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Families covered: O'Kelly of Gallagh, O'Kelly of Hy-Many, O'Kelly of Tycooly

Connor Mor O'Kelly, Chief of Hy-Many (d 1268/c1284)
m1. _ O'Heyne
1. Daniel (Domhnall) O'Kelly, Chief of Hy-Many
  A. Gilbert O'Kelly ancestor of O'Kelly of Belagallda
2. Maine O'Kelly
m2. Durbhail or Deibhail (dau of _ O'Loughlin of Burren)
3. Donoch Muimhneach (Donnchadh Miamhneach) O'Kelly (d 1307)
  m1. Rose McQuillin (Dau of _ McQuillin of The Route)
  A.+ 4 sons
  BLG1952 identifies Donoch's 2nd wife as just Duibhesa O'Conor but BIFR identifies her as ...
  m2. Duibhesa O'Connor (dau of Mwaleachlain O'Connor, King of Connaught)
  E.+ 2 sons
  F. Edmund O'Kelly ancestor of McEdmonds of Gaillie
  G. William Boy O'Kelly of Callow Castle (d 1381)
  BLG1952 does not name a wife of William but BIFR identifies them as ...
  m1. _ O'Grady
m2. Mary Burke (dau of Ulick Burke, Lord of Clanrickard)
  i. Melaghlin (Maeleachlan or Maelseachlain) O'Kelly (d 1401)
  We are not uncertain that we have 'got right' Melaghlin's children, most of which come from BIFR. BLG1952 notes that the order of the marriages is uncertain though BIFR identifies Finola O'Conor as the 2nd wife.
  m1/2. _ Burke (dau of Walter Burke)
  a. Ruaidhic O'Kelly (dsp)
  b. Brian O'Kelly (d 1393, tanist of Hy-Maine) ancestor of O'Kelly of Screen
  (1) Aedh (Hugh) O'Kelly ancestor of O'Kelly of Athleague
  (2) Maghnus O'Kelly of Screen ancestor of O'Kelly of Aughnane (Castle Kelly) and Count O'Kelly of Montauban, France
  Uncertain by which wife were ...
  c. Conor Anabaidh O'Kelly (d 1403) had issue
  d. Teige O'Kelly, Chief of Hy-Many (d 1410)
  m2/1. Finola O'Conor (dau of Turlough O'Conor Don, King of Connaught)
  e. Donough (Donoch) O'Kelly, Chief of Hy-Many (d 1424)
(1) Teige (Tadhg) O'Kelly, Chief of Hy-Many (d 1464)
  m. _ Burke (dau of Thomas Burke of Moyne)
  (A) Mealeachlainn (Mealseachlainn or Malachy) O'Kelly of Gallagh Castle, Chief of Hy-Many (d 1511)
  m. Mabel O'Kelly (dau of Teige Roe O'Kelly of Callow)
  (i) Teigh (Tadhg) O'Kelly of Gallagh Castle, Chief of Hy-Many (d 1513)
  Both BIFR and BLG1886 identifyTeigh's 1st wife, and mother of Aedh and Catherine, as a daughter of Donagh O'Kelly but TCP (Athenry) identifies Catherine's mother as ...
  m1. Sabine Burke (dau of Thomas MacRichard Oge Burke of Derrymaclaghtny)
(a) Aedh (Hugh) O'Kelly (abbot of Knockmoy)
  (b) Catherine O'Kelly (d 1593) see note just below
  m. (before 1540) Richard Bermingham, 9th Lord of Athenry (d 1580)
  m2. Una MacDermot (dau of _ MacDermot of Moylurg)
  (c) William O'Kelly of Mullaghmore
BLG1886 reports that William's wife was a daughter of Meyler Boy Bermingham but we see someone of that name as 2nd son of Edmund Bermingham, 10th Lord of Athenry, by Cicely who, according to TCP (Athenry) appears to have been daughter of William's son Teige. We suspect that something is not right here and/or with one of the Lady Berminghams.
  ((1)) Teige O'Kelly of Mullaghmore
  ((A)) _ O'Kelly of Mullaghmore had issue?
  ((B)) Cicely O'Kelly (d 1593) of this generation?
  m. Edmund Bermingham, 10th Lord of Athenry (b 1540, d 1614)
  (d) Donnagh (Donnchadh) Reagh O'Kelly of Gallagh (a 1525)
  m. Una Burke (dau of John Roe Burke of Beamore)
  ((1)) Conor Na Garraghe O'Kelly of Gallagh (d c1612) - continued below
  m. Honora O'Kelly (dau of Richard Boy O'Kelly of Moate)
  (2) Bresal (Breasal) O'Kelly (d 1464)
  (A) Donnchadh O'Kelly
  (i)+ issue - Teige (a 1490), Hugh (d 1487)
  f. William O'Kelly of Aughrim (d 1420)
  g.+ other issue - Domhnall (d 1393), Edmond (d 1393)
  ii. Aedh Buidhe O'Kelly (4th son) ancestor of O'Kelly of Ballyforan and Mucklon
  iii.+ other issue - William Og (d 1372, tanist of Hy-Maine), Teige, Muircheartach
m3. Edavin Macnamara
The above marriages are as reported by BLG1952. BIFR names only the 2nd wife but names also the following who may have been the issue reported by BLG1952 of this 3rd marriage.
4.+ other issue - Murchadh, Cathabna Finne



