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Families covered: Maitland of Auchinbreck, Maitland of Barcaple, Maitland of Dundrennan Abbey, Maitland of Eccles, Maitland of London, Maitland of Loughton Hall

James Maitland of Auchinbreck or Bagraw (a 01.1450/1)
m. Egidia Scrymgeour (dau of Sir James Scrymgeour of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee)
1. Robert Maitland of Auchinbreck (a 08.1489)
  A. James Maitland of Queensbury, later of Auchinbreck, Eccles & Croftjean (a 1525)
  m1. _ Somerville
  i. John Maitland of Auchinbreck & Tibbers
  m2. Margaret Douglas (dau of Sir William Douglas of Coshogill)
  ii. Robert Maitland of Eccles (in Penpunt, Dunfriesshire) (a 09.1530)
  m. Agnes Gordon (dau of _ Gordon of Troghaine in Galloway)
  a. Robert Maitland of Eccles (d 1597)
  m1. Janet Wilsoin of Croglin (cousin)
  (1) Robert Maitland of Eccles (d 1606)
  m. Margaret Jardine (dau of Thomas Jardine of Barnock)
  (A) Robert Maitland of Eccles (b 1605, d 04.1640)
  m. (1627) Mary Brown (d 1686, dau of Rev. John Brown of Glencairn, m2. James Brotherstones)
  (i) John Maitland of Eccles (b 08.07.1631, d 14.05.1678)
  m. (28.04.1653) Janet Blair (b c1630, d 22.02.1684, dau of John Blair of Pittendrech)
  (a) George Maitland of Eccles (b 07.08.1655, d 11.08.1702, 2nd son)
  m. (21.11.1678) Margaret Fergusson (d 12.1697, dau of Robert Fergusson of Craigderrock)
  ((1)) Grizell Maitland
  m. Abraham Crichton of Garland
  ((2)) Margaret Maitland (d 1712)
  m. James Maxwell of Maxworth
  ((3)) Elizabeth Maitland
  m. Alexander Cochran of Glasgow
  ((4)) Anne Maitland (dsp)
  m. Mungo Gibson (Minister of Sanquhar)
  ((5)) Mary Maitland
  m. Alexander Williamson
  (b) Charles Maitland of Eccles (b 17.09.1664, d 24.06.1724, MD, youngest son)
  m. (07.11.1695) Margaret Gibb (b c1681, d 24.04.1723, dau of William Gibb of Glasgow)
  ((1)) Charles Maitland of Eccles (b 14.10.1701)
  m. (1739) Grisel Blair (dau of John Blair of Dunskey by Jane Hay)
  ((A)) Charles Maitland of Eccles (b 24.05.1740)
  ((B)) Grizell Maitland (b 04.03.1747)
  m. John Bushby
  ((i)) John Bushby, later Maitland of Eccles had issue
  m. Eliza Harriet Camac (dau of William Camac)
  ((C)) Janet Maitland (b 16.06.1748)
  m. (1773) Rev. _ Babington
  ((D))+ other issue - John (b 21.07.1743, Captain RN), William (b 21.08.1745), Joan (b 20.08.1741), Margaret (b 29.07.1742)
  ((2))+ other issue - John in Edinburgh (b 24.05.1707, d unm 03.1737), William (in London (b 09.07.1712, surgeon), Janet (b 09.03.1697, a 1755), Margaret (b 02.03.1700, a 1755), Mary (b 02.04.1705, d 25.03.1706), Mary (b 12.06.1709)
  (c) Elizabeth Maitland (b 07.03.1668, d 08.03.1703)
  m. (04.1690) William Fergusson of Caitlock
  (d)+ other issue - James (b 04.04.1654, d 13.07.1654),Robert (b 09.04.1657, d unm 01.08.1685), John (b 18.09.1660, d 09.02.4686, WS), Charles (b 22.02.1662, d 06.12.1662-3), Margaret (b 22.07.1658, d unm 06.06.1675), Mary (b 12.07.1666, d 17.02.1675)
  (ii) Robert Maitland (d young)
  (iii) William Maitland (b 1635, d 10.1681, minister of Whithorn then Beith)
  m1. _ Hamilton (dsp, dau of Rev. _ Hamilton of Edinburgh)
  m2. (25.09.1666) Elizabeth McAulay of Arncaple (widow of Rev. Patrick Colville of Beith)
  (a) William Maitland (b c1670, d 27.10.1739, Minister of Mauchlin)
  m. Mary Stewart (dau of James Stewart of Lumloch, brother of Sir Archibald of Blackhall, Bart)
  ((1))+ issue - William of Mauchlin (surgeon), James of Barcaple (chirurgeon)
  m3. (16.06.1674) Mary McMichen (b c1672, d 13.09.1735, dau/coheir of John McMichen of Barncaple, m2. Rev. Patrick Colville of Beith)
(b) John Maitland of Tongland in Barcaple (bpt 19.01.1676)
  m. (c1704) Margaret Gordon of Kirkcudbright
