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Families covered: Mansergh of Barwicke Hall, Mansergh of Cashel, Mansergh of Grenane, Mansergh of Mansergh Hall, Mansergh of Macrony Castle, Mansergh of Nether Hall

BHO reports that "There was no ancient manor of Mansergh; the place was anciently a hamlet of Barbon and was often described as "in Barbon". In the fifteenth or sixteenth century two ancient freeholds came to be known as the estates of Mansergh Hall and the Nether Hall. ... No certain or continuous descent of Mansergh Hall can be deduced." It then mentions "Adam de Manesergh occurs 1180-1200". Later, BHO reports: "The Nether Hall appears to have been in the possession of the following members of the local family: Adam de Manesergh, who died in 1206". In a self-indulgent attempt to pull together the genealogical information provided by BHO, we presume that the Adam de Manesbergh of Mansergh Hall (a 1180, 1200) was the same person as the Adam de Manesbergh of Nether Hall (d 1206) and provide the following but note that it is highly speculative and should certainly not be viewed as reliable.
Adam de Manesergh of Mansergh Hall & Nether Hall (a 1180, d 1206)
m. Mary mother of Roger, possibly also of ...
1. William de Mansergh possibly of this generation, being father of ...
  A. Thomas de Mansergh of Mansergh Hall (a 1206) possibly father of ...
  i. William de Mansergh
  a. William de Mansergh of Mansergh Hall (a 1270, 1282)
  m. Cecily (a 1270, 1282) possibly parents of ...
  (1) William de Mansergh of Mansergh Hall (d by 1342)
  m. Alice (a 1342)
  (A) John de Mansergh ('the younger') (d by 1342)
  (2) John de Mansergh ('the elder'????) possibly fits here
  (A) John de Mansergh ("clerk") possibly fits here, heir of William, possibly father of ...
  (i) Sir John de Mansergh of Mansergh Hall (a 1384)
  BHO reports that "During the first half of the fifteenth century the family of Redman of Thornton became possessed of the estate."
2. Roger de Mansergh of Nether Hall of Mansergh
  A. Nicholas de Mansergh of Nether Hall (a 1260, 1280) possibly succeeded by ...
  i. Thomas de Mansergh of Nether Hall (a 1318) possibly father of ...
  a. ?? de Mansergh
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (1) ?? de Mansergh possibly father of ...
  (A) Richard Mansergh of Nether Hall (a 1451) possibly father of ...
  (i) Alexander Mansergh of Nether Hall (a 1461) possibly father of ...
(a) Richard Mansergh of Nether Hall (a 1501) possibly father of ...
  This is where we 'get serious' with this pedigree. After Richard, BHO mentions Christopher of Nether Hall (d 1568) then William who, with his wife Jane, sold "Nether Haule otherwise Mansergh Haule" c1590 (sb 1580?). BIFR1976 starts with Brian of Barwicke Hall (d 1529) whose son George's son William "m. his cousin Jane, only surv grandchild and heiress of Edward Mansergh, of Nether Hall (sold 1579)". The following would fit that report but should still be thought of as speculative.
  ((1)) Edward Mansergh of Nether Hall
  ((A)) ?? Mansergh (dvp?)
  ((i)) Jane Mansergh
  m. William Mansergh of Barwicke Hall (d 1589) @@ below
  ((2)) Christopher Mansergh of Nether Hall (d 1568) possibly son of Edward?
