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Families covered: Gardyne of Finavon, Gardyne of Gardyne, Gardyne of Lawton, Gardyne of Middleton

?? Gardin of that ilk
1. John Gardin of that ilk (d by 1531)
2. ?? Gardin
  A. Partick Gardin or Gardyne of Gardyne (a 1510, d by 1559)
  i. Partick Gardyne, 9th of Gardyne (d 1578/11.1589)
  a. David Gardyne, 10th of Gardyne, 1st of Lawton
  m. (1603) Janet Lindsay (dau of Sir David Lindsay, 'Lord Edzell', by Helen, dau of 10th Earl of Crawford)
(1) John Gardyne, 2nd of Lawton (a 1704)
  m. (1643) Elizabeth Arbuthnott (dau of James Arbuthnott, 1st of Dulladies, uncle of 1st Viscount Arbuthnott)
  (A) Robert Gardyne, 3rd of Lawton
  m. (1676) Grizel Watson (dau of Alexander Watson of Barry)
  (i) David Gardyne, 4th of Lawton, 1st of Middleton (a 1756)
  m1. Ann Graham (dau of David Graham, 10th of Fintry)
  (a) David Gardyne (dvp 1749)
  (b) James Gardyne, 2nd of Middleton
  m. (1741) Mary Wallace (dau of Thomas Wallace, Provost of Aberdeen)
((1)) David Gardyne, 3rd of Middleton (d c1802)
  ((2)) Charles Gardyne, 4th of Middleton (d unm 1813)
  ((3)) Thomas Gardyne, 1st of Finavon, 5th of Middleton (d unm 1841)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Gardyne (b 1749, d unm 1831)
  ((5)) Ann Gardyne
  m. (1777) James Bruce
  ((A)) William Bruce, later Bruce-Gardyne, 6th of Middleton (d 15.06.1846) had issue
  m. Catherine Cameron Macpherson (b 09.11.1798, d 09.10.1871, dau of Lt. Col. Donald Macpherson
  ((6)) Mary Gardyne
  m. (19.04.1775) Thomas Carnegy, 4th of Craigo (2nd cousin)
  ((7)) Clementina Gardyne
m. (1787) Charles Greenhill of Fearn (son of Alexander, son of George of Wester Banchorie)
  The following comes from BLG1952 (Greenhill-Gardyne of Finavon).
  ((A)) David Greenhill of Glenforsa, later Greenhill-Gardyne of Finavon (d 19.10.1867) had issue
  m. (1830) Mary Wallace (d 1834, dau of Charles Wallace of Woodside)
  (c) Clementina Gardyne
  BLG1952 shows Clementina as having married James Graham, 4th of Duntrune, 'Viscount Dundee' (dsp 1759) but, though such may have been an earlier marriage, Graham records show her as having married James's cousin (and her own cousin) ...
  m. Alexander Graham, 7th of Duntrune (dsp 1782)
(d) Elizabeth Gardyne (d 25.07.1745)
  m. (22.07.1733) James Guthrie, 1st of Craigie (d 09.03.1788)
  m2. (1729) Isabel Guthrie (dau of John Guthrie, widow of Robert Norrie, Bishop of Glasgow)
  (ii) Grizell Gardyne probably of this generation
  m1. Alexander Wedderburn of that ilk
  m2. (05.03.1718) David Graham, 6th of Duntrune (b 1687, d 1766)
  (B) Magdalen Gardyne
  m. (mcrt 26.02.1684) John Arbuthnott, 2nd of Caterline (d c1733)
  (C) Anne Gardyne (d 30.12.1739)
  m. James Carnegie, 2nd of Craigo (minister of Redgorton and Barry)
  (D)+ 3 sons and 18 daughters
  ii. Christian Gardyne
  Guthrie records suggest that Christian was daughter of Patrick, 9th of Gardyne, but BLG1952 (Bruce-Gardyne) reports that Patrick,9th, was slain by his nephew William Guthrie of Ravensby which implies that Christian was his sister.
  m. Andrew Guthrie, 3rd of Guthrie (a 1538)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Bruce-Gardyne of Middleton)
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