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Families covered: Gouldsmith of Crayford, Goldsmith of Nantwich, Goldsmith of Wollaston (Willaston)

Visitation starts with 2 cousins, shown connected as follows.
?? Goldsmith
1. ?? Goldsmith ("eldest sonne")
  A. Francis Gouldsmith of Crayford, Kent
Visitation shows Francis of Crayford father of Sir Francis of Crayford. We presume that this was the Francis of Crayford, the first shown by Berry, who is shown by Berry as father of Sir Francis by ...
  m. Joan Newce (dau of Clement Newce of Hadham)
  i. Sir Francis Gouldsmith of Crayford
  m. Catharine Oundley (dau of Edward Oundley (Onley) of Catsby, sister of Edward)
a. Francis Gouldsmith 'of Dartford' (b c1587, d 16.12.1634)
  m. Frances Apulton (dau of Sir Roger Apulton, Bart)
  (1) Francis Gouldsmith (b c1612, d 1655)
  m. Mary Scott (d 11.1675, dau/heir of Richard Scott of Essex) ## see here ##
  (A) Catherine Gouldsmith (d 03.1684)
  m. Sir Henry Dacre
  (B)+ other issue (d infant) - Francis, Francis
  (2) Elizabeth Gouldsmith (b c1617, a 1623)
  b. Edward Gouldsmith
  c. Martha Gouldsmith
  m. Thomas Lowe of Salop
  d. Catharine Gouldsmith (dsp)
  m. Philip Cox of Salop
  ii. Clement Gouldsmith (of Gray's Inn)
  m. Joan Biggs
a.+ issue - Edward, 4 daughters
  iii. Nicholas Gouldsmith
  m. Elizabeth Marler (sister of George Marler of Crayford)
  a.+ issue - Justinian, daughters
  iv. Thomas Gouldsmith of Crayford
  m. Elizabeth Parker (dau of John Parker of West Court, sister of James)
  a. Martha Gouldsmith
  v. Ann Gouldsmith
  m. William Lewen
  vi. Martha Gouldsmith (dsp)
  m. Anthony Lewther
  vii. daughter (dsp)
  m. _ How of Essex
2. ?? Goldsmith of Wollaston, Cheshire
  A. Robert Goldsmith of Wollaston
  i. Robert Goldsmith of Wollaston
  m. Alice Maisterson of Nantwich
  a. Samuel Goldsmith of London (a 1634)
  m. Anne Hewar (dau of Robert Hewar)
  (1) Francis Goldsmith
  (2) Anne Goldsmith
  m. John Cage of Britwell
  (3) Martha Goldsmith
  m. William Mellish of London



Posisbly closely connected to the above was ...
?? Goldesmythe (d before 06.01.1574-5)
1. Randle Goldesmythe of Willaston, Cheshire (d 1576-7)
  m. Margery
  A. Nicholas Goldsmith of Nantwich, Cheshire (bur 28.01.1616-7)
  m. Dorothy (bur 04.07.1611)
i. Richard Gouldesmithe 'of Bosworth' of Nantwich (bur 26.01.1640-1)
  m. Margaret
  a. John Gouldsmyth 'of London' of Nantwich (bpt 23.04.1618, bur 26.04.1684, 3rd son)
m1. Judith Woodroffe (d before 01.11.1658, dau of Robert Woodroffe of Poyle)
  (1) John Gouldsmyth (bpt 18.08.1654, d 1702, of the Middle Temple)
  m1. (1682) Jane Radclyffe (bur 09.02.1686-7, dau of Hugh Radcliffe)
  (A) Judith Gouldsmyth (d 1684)
  (B) Jane Gouldsmyth
  m. George Dod of Highfields House in Audlem
  m2. (26.12.1691) Elizabeth Cope (bur 24.05.1706, dau of Jonathan Cope of Ronton Abbey)
  (C) Jonathan Gouldsmyth (b 1694?, dsp 1732)
(D) Judith Gouldsmyth (b 1696, d by 1760)
  m. (1712) Walter Stubbs of Beckbury Hall
  m2. (24.05.1666) Anne Smith of Nantwich (bur 13.08.1701)
  b. Dorothie Gouldsmyth
  m. (05.03.1632-3) Richard Highfield
  c.+ other issue - Nicholas (d before 31.08.1639), Richard, Margaret, Anne (bpt 23.02.1622-3)
  ii. Mabell Goldsmith
  m. (26.10.1620) Thomas Stevenson
  iii. Margery Gouldsmith
  m. Thomas Paget (d before 16.10.1660, rector of Stockport)
  a. Nathan Paget ("the friend of Milton")
  iv. Ellen or Elizabeth Gouldsmithe
  m. Richard Minshull
  B. Richard Goldsmith (d before 26.01.1616-7, 4th son)
  i.+ issue - Thomas, Dorithy (bur 05.11.1620), Frances
  C. Margery Goldsmith (bur 29.05.1634)
  m. (before 06.01.1574-5) Thomas Brassie (bur 14.12.1620)
  D. Alice Goldsmith
  m. (before 06.01.1574-5) Richard Cope
  E.+ other issue - Geffrey (bur 01.11.1627), Randall

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p432), Visitation (London, 1634, 'Goldsmyth')
(2) For lower section : 'The Genealogist' (vol 2, 'Milton, Minshull, and Gouldsmyth', p309+)
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