  ((A)) William Mansergh, last of Nether Hall (a 1589)
  m. Jane (a 1589)
  ((3)) Brian Mansergh of Barwicke Hall (d 1529) - continued below



Brian Mansergh of Barwicke Hall (d 1529) - continued above
1. George Mansergh (b 1490, d 1571)
  A. William Mansergh of Barwicke Hall (d 1589)
  m. Jane Mansergh (granddau/heir of Edward Mansergh of Nether Hall, cousin) @@ above
  i. Brian Mansergh of Barwicke Hall (d 1621)
  a. William Mansergh of Barwicke Hall (b 1591)
b. George Mansergh (b 1596, d 1636)
  m. Rebecca Redman (dau of Rev. James Redman of Halton, sister of Colonel Daniel)
  (1) Bryan Mansergh of Ballybur, Sheriff of co. Kilkenny (to Ireland) (a 1681)
  m. Catherine Wentworth (dau of Daniel Wentworth)
  (A) Daniel Mansergh of Macrony Castle (d before 01.04.1735)
m. Mary Southcote (dau/coheir of Nicholas Southcote of Grenane, cousin)
  (i) James Mansergh of Macrony (a 1728, d before 21.03.1774, Major)
  m1. Elizabeth Gifford (dau of John Gifford of Ahern)
  (a) Catherine Mansergh
m. (02.02.1757) Samuel Bayley
  m2. (15.07.1749) Mary St. George (natural dau of Lt. Gen. Richard St. George)
  (b) Richard Mansergh, later St. George-Mansergh (d 1797)
  m. Anne Stepney of Durrow
((1)) Richard James St. George-Mansergh of Headford Castle, Sheriff (b 16.10.1789, dsp 1857)
  m. (13.02.1812) Elizabeth Sophia Shawe (dau of William Cunliffe Shawe of Southgate House)
  ((2)) Stepney Mansergh St. George (b 17.03.1791, d 1847) had issue
  m. (18.06.1833) Fanny L'Estrange (d 1845, dau of Col. Henry Peisley L'Estrange of Moystown)
  (ii) Nicholas Mansergh of Grenane (d before 06.08.1768)
  m. (09.12.1750) Elizabeth Lockwood (d 06.03.1795, dau of Richard Lockwood of Indaville & Castle Leake)
  (a) Nicholas Southcote Mansergh of Grenane (d 03.1818)
  m. (22.03.1770) Elizabeth Carden (dau of John Carden of Templemore, sister of Sir John Craven, 1st Bart)
  ((1)) John Southcote Mansergh of Grenane, Sheriff (dvp 14.09.1817)
  m1. (07.01.1795) Mary Martin (d 03.09.1811, dau/heir of Richard Martin of Clifford)
((A)) Nicholas Southcote Mansergh (b 09.01.1779, d young)
  ((B)) Richard Martin Southcote Mansergh of Grenane (b 14.11.1800, d 24.03.1876) had issue
  m1. (25.02.1822) Jane Rosetta Bomford (d 20.02.1836, dau/coheir of Robert Bomford of Rahinstown)
  m2. (26.04.1843) Christine Mauleverer (d 21.11.1854, dau of Rev. Richard Mauleverer of Tipperary)
  ((C)) Charles Carden Mansergh of Clifford, co. Cork (b 02.10.1802, d 14.12.1873) had issue
  m. (01.1830) Elizabeth Bland (d 1876, dau of Capt. Loftus Otway Bland of Bath)
  ((D)) John Craven Mansergh of Rocksavage, co. Cork (b 10.10.1805, d 30.12.1896) had issue
  m1. (1832) Anna Von Prebenton Richards (d 10.11.1844, dau of John Louis Gideon Ernest Von Prebenton Richards of Rathaspick, formerly Count Wilmsdorff of Hanover)
m2. (1855) Jane Anne Campbell (d 08.05.1900, dau of Major John Campbell)
  ((E)) Southcote Mansergh of Grallagh Castle, Thurles (b 08.05.1807)
  m. (01.06.1841) Anna Matilda Stepney (d 07.1861, dau of Col. Herbert Rawson Stepney of Durrow Abbey, widow of William Nicholson of Turtulla)
  ((F)) Elizabeth Mansergh (b 01.01.1796, d 1871)
  m. Edward Beatty of Heathfield
  ((G)) Catherine Mansergh (b 21.07.1797, d 05.05.1860)
  m. (21.04.1817) George Walker of Fermoy (Cmdr RN)
  ((H)) Mary Martin Mansergh (b 23.11.1803, d 13.09.1868)
  m. (06.1830) Francis Leigh of Sion (d 20.02.1882)
  m2. Charlotte Carey (dau of John Carey of Straw Hall)
  ((I)) Robert Southcote Mansergh (dsp 31.05.1871)
  ((2)) Robert Mansergh of Friarsfield (Captain, 3rd son)