  ((1)) Alexander Maitland of Stoke Newington (Middlesex) & London (bpt 08.11.1715, d 20.02.1775)
  m. Hannah (b c1721, d 18.09.1782)
  ((A)) Sarah Maitland
  m. (26.03.1776) Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster, Bart (b c1773, d 21.12.1835)
  ((2)) Robert Maitland of London (bpt 02.02.1710, d 04.12.1789)
  m. (16.12.1740) Ursula Gorham (b c1719, d 16.10.1800, dau of John Gorham)
  ((A)) Robert Maitland of Greenwich & Kent (b 1744, d 09.04.1810)
  m. Elizabeth Ridge (b c1738, d 18.11.1809, dau/heir of John Ridge of Kingston)
  ((i)) John Maitland of London (b 12.12.1767, dsp 07.05.1801)
  m. (08.1795) Mary Curtis (dau of Timothy Curtis of Hackney, m2. William Curtis)
  ((ii)) Robert Matiland of Thaxted & Kingston (b 10.06.1773, d 14.05.1811) had issue
  m. (1803) Anne Willsher of Smythers (b 28.01.1777, d 05.1856)
  ((iii)) Alexander Maitland of London (b 27.06.1774, d 18.04.1811)
  m1. (spm) Alice Green of Eltham (b c1700, d 18.02.1802)
  m. (18.10.1806, sp) Charlotte Gordon (d 20.05.1807, dau of Charles Gordon)
  ((iv)) Mary Maitland (b 23.07.1770, d 26.05.1798)
  m. (10.07.1792) Joseph Wilson of Islington, Stowlangtoft Hall & Little Massingham (b 07.08.1766, d 11.03.1851)
  ((v)) Frances Maitland
  m. Rev. John Savil of Colchester (b 12.04.1780, d 14.12.1836)
((vi))+ other issue - Thomas (b c1776, d 11.11.1788), Henry (b 1777-8, d unm 14.02.1841), Elizabeth (d young)
  ((B)) Henry Maitland (b c1749, d 12.12.1811)
  ((C)) Ebenezer Maitland of Clapham (b c1752, d 18.09.1834, Director of the Bank of England)
  m. Mary Winter (b 1751-2, d 23.05.1835, dau of John Winter of London)
  ((i)) Ebenezer Maitland, later Fuller Maitland of Stansted, Park Place & High Barcaple, Sheriff of Berkshire (b 23.04.1780, d 01.11.1858, MP) had issue
  m. (09.01.1800) Bethia Ellis (d 21.08.1865, dau/heir of Joshua Ellis of London by Esther, dau of William Fuller of London & sister/coheir of Thomas)
  ((D)) John Maitland of Loughton Hall & Woodford Hall, Essex (b c1753, d 22.03.1831, MP)
  m. (02.02.1790) Mary Anne Reavely (b c1761, d 31.12.1830, dau of Henry Reavely)
  ((i)) William Whitaker Maitland of Loughton Hall & Woodford Hall, Sheriff of Essex (b 31.10.1794, d 01.07.1861) had issue
  m. (07.12.1820) Anne Gott (b 10.04.1800, dau of Ben |Gott of Armley House)
  ((ii)) Isabella Reavely Maitland (b 21.07.1792)
  ((E)) Alexander Maitland of Peckham then Gloucester (b 1759-60, d 24.07.1837)
  m1. (18.01.1785) Caroline Busby (d 13.02.1824, dau of William Busby of Bath)
  ((i)) Samuel Roffey Maitland of Gloucester (b 07.01.1792, d 18.01.1866) had issue
  m. (19.11.1816) Selina Stephenson (b 1786-7, d 08.06.1858, dau of Rev. Christopher Stephenson of Olney)
((ii)) Mary Roffey Maitland (b 22.11.1785)
  m. (18.04.1815) Rev. Robert Tozer of Marlborough
  ((iii)) Carolie Maitland (b 30.04.17855)
  m. (02.05.1809) Robert Steven
  m2. (10.08.1825) Susannah Langston (d 25.07.1847, dau of Sir Stephen Langston)
  ((F)) Ursula Maitland (b 26.09.1776, d 23.02.1836)
  m1. (05.1779) Nathaniel Polhill of Southwark (b c1756, d 30.11.1782)
  m2. (06.08.1787) James Ware of London (b 02.1756, d 13.04.1815, oculist, 'son of Martin of Greenwich')
  ((3)) Anne Maitland (bpt 20.11.1705)
  m. _ McNaght of Minigaff
  ((4))+ other issue - William (b 1716), Joan (bpt 23.01.1707, d unm), Barbara (b 1708), Mary (b 1713), Sarah (b 1719)
  (c) Alexander Maitland of Barcaple (b 19.03.1677, d 18.03.146, Minister of Tongland)
  m. (26.09.1723) Agnes Smart (b 1690-1, d 18.07.1767, dau of David Smart (Treasurer of Kirkcudbright))
  ((1)) David Maitland of Barcaple (b 29.03.1730, d 17.04.1792, 2nd son)
  m. (mcrty 19.12.1758) Mary Curtis (b 1737-8, d 01.08.1774, dau of David Curtis o Newlaw)
  ((A)) David Maitland in Virginia, later of Barcaple (b 21.11.1759, d 18.05.1838)
