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Families covered: Gunn in Caithness

(1) Henderson refers to, but does not much discuss, "the debatable question ... whether their ancestor was Gunnius, brother of Sweyn, the Freswick pirate, or Guin, son of Olave, King of Man. By the most credible accounts, they are of Norwegian origin, and it is at least certain that they settled in Caithness at a remote date". A quick review of various web sites about the Gunn family shows that there are various versions of their origin. As shown below, the family branched into Sutherland in the 15th century. Henderson reports thaat "It is singular that, until the middle of the seventeenth century, we find no written evidence of their tenure of land. Probably ... what possessions they had were "gained by the sword," and retained by the same title during their period of prosperity" which, within Caithness, appears to have ended by the mid 17th century.
(2) We start our pedigree of the family with the following George who, according to Henderson, "was chief of the clan in the fifteenth century, and lived at the castle of Harvery, in Clyth. This chieftain was popularly styled the "Cruner Gunn", from his holding the office of "Cruner" or "Crouner" of the district, an ancient office which empowered the holder to attach the persons of offenders against the Crown (sic)."
George Gunn of Harberry, Chief (d 1464)
Henderson reports that George and 4 of his sons "fell in 1464, in a combat with the Keiths, their hereditary foes".
1. James Gunn (a 1464, "retired unto Sutherlandshire")
2. Robert Gunn (d 1464) - continued below "ancestor of the Gunns of Braemore and other respectable families"
3. John Gunn (d 1464) ancestor of "the Gunns of Dalmore and Dale, and others"
4. Henry Gunn (a 1464, "retired into Sutherlandshire") "the traditional ancestor of the Caithness Hendersons"
5/6. William Gunn the traditional ancestor "of the Williamsons and the Wilsons"
6/5. James Gunn, Chief? (a 1464, "retired into Sutherlandshire")
7. (Alexander?) Gunn (d 1464)



Robert Gunn (d 1464) - continued above
1. Donald Gunn
  A. David Gunn
  i. Alexander Gunn 'of Killearnan'
  m. Christian (Mackay) (dau of Donald, 1st Lord Reay)
  a. John Gunn
  (1) George Gunn 'of Braemore'
  (A) Janet Gunn
  m. John Munro (d 1743/6, minister of Halkirk)
  (i) John Gunn Munro of Braemore (Captain)
  m. Elizabeth Sutherland of Torboll
  (a) William Gunn Munro of Braemore (dsp)
  (b) George Gunn Munro of Braemore & Poyntzfield (a 1793)
  (c)+ 1 son + 4 daughters
  (ii) Sir George Munro of Poyntzfield (d after 1783, 3rd son)

Main source(s): 'Caithness Family History' (John Henderson, 1884, 'The Gunns', p319+)
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