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Families covered: Martin of Antigua, Martin of Colston Basset, Martin of Hemingstone, Martin of Lockynge (Lockinge)

BP1895 reports that "descended from Josiah Martin, co. Dublin" was ...
Samuel Martin of Green Castle
m. Lydia Thomas (dau of Col. George Thomas of Antigua, m2. Edward Byam (Governor of the Leeward Islands))
1. Samuel Martin of Antigua
m1. Frances Yeamans (dau of John Yeomans, Attorney-General of Antigua)
  A. Samuel Martin (d unm 20.11.1788, MP)
  B. Henrietta Martin (d 15.04.1787)
m. John Austen Fitzgerald (Colonel of the Dutch service)
  m2. Sarah Wyke (d 1748, dau of Edward Wyke (Lt. Governor of Montserrat), relict of William Irish of Montserrat)
  C. George Martin (b c1749, d 1748)
  D. Sir Henry Martin, 1st Bart (b 28-9.08.1733, d 01.08.1794, Admiral, Comptroller of the Navy, MP)
  m. (26.11.1761) Elizabeth Anne Parker (d 06.03.1808, dau of Harding Parker of Passage West (co. Cork) (by Catherine, dau of John Neville of Newrath), relict of Hayward Gillman of Gillmanville)
  i. Sir Henry William Martin of Lockinge (Berkshire), 2nd Bart (b 20.12.1768, d 03.02.1842, 2nd son)
m. (23.06.1792) Catherine Powell (d 05.01.1847, dau of Thomas Powell of Tottenham)
  a. son (dvpsp)
  b. Sir Henry Martin, 3rd Bart (b 03.10.1801, dsp 04.12.1863)
  m. (08.03.1825) Catherine Martin (d 20.06.1882, dau of Admiral Sir Thomas Byam Martin) @1@ below
  c. Catherine Elizabeth Martin (d 12.09.1873)
  m. (07.11.1837) Rev. George May (son of G. of Strode House, Herne)
  ii. Sir Thomas Byam Martin (b c1774, d 21.10.1854, Admiral, Comptroller of the Navy, 4th son)
  m. Catherine Fanshawe (dau of Captain Robert Fanshawe)
  a. Sir William Fanshawe Martin of Lockynge, 4th Bart (b 05.12.1801, d 24.03.1895, Admiral) had issue
m1. (25.07.1827) Anne Draper Best (b 13.02.1808, d 01.04.1837, dau of William Draper Best, 1st Lord Wynford, by Mary Anne, dau of Jerome Knapp)
  m2. (21.05.1838) Sophia Elizabeth Hurt (d 12.11.1874, dau of Richard Hurt or Hart of Wirksworth by Caroline, dau of Robert Shuttleworth of Barton Lodge)
  b. Sir Henry Byam Martin (d unm 09.02.1865, Admiral RN)
  c. Robert Fanshawe Martin (dsp 13.07.1846, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Rebecca Alleyne (dau of Sir Reynold Alleyne, Bart)
  d. Catherine Martin (d 20.06.1882)
  m. (08.03.1825) Sir Henry Martin, 3rd Bart (b 03.10.1801, dsp 04.12.1863) @1@ above
  e. Elizabeth Ann Martin
  m. F.J. Davies (Colonel)
  f. Lydia Maria Martin (d 1843)
  iii. Judith Anne Martin (d 1843)
  m. (02.07.1809) John Pollexfen Bastard of Kitley
  iv.+ other issue - Samuel Henry (d 1782, RN), Josiah in Antgiua (d 05.12.1849), Eliza Anne (d 1823), Sarah Catherine (d 1826), Lydia Maria (d 1843)
  E. Josiah Martin, Governor of North Carolina (d 1786, Colonel)
  m. Elizabeth Martin (dau of Josiah Martin of Long Island) @2@ below
  i.+ issue - Josiah Henry (d unm 1799), Mary Elizabeth, Sarah, Alice
F. William Byam Martin of White Knights, Berkshire
  m. Charlotte Yorke (dau of Colonel _ Yorke)
  i.+ issue - Samuel (d 1813, Colonel), William Byam (Governor of Amboyna then Delhi), Henry Yorke (d 1803)
2. Josiah Martin of Long Island, USA
  m. Mary Yeamans of Antigua
  A. Elizabeth Martin
  m. Josiah Martin, Governor of North Carolina @2@ above
  B. Rachael Martin
  m. _ Bannister of Long Island
  C.+ other issue - Samuel, Charles Yeamans (dsp), William, Alice



