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Families covered: Grazebrook of Audnam, Grazebrook of Dallicott, Greysbrooke (Gresbrooke) of Middleton, Greysbroke of Stoke Hall, Grazebrook of Stourbridge, Grazebrook of Stourton Castle

(1) BLG1858 reports that "This family derives its name from Gereburg, Greseburgh, or Geresbroc (as it is variously spelt in Domesday Book) in Yorkshire, which manor they held, with others, in fee, from the Norman conquest". BLG1858
(2) The pedigree shown in BLG1952 does not fully support that shown in BLG1858, particularly for the earlier generations. We presume that BLG1952 was produced after further research and so, except as reported below, follow BLG1952 where the versions disagree.
John Gresbrooke of Middleton, Warwickshire (d by 1542)
m. Isabel (d before 25.01.1555)
1. Alverey (Alured) Greysbroke of Stoke Hall, Middleton, & Wishaw (d before 07.03.1576, 2nd son)
  m. Margaret Kene (dau of Thomas Kene of Sutton Coldfield by dau of William Gibbons of Little Sutton by Agnes, dau of William Harman of Moor Hall & sister of John (Harman alias Vesey), Bishop of Exeter)
  A. Margaret Greysbroke
  m. Henry Seawall or Shewell, Mayor of Coventry (a 1606)
  B. Anne Greysbroke
  m. Thomas Roper of Heanor
  C.+ other issue - Prudence, Mary
2. Robert Greysbrooke (bur 06.01.1588)
  m. Emmes (bur 07.12.1605) probably widow of Robert, possibly mother of ...
  A. Robert Greysbrooke of Middleton (d before 22.10.1595?)
  i. John Greisbrooke or Greysbrooke of Stoke Hall, Middleton
  m. Mary Colmore (dau of William Colmore of Birmingham)
  a. Robert Greysbrooke of Middleton (d before 15.09.1671)
  m. Deborah (bur 05.11.1686)
  (1) Deborah Greysbrooke
  m. Rev. Richard Chantrey of Hartshorne
  (2)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Phoebe
  b. Michael Grayesbrook of Middleton, later of Stourbridge (d 04.1689)
  m1. Dorothy (bur 24.01.1661-2)
  (1) Joseph Grazebrook of Stourbridge (bpt 29.03.1652, bur 13.09.1728, 3rd son?)
  m. Elizabeth Milward (bur 15.12.1719)
  BLG1952 reports that Joseph & Elizabeth had 8 children: Michael, Benjamin and 6 others (unnamed). The others are named by BLG1858 which indicates that Benjamin was older than Michael.
  (A) Benjamin Grazebrooke (b 01.1680, 2nd son)
  BLG1952 identifies Benjamin as ancestor of the Grazebrooks of Bisley & Stroud and then mentions Benjamin of Stroud (whose 3rd son was Thomas of Dudbridge) with the implication being that that Benjamin was not this Benjamin. The following comes from BLG1858.
  (i) Joseph Grazebrooke (dsp)
  (ii) Benjamin Grazebrooke
  (a) Joseph Grazebrooke of Stroud & Farhill (banker)
m. _ Tomb of Coleford
  ((1)) Hesther Grazebrooke
  m. (15.02.1814) Edward Mansfield (son of the Lord Chief Justice)
  (b) Thomas Grazebrooke of Dudbridge, Gloucestershire (d 1834)
  m. (12.1778) Louisa Anna Maria Wintle (d 1850, dau/heir of Durley Wintle)
  ((1)) Durley Grazebrooke of Chertsey, Surrey (b 19.12.1779) had issue
  m. (24.05.1809) Sarah Grazebrook (d 1814, dau of Michael Grazebrook of Audnam) @@ below
  ((2)) Joseph Grazebrooke (b 15.06.1798) had issue
  m. Anne Froste
  ((3))+ other issue including Henry (b 10.12.1804, had issue)
  (c) Benjamin Grazebrooke (dsp 1837)
  m1. ??
  m2. _ Leigh (dau of Sir Egerton Leigh, Bart)
  (d) Mary Grazebrooke
  m. Henry Clarke of Stroud
  (iii) Margaret Grazebrooke
  m. _ Watts
  (iv) Mary Grazebrooke
  m. Thomas Needs
  (B) Michael Grazebrook of the Heath, near Stourbridge (bpt 11.02.1687-8, 4th son)
  BLG1952 shows Michael as older than Benjamin but the dates given by BLG1858 suggest that Benjamin was the elder.
