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Families covered: Gregge of Bradley, Gregge of Chamber Hall, Gregge-Hopwood of Hopwood Hall

Richard Gregge of Bradley in Appleton
1. Thomas Gregge of Bradley
  m. Katherine Green (dau of Philip Green of Bollington & Poulton Lancelyn)
  A. Ralph Gregge of Bradley (d 1580)
Ormerod & Visitation show only 1 wife for Ralph: Anne dau of Richard Starkey of Stretton (Visitation identifying her as his heir). Provisionally we follow FMG (MS515) which shows a 2nd wife (as below) and identifies the 1st wife as ...
  m1. Anne Starkey (dau/coheir of Richard Starkey of Shaw House, brother of ?? of Stretton)
  i. Thomas Gregge of Bradley (a 1613)
  m. Catherine Bock (dau of Robert Bock or Brocke of Upton)
  a. Edward Gregge 'of Bradley' (b c1594)
  m1. Jane Massey (dau of Hugh Massey of Danfield)
  (1) Catherine Gregge (dsp) probably the Catherine (bur 01.04.1695) who married ...
  m. (14.05.1667) William Brock of Upton (b 1622, d 1671)
  (2) Anne Gregge (dsp)
  m2. Amice (Avise) Brock (dau of William Brock (not Bock) of Upton)
  (3) daughter (dsp)
  b. William Gregge (b c1637, d 1681, vicar of Bolton)
  At the end of FMG (MS514), before MS515, Hunter comments on the differences between the MSs and what is reported by Ormerod. Hunter identifies William (b c1637, d 1681), shown in MS515 as "of Brase Nose Coll." (Brasenose College, Oxford), as the unnamed vicar of Bolton who heads MS514. Ormerod shows the vicar of Bolton as William's brother Robert, who is not mentioned in FMG. MS514 shows the eldest son of the vicar of Bolton as Robert who inherited Bradley Hall. Hunter notes that he thinks "that Ormerod is right in bringing the latter Gregges not from the Vicar of Bolton, but from the Examiner".
  m. (?) _ Crompton of Bolton
  (1)+ issue - Thomas (b 1627, d 1681, "ejected from St. Helen's"), Abigail
  c. Ann Gregge
  m. William Fletcher of Chester
  d. Jane Gregge
  m. Thomas Richardson
  e. daughter
  m. Thomas Rixon
  f. daughter
  m1. _ Hanbury
  m2. _ Taylor
  g.+ other issue - Eleanor, Polyxena (dsp)
  ii Edward Gregge of Hapsford (Examiner in Chester, 6th son)
  m. Elizabeth Lightfoot (dau of Christopher Lightfoot of Barrow)
  (1) Ormerod shows Edward bur 13.11.1665, Elizabeth d 03.05.1659. FMG (MS515) shows Edward d 12.03.1636, Elizabeth d 15.10.1658. Together with the differences mentioned above & below, this suggests the possibility of confusion (in at least some of the sources) between different people of similar names.
(2) FMG (MS515) shows the following for the eldest son, Robert.
  Robert Gregge
  m1. Jane Sharples (dau of John Sharples of Blackburn)
  m2. Joan Jollie (d 23.10.1652, dau of Thomas Jollie of Leek)
  (1) Edward Gregge (b c1621, a 1658)
  m. Elizabeth Aleyne (d 03.05.1659, dau of Jo. Aleyne of London)
  (A)+ issue - Robert, Edward, Elizabeh (dsp), Mary (dsp), Margaret (dsp)
  (2) Robert Gregge
  m. _ Cottingham of Durham
  (A)+ issue - John, Robert, Hanna
  Ormerod provides the following.
  a. Robert Gregge (d 02.1661-2)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 10.10.1658)
  (1) Robert Gregge (bur 19.06.1673, Examiner in Chester)
  (a) Presumably in recognition of the discrepancies regarding his parentage, Robert is the first person mentioned by BLG1952 which does not name his wife.