Roger Martin of Stepney
m. Elizabeth
1. Roger Martin (Captain)
  m1. Margaret Tutchen (dau of Anthony Tutchen)
  A. Tutchen Martin (d 1702)
  m. Bennet Garsh or Gage
  i. William Martin (dsp 1756, Admiral)
m. (16.08.1826) Mary Atkins of Twell
  ii. Tutchen Martin (dsp 1721)
  iii. Bennet Martin of St. Ann, Middlesex (d 1741)
  m. Elizabeth
  a. William Martin (Captain RN)
  m. Arabella Martin (dau of Admiral Sir William Rowley, m2. Colonel Gibbs of Horsley Park)
  (1) William Martin of Hemingstone (Captain)
  m. Sarah Rowley (d 21.12.1841, dau of Admiral Sir Joshua Rowley, 1st Bart)
(A) Richard Martin of Hemingstone (d 11.04.1855, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (05.04.1832) Juliana Verner (dau of John Donovan Verner, son o Robert of Dublin by Juliana, dau of Edward Donovan of Ballymore)
  (B) Eliza Martin
  m. Charles Townley (brother of _ Townley of Fulbourne)
  (C)+ other issue - William (dsp), Arabella, Philadelphia, Maria
  (2) Henry Martin of Colston Basset, Nottinghamshire (b 21.12.1763, d 19.07.1839, Master in Chancery, MP)
  m. (14.07.1795) Maria Elizabeth Edmunds (b 04.03.1769, d 31.08.1827, dau of Francis Edmunds of Worsborough by Hannah Maria, dau of Joseph Offley of Horton Hall by Mary, dau/heir of Humphrey Bohun of Beckles)
  (A) William Bennet Martin, later Martin-Edmunds of Thurgaton Priory (Nottinghamshir) then Worsborough (Yorkshire) & Dale Hall (Suffolk) (b 07.10.1796) had issue
  m. (26.11.1831) Augusta Marcia Chaloner (b 23.05.1809, d 19.07.1859, dau of Rev. John Chaloner of Newton Kyme ("of the Guisbro' family") by Augusta Anne, dau of Robert Sutton of Scrofton by Elizabeth (relict of Edward Vavasopur of Weston))
  (B) Henry Burges Martin of Colston Basset (b 05.10.1797, dsp?)
  (C) George Bohun Martin of Crabbs Abbey, Norfolk (b 21.03.1799, d 14.10.1854, Post Captain RN) had issue
  m. (15.12.1835) Isabella Harriet Briggs (d 1882, dau of Rear Admiral Sir Thomas Briggs (d 1852) by Harriet, dau of General Trapand)
  (D) Francis Offley Martin of Rose Hill, Hampton, Middlesex (b 22.03.1805) had issue
  m. (31.01.1844) Mary Smith (dau of Rev. Samuel Smith of Dry Drayton)
  (E) Augusta Anne Martin (b 14.05.1801)
  m. (16.05.1837) Richard Trott Fisher of Lincoln's Inn
  (3) Sir George Martin (Admiral)
  m1. (1804) Harriet Bentinck (sister of Admiral _ Bentinck)
  m2. (1815) A. Locke of Norbury Park
  iv. Roger Martin (d 1780, Admiral RN)
  a.+ issue - John (dvp), James
  B.+ other issue - Margaret, Elizabeth
  m2. ??

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 14.03.13) : BP1895 (Martin of Lockynge) with support from TCB (vol 5, Martin)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 12.07.13) : BCG (vol 2, 1895, Marin, p798+)
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