Conor Na Garraghe (Conchobar Na Gearbhach) O'Kelly of Gallagh (d c1612) - continued above
m. Honora O'Kelly (dau of Richard Boy O'Kelly of Moate)
1. Teige O'Kelly of Gallagh
  m1. Mary Burke (dau of Henry Burke, son of Sir Hubert)
  A. Donough (Donnchadh) Reagh O'Kelly of Gallagh
  m. Eleanor Burke (dau of Sir Ulick Burke, Bart of Glinsk)
  i. William O'Kelly of Gallagh (a 1688, Captain)
  m. Elizabeth Dillon (dau of Robert Dillon of Clonbrock)
  a. Festus O'Kelly of Tycooly, Count (2nd son)
  Along with his son Dillon, Festus was appointed a Count of the Holy Roman Empire in recognition of Dillon's distinguished career in service of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.
  m. (1724) Joanna Dillon (dau of John Dillon of Kingdare)
  (1) Connor O'Kelly of Tycooly, Count
  m. (1766) Margaret Moore (dau of John Moore of Annabeg, sister of Garret of Cloghan Castle)
  (A) Festus O'Kelly of Tycooly, Count (b 1771, d 04.04.1834) had issue
  m. (1795) Marian O'Madden (dau of Ambrose O'Madden of Anna Calla)
(B)+ other issue - John, Mary, Jane, Eliza, Anne, Susanna
  (2) Dillon John O'Kelly, Count (dsp 1811, General )
  m. (c1755) Marian, Countess of Klenowa, Baroness de Jenovey
  b.+ other issue - Conor, Patrick, Eleanor
  m2. Julia O'Shaughnessy (dau of Sir Dermot O'Shaughnessy)
  B. John MacTeige O'Kelly
  m. Anne Daly (dau of Dermot Daly of Killimore)
  i. Donough O'Kelly
  C. Margaret O'Kelly
  m. Charles Kelly, 9th of Screen (Colonel)
  D. Julia O'Kelly probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Keallagh O'Kelly of Aughrim
2.+ 5 daughters

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BIFR1958 (O'Kelly formerly of Gallagh), with support for early generations from BLG1952 (Kelly of Leesthorpe Hall) then for later generations from BLG1886 (O'Kelly of Gallagh)
(2) For lower section : BLG1886 (O'Kelly of Gallagh), BIFR1958 (O'Kelly formerly of Gallagh)
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