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Families covered: Knox of Ranfurlie (Ranfurly)

1. Adam de Knocks (a temp Alexander II who r. 1214-1249)
  A. Joannis de Knox (a temp Alexander II who r. 1214-1249)
The connection between this Johannis and the Uchtred who was alive in the time of King James II has so far been found only in BIFR1976. At least one of the other sources suggests that this connection has not been fully proved.
  i. Uchtred de Knox
  a. Alangus de Knox (a temp Robert Bruce who r. 1306-1329)
  (1) Sir John de Knox of Ranfurly
  m. (1371) ?? Fleming (dau of Sir David Fleming of Biggar)
  (A) Robert de Knox
  (i) Uchtred Knox de Ranfurlie (a temp James II who r. 1430-1437)
  (a) John Knox of Ranfurlie
  m. ?? Maxwell (dau of Sir Robert Maxwell of Calderwood by Elizabeth Dennistoun)
((1)) Uchtred Knox of Ranfurlie (a 1473)
  m. Agnes Lyle (dau of Lord Lyle)
MacFarlane inserts here another generation, an Uchtred Knox who married Janet Fleming of the family of Barrochar. BIFR1976 shows such a Janet as wife of the following Uchtred's brother George rather than his mother. We follow BIFR1976 not least because Crawfurd confirms that Janet Fleming's husband was George.
  ((A)) Uchtred Knox of Ranfurlie
  m. Janet Semple (dau of Lord Semple)
  ((i)) Uchtred Knox of Ranfurlie
  m. Isabel Cunningham (dau of William Cuninghame, 2nd of Craigends)
  ((ii)) William Knox of Silvyland
  m. heiress of Silvyland
  ((iii)) Janet (Jean) Knox
m1. Alexander Cunningham (of Craigends family)
  m2. John Porterfield of that ilk (d 1575)
  ((iv)) Hewisse Knox probably the Hewissa who married ...
  m. John Bontein, 6th of Ardoch (d 1570)
  ((B)) George Knox (a 1503)
  m. Janet Fleming of Barrochar family
  ((i)) John Knox
  BIFR1976 confirms that, although some sources have suggested that this John was the famous Reformer, he was not.
  ((ii)) William Knox (minister of Cockpen) had issue
It is not known exactly how John Knox, the famous preacher and church reformer, fitted into this family. Crawfurd reports that he was "a grandnephew of this family" by which is assumed that his grandfather was a younger brother of one of the lairds. If so, he may fit in here (his grandfather may even have been the above George). . This connection has not been confirmed.
  ((C)) ?? Knox
  ((i)) William Knox of Gifford, East Lothian (b 1486, d 1513)
  m. _ Sinclair
  ((a)) John Knox (b after 1504, d 24.11.1572, the Reformer)§G
  m1. (c1553) Marjorie Bowes (d c1560, dau of Richard Bowes, Captain of Norham Castle)
  (((1))) Nathaniel Knox (d 1580)
  (((2))) Eleazar Knox (d 1591, vicar of Clacton Magna)
  m2. (03.1564) Margaret Stewart (dau of Andrew Stewart, Lord Ochiltree)
  (((3))) Elizabeth Knox (b 1570, d 1625)
  m. (1594) John Welch (b 1569, d 1622, minister)
  (((A))) Lucy Welch (b 20.05.1613, d after 1650)
  m. (1635) James Alexander Witherspoon (b 1610, d 1649, minister)
  ((b)) William Knox (minister in Cockpen) - continued below



William Knox (minister in Cockpen) - continued above
1. William Knox (minister in Cockpen)
2. James Knox (minister at Kelso)
3. John Knox (minister of Melrose)
  A. John Knox (minister of Bowden)
  i. Henry Knox (chaplain to King Charles II)
ii. John Knox (minister of West Calder, later of Leith)
  a. John Knox (surgeon at Edinburgh Castle)
  m. Isabel Mack (dau of John Mack)
  (1) David Knox (surgeon in Edinburgh)
  m. Isabel Hepburn (dau of Robert Hepburn of Beanston by Jane Calderwood, heiress of Whiterig)
  (A) Robert Knox (d 1792, physician in war in America, later in London, 2nd son)
  m. Sarah Rogers
  (i) St. Clair Stuart Knox
  m. (03.06.1801) William Trotter of Ballindean
  (ii)+ other issue - Granby Robert, Francis Arthur Skene
  (B) Charlotte Knox (5th dau)
  m. Thomas Trotter of Edinburgh (b 1724)
  (C)+ other issue - John, David, 5 daughters
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas, Jane, Isabel

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 17.01.04) : BIFR1976 (Knox), MacFarlane's Genealogical Collection (vol 2, Knox) with some support from Crawfurd's Renfrewshire and, regarding the family of the reformer John Knox, input from various web sites
(2) For lower section (uploaded 09.10.08) : Commoners (vol IV, Trotter of Ballindean)
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