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Families covered: Freeston of Altofts, Freston of Fressingfield, Freston of Mendham

John Freeston of Warmfield & Altoftes in West Riding, Yorkshire
m. _ Frankishe (dau/heir of George Frankishe of Warmfield)
1. William Freeston of Altofts
  m. _ Mallet (dau of William Mallet 'of Altofts')
A. George Freeston of Altofts (d before 18.02.1519)
  m1. (Agnes) Amyas (dau of Percival Amyas of Netherton)
  i. Robert Freeston of Altofts
  m. Sibil Patterdall (dau of Thomas Patterdall of Leeds)
  a. John Freeston of Altofts (a 1585) the last generation mentioned by Visitation
  (1) Elizabeth Freeston (bur 19.10.1639) probably of this generation
m. (22.05.1594) James Woodrove of Woolley
  b. Jane Freeston
  m. John Stanford of London
  c.+ other issue - Christopher, William of Castleford (a 1585)
  ii. Percival Freeston
  iii. Anne Freeston
  m. William Wilson
  iv. Elizabeth Freeston
  m. John Shawe of Yorkshire
  It appears that George also married ...
  m2. Isabel Woodrove (dau of Sir Richard Woodrove of Woolley, widow of Robert Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont)



(1) Crisp reports that William (d 1551) was born in Normanton, Yorkshire, so it is possible that he was connected to the above family.
(2) Crisp identifies Richard & Michael, sons of William (d 1551), as cousins & heirs of Sir Richard Freston.
?? Freston or Freeston
1. ?? Freston
  A. Sir Richard Freston of Mendham & Fressingfield (dsp?)
2. William Freston (or Freeston) of London & Wickham Skeith (Suffolk) (d 09.07.1551, grocer)
  m. Joan Heath (dau of John Heath of Limpsfield by Thomasine, dau of Thomas Selyard of Delaware, m2. Sir Martin Calthorpe (Lord Mayor of London), m3. Edward Boys of Fridvile in Nonington)
  A. Richard Freston of Mendham, Norfolk (2nd son?)
  m. Cecily Felton (d 06.09.1615, dau of Thomas Felton of Playford (by Mary, dau of Sir Richard Gernon?))
i. William Freston of Altofts (b c1578, d before 05.01.1626/7)
  m. (08.10.1611) Margaret Wentworth (bur 12.04.1636, dau of John Wentworth of Darsham (by Elizabeth, dau of John Southwell of Barham Hall), m2. Thomas Wentworth of North Cray)
  ii. Richard Freston of Mendham (d 20.12.1634)
  m. Susanna Milleson (bur 30.03.1644, dau of Edmund Milleson of Bury St. Edmunds)
  a. Richard Freston of Mendham (b 1628, d 14.08.1648)
  b. Elizabeth Freston (b 1626-7, bur 1674)
  m1. (c05.1647) Sir Nicholas Bacon of Gillingham, Bart (bpt 31.10.1623, d 03.08.1666)
m2. (14.04.1670) Sir William Godbold of Mendham (b 1617-8, d 22.04.1687, m1. Margery Conningsby)
  c.+ other issue - Cecily (bur 02.07.1631), Susanna (bur 14.02.1632/3)
  iii. Thomas Freston of Mendham (d 07.12.1635, 4th son)
  m. (c08.1618) Mary Duke (bur 06.06.1643, dau of Edward Duke of Worlingham)
  a. Mary Freston
  m1. _ Smith of Cratfield
  m2. Nicholas Garneys of Redisham
  b. Cecily Freston
  m. (before 19.04.1643) William Herring of Mendham
  c. Frances Freston (d before 03.02.1674/5)
  m. (after 1647) Edward Garneys of Redisham
  d. Susan Freston
m. (after 1654) Edward Warner of Mildenhall
  e.+ other issue - Thomas (b 03.01.1621/2, d 08.08.1647), Elizabeth (d before 19.04.1643), Dorothy (d before 1647), Anne (a 1654)
  iv. Anthony Freston of Mendham (bur 13.10.1655)
  m. (before 10.10.1625) Lydia Blobold (d 22.03.1651/2, dau of William Blobold of Mendham, sister/coheir of Thomas)
  a. Anthony Freston of Mendham (d 08.11.1696)
  m. Bridget Coke (bpt 03.10.1626, d before 29.08.1704, dau of Henry Coke of Thorington by Margaret, dau/heir of Richard Lovelace of Kingsdown)