m. (15.08.1814) Jane Hare (dau of John Hare of Deerpark)
  ((3)) Daniel Mansergh (Captain, 6th son) had issue
  m. Elivra Waterhouse
  ((4)) Robert Mansergh had issue
  m. Susan Macnamara (dau of William Nugent Macnamara of Doolen)
  ((5)) Ellen Mansergh (d 10.06.1812)
  m. (11.05.1805) William Kemmis of Ballinacor (d 20.07.1864)
  ((6))+ other issue - Nicholas (dsp), John of Tipperary (b c1770, d 14.02.1825), James (bur 22.01.1804), Clarinda (d unm), Letitia (d unm)
  (b) Daniel Mansergh of Cashel, Sheriff (b 1772-3, d 10.06.1823)
  m. (06.1788) Katherine Pennefather (d 17.11.1834, dau of Kingsmill Pennefather of Cloneyharp)
  ((1)) Nicholas Mansergh of Macrony Castle (b 20.05.1789, d 10.1865, Recorder of Cashel)
  ((2)) Daniel Mansergh of Ballyshean, Cashel (Captain) had issue
m1. (22.08.1836) _ Budd of Kilkenny
  m2. Eleanor Jane Riall (d 21.08.1893, dau of George Riall of Parsonstown)
  ((3)) James Wentworth Mansergh (d 1847, rector of Kilmore) had issue
  m. (31.10.1835) Catherine Lloyd (d 27.09.1891, dau of Col. Owen Lloyd of Rockville)
  ((4)) Mary Mansergh
  m. (1824) Edward Pennefather of Marlow
  ((5)) Margaret Mansergh (dsp 02.05.1844)
m. _ Jacks (Major)
  ((6)) Elizabeth Mansergh (dsp 10.12.1827)
  m. Richard Pennefather (d 05.1831, Lt. Colonel)
  ((7)) Catherine Mansergh (d 07.08.1794)
  ((8)) Catherine Mansergh
  m. Richard Martin of Castle Jane
  (c) Bryan Mansergh (4th son)
  m. (1757) Elizabeth Gabbett (dau of William Gabbett of Caherline House)
((1)) Dorothy Mansergh
  m. (01.1796) Archibald Redfoord of Shroland
  ((2))+ other issue - James of Limerick (dsp before 29.01.1813), Ellen (d unm)
  (d) George Mansergh of Grenane (Captain)
  m1. _ Dacre (dau of George Dacre of York)
  ((1)) Lewis Mansergh of Riversdale, Athy, co. Kildare
  m. _ Henn
  ((2)) George Duke Mansergh of Riversdale
  m. (1814) Mary Studdert (dau of George Studdert of Kilkishen House)
((3)) Maria Mansergh
  m. Robert Rawson of Glassealy
  ((4)) Jane Elizabeth Mansergh
  m. (1786) James Blacker of Dublin (son of George of Hallsmill)
  m2. Mary Wolfe (dsp 06.1835, dau of Theobald Wolfe of Blackhall)
  (e)+ other issue - James (d unm 03.04.1808, Major), Matthew Wentworth (d unm 22.10.1803), Jane Elizabeth (dsp 06.03.1795)
  (iii) Bryan Mansergh (Captain)
  (a)+ issue - James, Nicholas, Henry
  (iv) Eleanor Mansergh (d 02.12.1786)
  m. Jonathan Lovett of Liscombe & Kingswell
  (B) George Mansergh of Coolgrange, co. Kilkenny (d by 1754)
  m. (1744) Sarah Wemyss (dau of Patrick Wemyss of Danesfort)
(C) Margaret Mansergh
  m. (06.04.1798) John Maux of Dublin
  (D)+ other issue - Wentworth, Bryan (Rev.), Lemon, Rebecca
  (2) James Mansergh of Macrony Castle, Fermoy, co. Cork (b 1626, d 19.09.1703, Captain, to Ireland)
  (A) George Mansergh (a 1704, dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Wheeler
  (B) Eleanor Mansergh
  m. (1684) Nicholas Southcote of Grenane, co. Tipperary (son of Nicholas of Mountsadivy (Devon) & Grenane (by Mary Perceval) & grandson of Thomas Southcote of Bovey Tracey)
  (C) Dorothy Mansergh
  m. (1681) Alexander Grove of Ballyhemock
  (3) Robert Mansergh of Kilkenny (b 1629, d by 1691?)
  m. Edith (a 1691)
  (A) George Mansergh of Cashel, co. Tipperary (a 1710, dsp, alderman)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BHO ('Records relating to the Barony of Kendale', volume 2, 'Mansergh')
(2) For lower section : BIFR1976 (Mansergh) with support from BLGI1912 (Mansergh of Grenane)
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