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Families covered: Heysham of Lancaster, Thornton-Heysham of Stagenhoe Park, Thornton of Oxcliffe

William Heysham of Lancaster
1. Giles Heysham of Lancaster (bpt 20.01.1603, bur 22.05.1664)
  A. Giles Heysham 'of London and/or Stagenhoe' (bpt 19.02.1659, bur 11.12.1702)
  m. Barbara Afflick (bur 30.12.1699, dau of Thomas Afflick of Barbadoes)
  i. Giles Heysham
  ii. Elizabeth Heysham (bpt 6.11.1691)
m. (28.10.1712) William Robinson Litton of Knebworth
  iii. Barbara Heysham (bpt 02.10.1695, dsp 15.02.1717)
  m. Henry Perrot of Northly
  B. Robert Heysham of London (bpt 16.08.1663, d 25.02.15722, MP for Lancaster then city of London)
  m. Jane Thornton (bpt 04.07.1678, d 16.02.1721)
  i. Robert Heysham (b 11.05.1713, a 1723)
  ## We speculate that this was the Robert mentioned below as having made his will on 6th July 1734.
  ii. Jane Heysham (b 18.09.1708, bur 14.11.1711)
  C. William Heysham (bpt 27.01.1666, d 13.06.1716, MP for Lancaster)
m. (0409.1687) Elizabeth Brockden (b 29.04.1671, dau/coheir of Humphry Brockden of Barbadoes)
  i. William Heysham of East Greenwich, Kent (b 10.12.1691, 2nd son)
  m. (01.10.1719) Sarah Perry (b 31.08.1702, a 1723, dau of Richard Perry of London)
  ii.+ other issue - Giles (b 17.08.1689, d 26.10.1692 in Barbadoes), Elizabeth (b 15.11.1694, d unm 20.02.1720)
  D. Anne Heysham (bpt 07.05.1659, bur 06.12.1710)
  m. (1686) Robert Carter (alderman of Lancaster)
  i. Margaret Carter (bpt 16.11.1687)
  m. (19.06.1714) Foster Cunliffe of Liverpool
  ii.+ other issue (d unm) - Elizabeth (bpt 15.12.1689, bur 16.07.1710), Hester (bpt 27.11.1692, bur 30.03.1694)
  E. Hester Heysham (bpt 05.01.1661)
  m. (06.05.1697) Hugh Barker of Great Harwood, Buckinghamshire
  i. Jane Barker (b 03.10.1703)
  m. (19.12.1721) Matthew Hall of London (woolen draper)
  a. Jane Hall (b 24.10.1722)
  ii.+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 04.01.1699, a 1723), Hester (b 23.10.1702, d 07.08.1705)
  F. Elizabeth Heysham (bpt 1669, bur 06.05.1709)
  m. (09.02.1695) Edward Thornton of Oxcliffe @@ just below



Berry identifies the arms of this Thornton family as "Argent, a Chevron Sable between three Hawthorn sprigs vert" quartered with the arms of Heysham which are identified as "Gules an Anchor, in pale Or, on a Chief of the last three Torteauxes" (that last word being difficult to read).
Edward Thornton of Oxcliffe
m. (09.02.1695) Elizabeth Heysham (dau of Giles Heysham of Lancaster) @@ just above
1. John Thornton of Oxcliffe (bpt 09.09.1697)
  m. (07.10.1720) Elizabeth Haydcock (dau of Robert Haydcock of Pheasant Ford)
2. Giles Thornton (bpt 09.1699)
  ## We speculate that this was the Giles Thornton, later Thornton-Heysham of London, who is the first mentioned by Berry and is identified by Berry as successor to "his kinsman Robert Heysham Esquire under his Will dated 6th July 1734". We show that Robert above as Giles's cousin.
  A. Robert Thornton Heysham of Stagenhoe Park, Hertfordshire
m. Hannah Harriet Jepps (dau of J. Jepps of Pauls Walden)
  i. Robert Thornton Heysham of Stagenhoe Park then Weston Lordship
  m. (10.11.1792) Sarah Hankins (d 01.10.1841, dau of William Hankins of Byrlands)
  a. Robert Thornton Heysham, later in Bath (a 1843) had issue
  m. Frances Price (dau of Barrington Price by MAria Jane Bowes, dau of John, 6th Earl of Strathmore)
  b. William Henry Thornton Heysham had issue
  m. Hester Nunes (dau of Aaron Fernandex Nunes of Belmont Park)
  c. Arabella Elizabeth Thornton Heysham (dsp 01.02.1842)
  m. (16.04.1819) Charles Fox Winnington (Rector of Stanford Clifton, brother of Sir Thomas, Bart)
  d.+ other issue - John (d infant), Frederick, Anna Maria Harriet (a 1843, d unm?), Charlotte August (a 1843, d unm?), Sarah (a 1843, d unm?)
  ii. Elizabeth Thornton Heysham
  m. Rev. Johnm Benn of Kensingham
  iii.+ son (d infant) + daughter (d infant)
  B. Edmund Heysham (d 04.02.1819, Rector of Little Munden, 3rd son?)
  m. Sarah Smith of Watford
  i.+ 3 sons + 6 daughters
  C.+ other issue - Giles, Sarah, 2 others
3. Robert Thornton (bpt 11.1700)

Main source(s): MGH (NS1, vol 4 (1884), 'Heysham Pedigree', p373+) with input for the lower section from CountyGen (Berry, Hertfordshire, pp90-91)
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