  (1) Richard Freston of Mendham (b 1652-3, d 22.06.1721)
  m. Mary Cooke (d 1725, dau/coheir of Sir William Cooke of Broome Hall, Bart, by Jane, dau/coheir of William Steward of Barton Mills)
  (A) William Freston of Mendham (b c1684, d 26.10.1739)
  m. (31.07.1722) Margaret Kedington (b 1689-90, d 02.07.1741, dau/heir of Henry Kedington of Hockham)
  (i) Cooke Freston of Mendham, Sheriff of Suffolk (d 12.01.1761)
  (ii) William Freston of Mendham (d 11.08.1761)
  (iii) Margaret Freston (bur 21.11.1773)
  m. Thomas Weston (b 1728, d 08.03.1784, vicar of Bramfield)
  (iv) Henrietta Freston (a 09.1743)
  m. Robert Brettingham
  (v)+ other issue - Anthony (a 09.1743), Richard (d before 13.08.1761), John (d infant), Mary (b 1722-3, d 20.06.1740)
  (B) Thomas Freston (b c1692, d 26.10.1743, vicar of Cratfield, youngest son?)
  m. Ann Scrivener (b c1696, d 11.1764, dau of Rev. Charles Scrivener or Scrivenor of Sibton)
  (i) John Freston, later Scrivener of Sibton (Suffolk), later of Littleham in Exmouth (Devon) (bpt 10.05.1733, d 08.09.1797, younger son)
  m. Dorothy Howman (b c1735, d 1794, dau of Roger Howman of Norwich by Mary, dau of Robert Suckling)
  (a) Dorothy Freston or Scrivener (bpt 03.10.1761, d 05.09.1831)
  m. (06.09.1787) John Fisher, Bishop of Exeter then Salisbury (b 1748, d 08.05.1825)
  (b)+ other issue - child (d young), Maianne (bpt 02.05.1759, d 11.08.1781)
  (ii) Anne Freston (bpt 21.10.1735)
  m. (20.04.1762) Edward Howman (b c1737, d 03.01.1811, rector of Gissing)
  (iii)+ other issue - Charles (bopt 28.05.1725, bur 19.06.1726), Thomas Scrivener (bpt 19.01.1728/9, bur 16.02.1729/30), Charles (bpt 04.11.1731, bur 06.03.1731/2), Charles (bpt 10.09.1736, bur 29.10.176), Anne (bpt 05.12.1726, bur 05.09.1727), Charlotte (bpt 27.12.1729, bur 09.5.1730)
  (C) Bridget Freston (b 1690-1, d 19.06.1739)
  m. (before 10.01.1720/1) George Jenney of Hethersett (b c1674, d 30.11.1749)
(D)+ other issue - Anthony of Haughley (d 28.03.1767), Richard of Horham (d before 11.05.1747), John of Mutford (d before 22.09.1743), Nathaniel (d before 07.02.1694/5), Jane of Metfield (d before 16.08.1757), Elizabeth of Hethersett (d before 04.10.1733)
  (2) Anthony Freston of Mendham (d before 07.02.1694/5)
  m. Mary Smith (a 03.1729, dau of John Smith of Cratfield (by Penelope, dau of Anthony Freston of Mendham), m2. Rev. Thomas Arrowsmith)
  (A) Anthony Freston
  (3) Edward Freston of Pulham St. Mary Magdalen, Norfolk (b c1665, d 28.12.1708)
  m. Elizabeth Sayer (b c1672, d 25.09.1727, dau of John Sayer of Pulham)
  (4) Theophila Freston (b 1665-6, d 12.04.1721)
  m. (05.09.1699) James Rant of Mendham & Yelverton (b 1669-70, d 27.03.1743)
  (5)+ other issue - Margaret (but 25.08.1653), Lydia (bur 15.5.1656), Bridget (bur 17.08.1692), Cecily (bur 11.10.1692), Elizabeth of Mendham (b 1653-4, d 04.05.1716), Mary of Fressingfield (a 03.1722/3)
  b. Elizabeth Freston (bur 1654)
  m. (c12.1637) Stephen Baxter of Mendham (b c1617, d 12.09.1696)
  c. Penelope Freston (bpt 04.10.1629, d 02.06.1681)
  m. John Smith of Cratfield
  d.+ other issue - William, Anne (bpt 12.02.1626/7), Felton (bpt 03.05.1632, bur 28.08.1656), Lydia (bur 31.05.1644)
  v.+ other issue - John of Mendham (d before 04.06.1601), Edward (bur 15.07.1601), Cecily (bur 05.03.1602/3)
  B.+ other issue - William (b c1545, d 25.07.1560), Michael of Fressingfield

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5, Freeston of Altoftes)
(2) For lower section : 'Fragmenta Genealogica' (vol XIII, 'Pedigree of Freston') by Frederick Arthur Crisp (1909)
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