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Families covered: Gilpin of Carlisle, Gilpin of Kentmere

William Gilpin
1. Richard Gilpin
  m. Dorothy Thornborough (dau of Sir Rowland Thornborough of Hempsfell) see here
  A. William Gilpin (d Bosworth 08.1485)
  B. Edwin or Ewan Gilpin
  m. Margaret Layton (dau of Thomas Layton of Dalemayne)
i. William Gilpin
  m. Elizabeth Washington (dau of Thomas Washington of Halhead)
  a. George Gilpin of Kentmere (d 04.03.1616-7)
  The following is partly supported by BHO ('Records relating to the Barony of Kendale', volume 1 (1923), 'Kentmere').
  m. Jane Bateman (sister of Miles Bateman of Underbarrowe)
  (1) William Gilpin of Kentmere (b c05.1577, d 16.09.1626)
  m1. Dorothy Sandforth (dau of Richard Sandforth of Howgill Castle)
  (A) George Gilpin, last of Kentmere (b c1596, dsp, Captain)
  m. Catherine Philipson (dau of Robert Philipson of Holling-hall)
  m2. Magdalen
  (B) Christopher Gilpin
  m. Elizabeth Nicholson (dau of Nathaniel Nicholson)
  (C)+ other issue - John, Elizabeth, Magdalen, Margaret, Ann
  (2) other (b 07.12.1583)
  b. son (dsp, clerk)
  c. William Gilpin
  (1)+ issue - Urban (b 23.10.1581, dsp), Gilbert (b 1582, dsp), George (b 1583, dsp), Richard (b 02.05.1582), Mabel (b 24.02.1584)
  d. Ewan Gilpin
  (1)+ issue - Gawen (b 09.03.1582, dsp), Marian (b 1580)
  e. Richard Gilpin of Bungay, Suffolk (a 1664)
  m. Elizabeth Kyng (dau of _ Kyng of Whaddon)
  (1) Samuel Gilpin (b c1652, a 1664)
  f. Martin Gilpin of Leatherhead, Westmoreland
  m. (1580) Catherine Newby (d 1634)
  (1) Bernard Gilpin
  m. Dorothy Ayrey (d 21.04.1636)
  (A) William Gilpin
  m. Dorothy Strickland
(i)+ issue - Bernard, Alan, Dorothy
  (B) daughter
  m. George Ward
  (C)+ other issue - Martin, Francis, Samuel, Arthur, Ranulf, Alan, Thomas, Catherine, Elizabeth
  (2) Isaac Gilpin
  m. Ann Tonstead (dau of Ralph Tonstead of Cobham)
  (A) Richard Gilpin 'of Newcastle' (d 13.02.1699, rector of Greystock)
  m. Susan Brisco (b 15.10.1625, dau of William Brisco of Crofton)
  (i) William Gilpin (b 05.09.1657, d 14.08.1724, recorder of Carlisle)
  m. Mary Fletcher (dau/coheir of Henry Fletcher of Tallantyre)
(a) Richard Gilpin, last of Scaleby Castle (b 06.02.1692, dsp)
  m. Mary Hudson (dau of Enoch Hudson)
  (b) John Bernard Gilpin (b 24.01.1701, d 1776)
  m. Matilda Langstaff (b c1703, d 1773, dau of George Langstaff)
  ((1)) William Gilpin (b 1723-4, d 05.04.1804, vicar of Boldre)
  m. Margaret Gilpin (d 1807, dau of William Gilpin) @1@ below
  ((A)) William Gilpin (b 08.04.1757, rector of Bach)
  m. Elizabeth Farish (dau of James Farish by Elizabeth Gilpin) @2@ below
  ((i))+ issue - William (d 24.02.1811), Elizabeth (b 1786), Margaret, Mercy
  ((B)) John Bernard Gilpin in America (b 16.07.1754, a 1828)
