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Families covered: Marston of Afcot (Afcote or Astcote), Marston of Heyton, Marston of Marston, Marston of Midleton, Marston of Wolleston (Woolston)

Robert de Marston of Marston, Lincolnshire (a 1306)
1. John de Marston
  A. John de Marston
  i. Sir John de Marston of Horton & Shaldeford, Surrey (dsp)
m. Rose de Wastneys (dau/heir of Roger de Wastneys, widow of Sir John Chetwynd)
  ii. Richard Marston of Sheen, Surrey
  a. Wiliam Marston (d 1494-5)
  (1) Wiliam Marston (d 1511-2)
  m. Beatrix Barlow (dau of _ Barlow of Havering)
  (A) Johanna Marston
  m1. Nicholas Mynde 'of Norfolk'
m. William Saunder
  (B) Ursula Marston
  m. John Golding of Suffolk
  iii. Thomas Marston of Salop
  a. John Marston of Afcot (Afcote or Astcote) in Winstanstow, Salop
  m. _ Mynde of Myndetown
  (1) Ralph Marston of Afcot (d 1561)
  m. Cecilia Adye (dau of Thomas or Edward Adye)
  (A) Edward Marston of Afcot
  m. Elizabeth Jenkes (d 1558, dau of John Jenkes of Wolverton)
  (B) John Marston of Heyton, Salop
  m. Maria Baugh of Aldencourt
  (i) Thomas Marston of Midleton, Salop
  m. Margaret Lucy (dau of William Lucy, Captain of Calais, of family of Charlecote)
  (a) William Marston of Midleton
  m. Katherine Plashfeld (dau of Thomas Plashfeld of Ludlow)
  ((1)) William Marston (2nd son)
  m. Katherine Boreman (dau of Simon Boreman of London)
  ((2)) Francis Marston of Eyton, Herefordshire (youngest son?)
  m. Joyce Shepard
  ((A)) Richard Marston (b 1623)
  ((3))+ other issue - Thomas in London (bur 1612), Richard of London (a 1620), Susanna, Anna, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary
  (b) Edward Marston
  m. Anna Geers (dau/heir of Humphrey Geers son (by Blanche, dau of _ Coningsby of Neen Sollers) of John)
  ((1))+ issue - Edward, Thomas, Timothy, Francis, Maria, Elizabeth, Anna
  (c) Elizabeth Marston
  m. William Cresswell of Herefordshire
  (d) Elianora Marston
m. Richard Walton of Herefordshire
  (e) Margaret Marston
  m. Thomas Moore of Milichap, Salop
  (f) Maria Marston
  m. William Wall of the Bower
  (g) Anne Marston
  m. _ Penny
  (ii) Ralph Marston of Heyton
  m. Johanna Hopton (dau of Richard Hopton of Hopton)
  (a) John Marston of Coventry
  m. Maria (dau of Andrew of Gwerey)
  ((1)) John Marston (a 1620)
  m. Maria Wilkes (sister of Sir Thomas Wilkes)
  (b) Thomas Marston
  m. Johanna Weant of the Hill in Preston
  ((1))+ issue - Thomas, Maria
  (c) Margaret Marston
  m. John Gardner
(d) Alice Marston
  m. Thomas Wooton
  (e) Elizabeth Marston
  m. Richard Harris
  (f)+ other issue (dsp) - Richard, Elianora
  (iii) Elizabeth Marston
m1. _ Rudd
  m2. John Heath of the Heath
  (C) Richard Marston of Cheney Longville in Winstantow
  m1/2. Mary Vaughan (dau of Roger Vaughan of Radnorshire)
  m2/1. Johanna Mason (dau of Richard Mason of Minton)
  (D) Ralph Marston of Wolleston
  m. _ Lewis
  (i) Richard Marston of Wolleston (d 20.12.1591)
m. _ Blakeway
  (a) Richard Marston of Woolston
  m1/2. Margaret Marston (dsp 1586, dau of John Marston of Asctcote)
  m2/1. Maria Purcell (dau/heir of Thomas Purcell of Fordin son of nicohlas of Sherne)
  ((1)) Jane Marston
  m. _ Prichard of Wales
  (ii) William Marston
  (iii) Edward Marston of Stretton
  m. _ Hughes (dau of William Hughes alias Higgins)
  (a) Edward Marston
  (iv) daughter
  m1. Humphrey Baker
  m2. (John) Okeley of Okeley
  (E) Thomas Marston
  m. _ Gwilim of Herefordshire
  (F) Alice Marston
  m1. _ Lewis
  m2. Foulk Nesse of Alcaston
  (G) daughter
  m. _ Daveis of Kent
  (H) Margaret Marston
  m. Hugh Piers of Walton
  (2)+ other issue - William, Richard
  iv. John Marston (canon of St. Paul's in London)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Marston formerly of Afcot), Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Marston of Marston, Afcote and Heyton)
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