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Families covered: Masham of High Laver, Masham of Otes

BE1883 reported that "The family of Masham, or Massam, was anciently seated in the north part of England, and undoubtedly took their name from Masham, a village near Richmond, in Yorkshire."
Sir John Masham
1. John Masham (d 1450, "settled in Suffolk")
  A. ?? Masham
  Uncertain of number of intervening generations.
  i. ?? Masham
  a. John Masham
(1) John Masham
  (2) William Masham, Sheriff of London (a 1583)
  (A) William Masham of Otes in High Laver, Essex
  m. Alice Calton (m2. Sir Francis Castillion)
  (i) Sir William Masham,1st Bart of High Laver (not High Lever), Essex (b c1592, d c1656)
  m. Elizabeth (not Winifred) Barrington (a 02.1662/3, dau of Sir Francis Barrington, 1st Bart of Barrrington Hall, widow of Sir James Altham)
(a) William Masham (dvp)
  m. Elizabeth Trevor (dau of Sir John Trevor)
  ((1)) Sir William Masham, 2nd Bart of High Laver (d unm c1662)
  ((2)) Sir Francis Masham, 3rd Bart of High Laver (b c1646, d 07.02.1722/3)
  m1. (29.10/01.11.1666) Mary Scot (dau of Sir William Scot or Scott of Rouen, 1st Bart of Kew Green, Lord of Mezangere)
((A)) Sir Samuel Masham, 4th Bart, 1st Lord Masham of Otes (d 16.10.1758, 8th son)
  m. (by 06.1707) Abigail Hill (d 06.12.1734, dau of Francis Hill of London by Elizabeth or Mary, dau of Sir John Jennings, sister of Richard & aunt of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough)
  ((i)) Samuel Masham, 2nd Lord of Otes (bpt 08.12.1712, dsp 14.06.1776, 2nd son)
  m1. (16.10.1736) Henrietta Winnington (d 01.07.1761, dau of Salway Winnington of Stanford Court)
  m2. (04.02.1762) Charlotte Dyve (b 1711-2, dsp 21.05.1773, dau John Dyve by Dorothy Aston)
  ((ii)) Anne Masham (dsps 04.03.1727)
  m. (11.04.1726) Henry Hoare
  Both BE1883 & BEB1841 show Anne as mother of Susannah & Anne but they were by Henry's 2nd wife.
  ((iii))+ other issue - George (bpt 07.09.1711, dvpsp), Francis (dvpsp), Elizabeth (d unm 1774)
  ((B))+ 7 sons (dvpsp) and 1 daughter
  m2. (25.06.1685) Damaris Cudworth (b 18.01.1658/9 or 1663-4, d 20.04.1708, dau of Rev. Ralph Cudworth of Cambridge)
  ((J)) Francis Cudworth Masham

Main source(s): BE1883 (Masham of Otes), BEB1841 (Masham of High Lever) with some support from TCB (vol I, Masham), TCP (Masham of Otes)
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