  m. Ann Simms ("an American Lady")
  ((i))+ issue - William (d young), Bernard, Edward (Edwin?) (b 1792), Joseph (b 01.1794), Alfred (b 09.08.1796), Ann
((C))+ other issue (d young) - Margaret, daughter
  ((2)) Sawrey Gilpin (b 30.10.1733, d 1808)
  m. Elizabeth Brown
  ((A)) William Sawtrey Gilpin
  m1. Elizabeth Paddock
  ((i))+ issue - Adino William (b 24.05.1785, d 1800), Bernard Sawrey (b 29.09.1800)
  m2. Elizabeth Gilpin (dau of William Gilpin) @3@ below
  ((iii)) Percy Gilpin
  ((B)) Thomas Gilpin (3rd son)
  m. Rebecca Paddock
  ((i))+ issue - Adino Paddock (d young), William, Thomas, Elizabeth (d young)
  ((C)) Matilda Gilpin
  m. George Garrard
  ((i))+ issue - George, Robert, Samuel, William, Charles, Matilda
  ((D))+ other issue - Thomas (d young), Susanna Maria, Margaret
  ((3)) Sir Joseph Dacre Appelby Gilpin of Carlisle (b 04.02.1746)
  m1. Sara Ward (d 1766)
  ((A)) John Gilpin (d young)
  m2. Catherine Graham (d 1781, dau of _ Graham of Thorney Hat)
  ((B)) Catherine Gilpin
  m. John Gunning
  ((i)) Catherine Gunning
  m. Henry Bagshaw
  ((ii))+ other issue - Maria, Isabella
  ((C)) Maria Gilpin
  m. R.L. Cooke
((i)) Maria Cooke
  m. _ Pottinger (Captain)
  ((ii)) Louisa Cooke
  ((D))+ other issue - Mary, Mercy, Peggy
  m3. Amelia Aemilius (dsp 1823, dau of Paulus Aemilius, sister of Sir P.)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Gilpin (b 16.11.1726)
  m. James Farish of Carlisle (clerk)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Farish
  m. William Gilpin (b 1757, rector of Bach) @2@ above
  ((B))+ other issue
  ((5)) Susanna Gilpin (b 11.11.1732, dsp)
  m. _ Moseley of Worcestershire
  ((6))+ other issue - Richard (b 02.05.1730, d young), John (d young), Thomas (d young), Ann (d young), Dorothy (d young), Sarah (d young), Fleming, Lowther, Catherine (b 10.1709, d 29.041.1811), Mercy, _ Maria (b 26.06.1725)
  (c) George Gilpin (b 29.08.1706)
  m. Elizabeth Langstaff (dau of George Langstaff)
  ((1)) Margaret Gilpin
  (d) William Gilpin
  m. Margaret Langstaff (dau of George Langstaff)
  ((1)) William Gilpin in Whitehaven (b 06.1724, d 04.12.1799)
  m. Elizabeth Hodgson (b 1731-2. d 25.04.1792, dau of Rob. Hodgson of Whitehaven)
  ((A)) Robert Gilpin (d 25.05.1819, in Jamaica)
  m. Mary Adell
  ((i))+ issue - Robert (b 16.03.1798), William Edward (b 06.08.1799), Henry, Benjamin, Mary Jane, Elizabeth, Margaret, Laura, Frances, Sarah
  ((B)) William Gilpin (b 13.11.1758, d 15.10.1822)
  m. (19.09.1793) Sarah Holland (dau of G. Holland of London)
  ((i)) William Gilpin (b 25.05.1799) had issue
  m. (30.08.1823) Lucy Eliza Jones
  ((ii)) Henry Gilpin (b 23.07.1803)
((iii)) Elizabeth Gilpin (b 05.06.1794)
  m. (1817) Arthur Pott
  ((iv)) Marianne Gilpin (b 07.06.1797)
  m. (24.11.1825) Will. Ed. Gilpin above?