  m. (12.05.1718) Elizabeth Hunt (bur 15.02.1771, dau of William Hunt of Chaddesley-Corbett)
  (i) Michael Grazebrook of Audnam, Kingswinford, Staffordshire (b 21.06.1723, d 14.05.1766)
  m. Sarah Worrall (d 07.06.1799, dau/heir of Thomas (not Richard) Worrall of Stourton)
  (a) Thomas Worrall Grazebrook of Stourton Castle, Staffordshire (bpt 11.08.1756, d 09.08.1816)
  m. (14.11.1805) Elizabeth Wilkes (d 18.06.1837, dau/heir of Robert Wilkes of Dallicott House)
  ((1)) Thomas Worrall Smith Grazebrook of Dallicott House (b 06.11.1809, d unm 01.08.1846, of Lincoln's Inn)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Grazebrook of Dallicott House (b c1808, d 22.09.1862)
  m. (20.05.1841) George MacKenzie Kettle of Bladon (d 13.10.1887)
  (b) Michael Grazebrook of Audnam (b 07.03.1758, bur 11.06.1826)
  m. (21.12.1785) Mary Anne Needs (d 14.09.1846, dau/coheir of Thomas Needs of London by Mary, dau of Benjamin Grazebrook of Bisley)
  ((1)) Michael Grazebrook of Audnam, later of Dallicott & Stourton (b 06.06.1788, d 24.04.1854) had issue
  m. (28.05.1821) Elizabeth Walliss Phillipps (d 12.05.1833, dau/heir of John Phillips of The Old Square, Birmingham)
((2)) Henry Grazebrook of Liverpool (b 31.08.1792, d 14.06.1872, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (15.04.1816) Isabella Senior (d 21.12.1863, dau of Joshua Senior of Glasgow)
  ((3)) George Grazebrook of Pedmore, Worcestershire (b 21.07.1796, d 02.01.1877, 6th son) had issue
  m. Jane Smallman (d 24.07.1888, dau of Joseph Smallman of Stourbridge)
  ((4)) John Worrall Grazebrook (b 09.05.1804, d 19.02.1878, 8th son) had issue
  m. (1826) Annie Senior (d 24.02.1879, dau of Joshua Senior of Glasgow)
  ((5)) Sarah Grazebrook (d 1814)
  m. (24.05.1809) Durley Grazebrook of Chertsey (d 25.03.1866, son of Thomas of Dudbridge) @@ above
  ((6)) Elizabeth Grazebrook (d 23.01.1875)
  m. (05.10.1830) Ferdinando Smith of Halesowen Grange (d 20.07.1841, Lt. Colonel)
((7)) Matilda Grazebrook (d 31.03.1889)
  m. (15.10.1839) Richard Brettell of Finstall (d 23.08.1848)
  ((8))+ other issue (d unm) - William of Park Hall (b 31.03.1791, d 30.03.1789), Thomas Needs (b 05.04.1794, d 27.05.1794), Frederick (b 21.05.1795, d 20.10.1795), Charles (b 23.11.1802, d 03.12.1863), Charlotte (b c1790, d 01.08.1868), Mary Ann of Park Hall (b c1799, d 14.01.1889)
  (c) Mary Grazebrook (b 28.12.1755)
  Housem. (18.03.1786) Richard Brettell of Finstall
  (d) Elizabeth Grazebrook (b 07.05.1759, d 11.1808)
  m. (07.08.1780) John Addenbrooke Homfray, later Addenbrooke of Wollaston Hall
  (e)+ other issue - Susanna (b 1762, d 1768), Sarah (b 1762, d 17868)
  (ii) Sarah Grazebrook (bpt 31.03.1733, d 13.03.1797)
  m. (10.09.1766) Benjamin Littlewood of Amblecote (d 16.10.1807)
  (iii)+ other issue
  (C) Paul Grazebrooke (b 02.1691, d 1734)
  m. Elizabeth Edwards
  (i)+ issue - Joseph (bur 1728), Elizabeth (b 1720)
  (D)+ other issue - Samuel (d 1743), Edward (b 04.1682), Anne, Dorothy, Sarah
  (3)+ 2 sons and 3 daughters mentioned by BLG1858
  m2. Anne (bur 20.07.1670)
  c.+ other issue - John (dsp before 14.07.1640), George (a 1640), Hosea (bur 12.07.1671)
  B. Hugh Greysbrooke of Hints, Staffordshire (bur 26.11.1617)
  m. (07.10.1576) Margaret Sagar (bur 28.12.1617, dau of (Laurence?) Sagar)
  i. Elizabeth Greysbrooke (bpt 19.05.1628, d 02.1628)
  m. (17.11.1603) Edward Fox of Birmingham
3. Henry Greysbroke (bur 28.04.1557)
  m. Elizabeth (a 1558)
  A. Richard Greisbrooke or Greysbroooke of Meriden, Warwickshire (dsp before 06.11.1623)
  B. Nicholas Greysbroke (bpt 13.01.1556, d before 1621)
  i. Margaret Greysbroke
  m. _ Haddon
  ii. Alice Greysbroke
  C. Dorothy Greysbroke
  m. Richard Flavell of Meriden
  D. Winifred Greysbroke (bpt 13.01.1556)
4.+ other issue - John I(dsp), Hugh

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Grazebrook of Stourton Castle') with some input/support from BLG1858 ('Grazebrook of Audnam and formerly of Greysbrooke Hall')
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