  m1. (26.10.1788) Susanna Poythross (d 1799, dau of Joshua Poythross)
  ((i))+ issue - Mary Currie (b 12.12.1790, d 27.01.1795), Elizabeth Agnes of Barcaple & Fludha (b 23.04.1793, a 1855), Susanna Poythross (b 23.10.1798, d unm 20.05.1840)
  m2. (16.05.1804) Grace Gordon (d 29.11.18547, dau of Alexander Gordon of Campbelton)
  ((iv)) David Alexander Maitland of London (b 29.05.1807, d unm 1846)
  ((B)) Alexander Maitland of Chipperkyle (b 06.07.1762, d 02.11.1834, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (08.02.1808) Catherine Currie (d 02.04.1856, dau of David Currie of Newlaw)
  ((C)) Adam Maitland of Dundrennan Abbey (b 28.04.1764, d 20.07.1843)
  m. (18.10.1790) Stuart McWhan (b 21.06.1767, d 28.06.1811, dau of Joseph McWhan of Kikrcudbright)
  ((i)) Thomas Maitland of Dundrennan Abbey (b 09.10.1792, d 10.06.1851, Judge as Lord Dundrennan, Solicitor General for Scotland, MP) had issue
  m. (03.07.1818) Isabella Graham McDowall (d 27.08.1864, dau of James McDowall of Glasgow)
  ((ii)) Joseph Maitland in New Zealand (b 17.06.1801, d 09.08.1864) had issue
  (27.10.1829) Maria Pillans (dau of Thomas Pillans of Leith)
  ((iii)) John Maitland (b 18.11.1809, dsp 03.12.1835)
  m. (1833) Letitia Van Schoor
  ((iv)) Edward Francis Maitland of Barcaple (b 16.04.1808, Judge as Lord Barcaple, Solicitor General for Scotland) had issue
  m. (07.1840) Ann Roberts (d 30.05.1854, dau of William Roberts of Glasgow)
  ((v)) Helen Maitland (b 13.01.1800, dsp 15.03.1835)
  m. Robert Louis of Plean
  ((vi)) Stuart Maitland (b 21.04.1803, d 1835)
  m. Rev. William Dow (dsp)
  ((vii))+ other issue - David of Lower Barcaple & Valleyfield (b 07.03.1796, a 1848), Adam (b 03.05.1806, d unm 26.05.1828), Margaret (b 19.07.1794, d unm 1815), Mary (b 02.05.1798, d 27.06.1804)
  ((D)) Samuel Maitland of Dumfries (b 28.05.1765, d 30.11.1797, Captain)
  m. (10.1795) Isabella Anderson (d 1830)
  ((i))+ issue (d young) - John, Samuel
  ((E)) Robert Maitland of New York (b 18.07.1768) had issue
  m1. Susanna Harrison
  m2. Elizabeth Lenox
  ((F)) William Maitland of New York then Liverpool (b 31.10.1770, d 04.08.1842) had issue
  m. (23.12.1813) Matilda Douglas (dau of James Douglas of Orchardton)
  ((G)) Agnes Maitland (b 08.01.1761, dsp 02.02.1792)
  m. (02.1791) David Hunter of London
  ((H)) Jean Maitland (b 25.05.1766)
  m. (1800) Patrick Campbell of Queenshill
  ((I))+ other issue (d unm) - John (b 05.09.1769, d 24.12.1769), John (b 23.07.1774, d 14.12.1801), Catherine (b 28.06.1772, d 09.1842)
  ((2)) Alexander Maitland of Vallelyfield (b 17.04.1731, d 06.02.1813)
  m. (24.05.1755) _ Campbell of Queenshill
  ((A)) other issue - Margaret Maitland (b 17.09.1760, dsp 20.04.1847)
  m. (26.09.1804) Robert Westley Hall of Ilford Lodge (b 1750-1. d 13.04.1834)
  ((3))+ other issue(d unm) - Adam (b 14.11.1726, d 11.12.1730), William (b 24.10.1734, d 1809), Robert (b 28.10.1736, d 26.02.1737), Anne (b 13.08.1724, d 28.11.1794), ***n (b 14.08.1728, d 08.03.1761)
  (d) James Maitland (bpt 05.01.1679, d unm)
  (iv) Margaret Maitland
  m. Thomas Greirson of Lagan
  (v) Sarah Maitland (d 1707)
  m. Robert Paton (Minister of Fereggles)
  (B) Margaret Maitland (d young)
  (2) Janet Maitland
  m. _ Denholm of Creighan
  (3)+ other issue - John, Gilbert (to Ireland)
  m2. (mcrt 11.08.1573) Marion Douglas (a 1646, dau of William Dougls of Killwarren)
  (4) John Maitland (d 1646 in Ireland)
  (A)+ issue - John, James
  (5)+ other issue - Andrew (d 1646), William (d young), Nicholas, Margaret, Isabell
  b. Andrew Maitland ("Lived to be 100 years Old") had issue

Main source(s): MGH (NS1, vol 2 (1876, #XIII, March 1870), 'Maitland Pedigree', p205+)
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