a. Joseph Foster-Barham of Stockbridge (b 01.01.1759, d 28.09.1832) had issue
  m. (26.07.1792) Caroline Tufton (d 03.11.1832, dau of 8th Earl of Thanet)
  (1) John Foster-Barham of Trecwn or Trecoon (Pembrokeshire) & Jamaica (b 01.1800, dsp 22.05.1838)
  m. (14.01.1834) Katherine Grimston (d 04.07.1874, dau of 1st Earl of Verulam, m2. 4th Earl of Clarendon)
  (2) Charles Henry Foster-Barham of Trecoon & Jamaica (b 1808, dsp 15.08.1878, 3rd son)
  m1. (1836) Elizabeth Maria Ince (d 1861, dau of William Boyd Ince of Ince)
  m2. (1863) Ellen Katherine Massy (d 01.09.1922, dau of Edward Taylor Massy of Cottesmore, m2. Henry Hyde Nugent Bankes of Wraybury, m3. Sir William Henry Marsham Style, 9th Bart of Glenmore)
  (3) Caroline Gertrude Foster-Barham
  m. (1836) Sanderson Robins (d 05.12.1862, rector of Shaftesbury)
  (3)+ other issue - William, Mary
  b. John Barham Foster-Barham (b 17.01.1763, bur 24.11.1822)
  m. Eliza Gill of Oxford
  (1) Mildred Foster-Barham
  m. Rev. Thomas Grinfield
  (2) Lucy Foster-Barham (d 22.04.1873)
  m. Barham John Livius (cousin)
  (3) Emily Foster-Barham
  m. Walter Haydon of Crediton
  c. Thomas Barham Foster-Barham (b 08.10.1766, d 25.02.1844)
  m. Mary Ann Morton (dau of Rev. Joshua Morton)
(1) Thomas Foster-Barham of Castle Dyke & Water Manaton, Devon (b 10.09.1794, d 03.03.1869) had issue
  m1. Sarah Garratt (d 22.10.1836, dau of Francis Garratt)
  m2. Margaret Henryson (d 17.04.1874, dau of Captain William Henryson, widow of Mark Henryson)
  (2) Charles Foster-Barham of Truro (b 09.03.1804, d 1884) had issue
  m. (1839) Caroline Carlyon (d 1892, dau of Clement Carlyon)
  d. Elizabeth Dorothea Barham Foster-Barham (d 17.01.1824)
  m. William Rose (rector of Carshalton)
  e. AnnaJoanna Barham Foster-Barham (d 22.03.1833)
  m. (1784) Thomas Grenfield of Marlborough (Rev.)
  f. Mary Bartham Foster-Barham
  m. (05.09.1785) George Livius (d 16.12.1816)
  g. Margaret Barham Foster-Barham (d unm 07.04.1780)
  m2. (21.09.1785) Mary Pole (d 17.07.1789, dau of Germain Pole of Radborne, widow of Sir Rowland Hill, 1st Bart)
  v. Mary Foster (b c1713)
  m. (16.09.1729) Florentius Vassal (b 1709, d 1778)
  vi. Sarah Foster (b 1727)
  m. William Matthew Burt, Governor of the Leeward Islands (b 1727)
  a. Charles Pym Burt (d unm)
  b. Louisa Burt
  m. Richard Massey Hansard of Miskin House, Glamorganshire( Major)
  (1) Eliza Barham Hansard
  m. (1812) John Taylor Gordon
  vii. Margaret Foster (b 1728, d 1789)
  m. (1748) Colin Campbell in Jamaica (b 1702, d 1789)
  viii. Hester Foster
  m. _ Deere
  ix.+ other issue - John (b 1723, d unm 1744), Elizabeth (b 1726, d 23.12.1729)
  B.+ other issue - Thomas (d 1739), William, Rachel (b 11.12.1691, d 23.11.1752), Mary

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Foster formerly of Kempston) supported by Commoners (vol IV, Foster of Brickhill) & BLG1886 (Foster of Kempstone) with support & some dates obtained from the web site reported at the top of the page
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