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Families covered: Hall of Horsham, Hall of Westborough, Hall of Wilsborough, Hall of Worcestershire

John Hall of Horsham
m. Elizabeth (m2. Thomas Hall of Horsham)
1. Richard Hall (dsp?)
2. John Hall of Horsham (dsp?)
3. Jane (Joane) Hall (d before 1567)
m. John Hall of London (b 1525, d 1613, m2. Dorothy Michell, m3. Anne Browne)
4. Margaret Hall
  m. John Voyce
  A. Jane Voyce
  m. _ Platt
  B. Mary Voyce
  m. _ Cutler
  i.+ issue (a 1598) - John, Thomas
  C.+ other isssue (a 1598) - George, Henry
5. Elizabeth Hall
  m1. Roger Foyce
  m2. Peter Ravenscroft (m1. Elizabeth Foyce)



John Hall of Wilsborough, Kent
1. William Hall of Wilsborough
  A. John Hall of Wilsborough
  m. Joan Knell (d 1580, dau of John Knell of Appledore)
  i. Sir William Hall of Kennington
  m. Margaret Nevill (dau of Anthony Nevill of Mottersley)
  a.+ issue (a 1619) - Nevill (b c1607), John, William, James, Symon, Elizabeth, Margaret, Ruth, Frances, Debora, Bridget
  ii. John Hall of Wilsborough (d by 1634)
  m. Grace Master (dau of Robert Master)
  a.+ issue - Robert, Edward, William, Henry, Frances, Margaret, Ursula, Elizabeth, Joane
  iii. Elizabeth Hall
  m. Michael Master



MGH identifies the arms of this family as "Argent, 3 talbot's heads erased Sable between 9 cross-crosslets Azure, a crescent for difference".
Anthony Hall of Henwick, Worcestershire
1. Anthony Hall of Mathon, Worcestershire (d before 03.03.1626/7)
  A. Thomas Hall (b c1579, d by 1626)
i.+ issue - Anthony (d before 1626), William (a 1626)
  B.+ other issue - William, Henry
  Possibly illegitimate (rather than legitimate) was ...
  D. Margery Hall
  m. Richard Grubbe of Stanford
  i. Anthony Grubbe
2. William Hall of Rotherhithe (Rederiffe or Redcliffe, Surrey) & Leicestershire (d c12.1612)
  m1. Elizabeth Dale of Rederiffe
  m2. Martha Lumley (d c03.1628, dau of James Lumley of London)
  A. William Hall (b c1597, a 1628)
  m. Susanna Freeman (dau of James Freeman of Nether Whitacre)
  i. Martha Hall (b 1618-9, a 1628)
  B. James Hall (b c1599, a 1628)
  m. Maria Collins (dau of James Collins of Hallaton)
  C. Elizabeth Hall
  m1. Thomas Parker of London (d by 1628, milliner)
  i.+ issue (a 1628) - Philip, Richard, John, Martha
  m2. _ Story
  D.+ other issue (a 1619) - Weblin (b c1603), Richard (b c1607, a 1628), Sarah (b c1596), Maria (b c1601)
3. Thomas Hall (a 1626)



Thomas Hall (b 1686, d 07.05.1754, Rector of Westborough)
m. Gertrude Beaumont (d 1761, dau of George Beaumont of Chapel Thorpe)
1. Thomas Hall (b 1722 (or 1716-7?), d 19.07.1775, Rector of Westborough, 2nd son?) the first mentioned by MGH
  m. (03.10.1751) Elizabeth Darwin (b 15.09.1725, d 08.04.1800, dau of Robert Darwin of Elston)
  A. Thomas Hall (b 22.04.1753-4, d 11.01.1801, Rector of Westborough)
  m. (21.09.1778) Catharine Litchford of Grantham (b 1753-4, d 04.08.1841)
  i. Elizabeth Mary Hall (bpt 29.08.1779, d 11.1870)
  m. Adlard Welby of South Ranceby
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 21.10.1780, d 22.01.1781), Thomas (bpt 18.12.1783, d 09.02.1802), Robert (bpt 26.12.1784, bur 07.06.1861), Charles (bpt 20.02.1786, bur 02.11.1852), William (bpt 19.12.1787), John (bpt 16.03.1790), Ann (bpt 26.11.1781, d 21.09.1846), Catherine (bpt 03.12.1782), Susanna (bpt 16.12.1792, d 09.12.1801)
  B William Hall (b 29.11.759, d 1790)
  m. (03.09.1781) Elizabeth Middlemoor of Grantham
  i.+ issue - Robert (b 01.06.1782), Thomas (bur 03.11.1785), George (bur 14.04.1787), Erasmus (bur 10.01.1790), child (b 02.07.1783)
  C. Elizabeth Hall (b 15.06.1754)
  m. (17.09.1777) Roger Vaughan of Hamstead Park (b c1746)
  i.+ issue - Simon Harris (b 1782), Elizabeth Ann (b 08.07.1778, d 01.11.1780), Mary (b 02.08.1779), Johannah (b 10.10.1780)
  B.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 28.05.1758, bur 02.09.1758), Gertrude (bpt 17.12.1756, bur 08.04.1757)
2.+ other issue - Robert (b 1719, d 09.03.1785), Gertrude (b 1719, d 27.09.1798)

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