(b) FMG (MS514), which places this Robert 'of Bradley Hall & Chester' (d 1673) as son of the vicar of Bolton by _ Holt, shows him as brother not only of Gregory but also the above-shown Thomas ("ejected from St. Helen's"). It identifies his wife as Jane (d 17.07.1689, dau of James Yates of Mellor). Provisionally, we follow Ormerod in showing that it was his wife, not his mother, who was ...
m. Jane Holt of Bridge Hall (bur 17.07.1689)
  (A) Edward Gregge 'of Hapsford' (bur 1689) not 'of Hopwood'
  m. Abigail (bur 27.02.1716)
  (i) Peter Gregge (bpt 04.1687, bur 18.12.1694)
  (ii) (Jane) Gregge (bur 22.11.1720)
  m. (22.04.1707) Roger Barnston of Churton
  (iii) Mary Gregge (dsp)
  m. Francis Jodrell of Yeardsley, Sheriff of Cheshire (a 1716)
  (B) Joseph Gregge of Chester & Chamber Hall (Lancashire) (bpt 16.06.1657, d 05.11.1705)
m. (c1680) Martha Wrigley (dau/heir of Benjamin Wrigley, son of Henry of Chambre or Chamber Hall)
  (i) Benjamin Gregge of Chamber Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire (a 1722)
  BLG1952 identifies BEnjamin's wife as Elizabeth Hill of Carr House. FMG (MS514) identifies her as ...
m. Elizabeth Gill (dau of John Gill of Carhouse, sister/heir of John & Westby)
  (a) Edward Gregge of Chamber Hall, later Gregge-Hopwood of Hopwood Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire (d 1798)
  VCH (Lancashire, vol 5, Townships: Hopwood) reports that Robert Hopwood of Hopwood bequeathed Hopwood to (his wife, for life, then ...) Edward and that "Services rendered during the incursion of the Young Pretender in 1745 are said to have been the motive for the bequest."
  m. Judith Sunderland (b 05.1741, dau of John Sunderland of Whittington)
  ((1)) Robert Gregge-Hopwood of Hopwood Hall, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 30.11.1773, d 1854) had issue
  m. (31.12.1805) Cecilia Byng (b 15.08.1770, d 1843, dah of John, 5th Viscount Torrington)
BLG1952 mentions 2 daughters, Mary & Catharine. FMG mentions 3, Elizabeth Catharine (no husband) & Mary.
  ((2)) daughter BLG1952 names her Mary, FMG names her Elizabeth
  m. James Starkey of Heywood Hall
  ((3)) daughter BLG1952 names her Catharine, FMG names her Mary
  m. _ Heron (General)
  (b) Martha (probably not Catherine) Gregge (d 1760)
  m. Thomas Percival of Royton Hall
(c) Mary Gregge
  m. Roger Dewhurst (Captain)
  (d)+ other issue - Benjamin, John (d Culloden), Ursula (d unm)
  (ii) Mary Gregge
  m. John Starkey of Heywood
  (iii)+ other issue - Joseph (dsp), 3 daughters
  (C) Mary Gregge (b 09.06.1658, bur 27.12.1708)
  m. (27.02.1678) Joshua Horton of Chadderton
  (D) Elizabeth Gregge (bpt 20.05.1656, bur 20.07.1657)
  (2) Gregory Gregge
  Ormerod shows John, Edward, Henry, Jane, Alice, Anne & Elizabeth as Robert's siblings. FMG (MS515) provides more details as follows.
  b. John Gregge of Mosshouse (d 29.04.1643)
  m. Catherine Halmerden (dau of Jo. Halmerden of Wlstan, widow of Edward Frodsham)
  (1) Edward Gregge (dsp)
  c. Elizabeth Gregge
  m. William Clark of Thornton
  d. Alice Gregge
  m. Jo. Allen of Parkins Heath
  e. Margaret Gregge
  m. _ Harrison (parson of Wallesey)
  f. Ellinor Gregge
  m. Toby Fourness (parson of Lymme)
  g.+ other issue - Ralph of Mosshouse, Henry (dsp), Edward (dsp)
  iii. Catherine Gregge
  m. Randal Sayer of Appelton
  iv. Ellinor Gregge
  m. Peter Lightfoot of Barrow
  v.+ other issue - Richard of Stretfield Seabrooke (dsp), John (d young), Robert of London (d 22.01.1633), Ralph (dsp in Ireland), Elizabeth (d young)
  m2. Elizabeth Shrigley (dau of William Shrigley of Berrystaff)
  x. John Gregge of Ilkston, Derbyshire
  a.+ 5 sons and 1 daughter
xi. Anne Gregge
  m. _ Warburton of Partington
  xii. Margaret Gregge
  m. Michael Holt of Ireland
  xiii. Mary Gregge
  m. Thomas Digby of Ravenston
  xiv. Frances Gregge
  m. William Tigle of James Deping
  B. Jane Gregge
  m. Richard Legh of Swineshead

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol II, 'Aldersey of Aldersey'), FMG (vol 3, Gregge, MS514 & MS515) with some support from BLG1952 (Hopwood (formerly Gregge-Hopwood) formerly of Hopwood)
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