  ((C)) John Gilpin (b 19.11.1770, clerk) had issue
  m. Jemima Brown (dau of George Brown of Stockton-upon-Tees)
((D)) Elizabeth Gilpin
  m. (1809) W.S. Gilpin @3@ above
  ((E)) Mary Gilpin
  m. (01.01.1823) Rev. R. S. Hartley (d 1825)
  ((F))+ other issue - Henry (d young in America), George (d young), George (d young), Bernard (b 20.10.1772, rector of Wold Newton), Margaert (a 1828), Jane (d young)
  ((2)) Margaret Gilpin (b 1724-5, d 14.07.1807)
m. William Gilpin (d 05.04.1804, vicar of Boldre) @1@ above
  ((3)) Mary Gilpin (dsp)
  m. Thomas Middleton
  ((4)) Hannah Gilpin (d young)
  (e) Dorothy Gilpin (b 04.03.1703)
  m. Eaglesfield Griffith
  (f) Susan Maria Gilpin (b 10.11.1689)
  m. (11.05.1710) Joseph Dacre Appleby of Kirk Levington
  (g)+ other issue - Henry (d young), Henry (b 08.10.1699, d in Jamaica), Ann (b 14.04.1691, d unm), Dorothy (d young), Elizabeth (b 01.02.1708, d young)
  (ii) Isaac Gilpin (b 12.07.1658) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Clagget (dau of Thomas Clagget)
  (iii) John Gilpin (b 13.02.1669, 4th son)
  m. Hannah Clay (dau of Robert Clay of Newcastle)
  (a) Robert Gilpin (b 17.08.1702, 2nd son)
  m. Ruth Hall (dau of Reynold Hall of Newbiggen)
  ((1)) John Gilpin, late Sawrey of Broughton Tower
  ((A))+ issue - son (d young), Sarah, Mary, Ann
  ((2))+ other issue - Richard (in the East Indies), Martin, Jerry, Ruth
  (b) William Gilpin (b 01.05.1704)
  m. Mary Dickison (dau of Thomas Dickison)
  ((1))+ issue - Thomas (d young), John (d by 1809), Robert (d by 1809), William (b c1743, d 18.09.1810), Hannah
  (c) Barbara Gilpin
  m. _ Braithwaite of Stockport
  (d) Susanna Gilpin
  m. Isaac Cookson
  (e) Hannah Gilpin
  m1. William Tate
  m2. Peter Gale
(f)+ other issue - Richard (b 09.04.1700, d 1723), John (b 01.09.1705), Thomas (b 08.05.1711, d 12.03.1713), Susanna (d young), other (d young)
  (iv) Susan Gilpin (dsp)
  m. Matthew Parbs
  (v) Ann Gilpin
  m. Jere. Sawrey of Broughton Tower
  (vi) Dorothy Gilpin (b 13.08.1668)
  m1. Jabez Cay
  m2. Eli Fenton
  (vii)+ other issue - Richard (b 04.03.1664, d young), Bernard (b 06.10.1672, d young), Thomas (b 22.07.1677, d unm 20.06.1700), Elizabeth (b 03.08.1662, d young), Mary (b 28.12.1666, d young), Frances (b 27.07.1671, d young), Frances (b 27.01.1673, d young)
  (B) Dorothy Gilpin
  m1. John Chilton
  m2. John Martyn of Durham
  (C) Catherine Gilpin
  m. Cuthbert Hawden of Durham
  (D) Margaret Gilpin
  m. Nathaniel Burward (rector of Brampton)
  (E)+ other issue - Henry (d young), Alan ("went abroad"), Thomas (b 1629), Hannah (b 28.12.1634)
  (3) Ranulph Gilpin (dsp)
  m. Ellen Wilson
  (4) Grace Gilpin
  m. William Bateman
  (5) Dorothy Gilpin
  m. Robert Crossfeild
  (6) Mary Gilpin
  m. William Shepherd
  (7) Alice Gilpin
  m. Arthur
  (8)+ other issue - Alan (d unm), Jane (d young)
  g. daughter
  m. _ Layton
  h. daughter
  m. _ Wharton
  i. daughter
  m. _ Cowper
  j. daughter
  m. _ Carons
  k. daughter
  m. _ Bruse
  l. daughter
m. _ Mallory
  ii. George Gilpin in the Hague had issue (who dsps?)
  m. _ Helfield
  iii. Margaret Gilpin
  m. _ Selsthorp
  iv.+ other issue - Randolf (d 1587), Bernard (b c1517, d 04.03.1583), Richard (d unm), Cecily, Mary
  m2. ??
  ix. Randal Gilpin
  m. Sykes of Lancashire
  x.+ other issue - Christabel, Ellen
2. Elizabeth Gilpin possibly of this generation
  m. Alan Bellingham of Levens

Main source(s): FMG (vol 3, MS488, 'Gilpin', p1099+)
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