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Families covered: Maudit of Exeter, Maudit of London

Richard Mauduit alias Maudit of Kymtock, Devon
1. Richard Maudit in Portugal then Exeter, Devon named Robert by Maddison
  m. Mary Midwinter (dau of John Midwinter, Mayor of Exeter)
  A. Otho Mauduit of London & Ockingham (Berkshire) (d 1616)
  The following is supported by Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees ('Maudit of Great Sturton').
  m. Elizabeth Downs (dau of William Downs or Doynes of St Martins in the Fields)
  i. Richard Mauduit of Stourton Magna (Great Sturton), Lincolnshire (a 1634, 2nd son)
  m. Alice Smith (dau of Robert Smith of Horsington or Honington)
  a.+ issue (a 1634) - Otho (b c1621), Alice, Anne, Elizabeth (b c1632), daughter (b c1634)
  ii. Elizabeth Mauduit
  m. John Everard (preacher of St Martins in the Fields)
  iii. Catherine Mauduit
m1. Richard Watson of London
  m2. _ Gardner (steward to Lord Mountjoy)
  m3. _ Watson of St. Dunstan's-in-the-West
  iv.+ other issue - Otho in London (d young (sb d by 04.1619?)), John (d young), Arthur (d young (sb a 08.1625?)), Edward, William, Benjamin, Henry, Thomas, Grisel, Mary (d unm before 09.10.1618)
  B. Richard Mauduit of London (4th son)
  m1. Mary Isack (dau of George Isack of Devon)
  i. Elizabeth Maudit
  m. (12.1635) William Bathurst of Finchcock in Goudherst
  m2. Elizabeth Thorp (dau of John Thorp of St Martins in the Fields, relict of _ Lynch)
  ii. Arthur Maudit of London
  m. Elizabeth Bolles (dau of Valentine Bolles of Somerset)
  a. Elizabeth Maudit
  m. Edmund Clay of London
  (1)+ issue - Stephen (a 1692), Arthur
  b.+ other issue - Arthur (d unm 29.08.1691, of the Inner Temple), Richard of London (a 1692), daughters (d young - Mary, Rebecca, Ann, Ann, Martha), Mary, Sarah
  iii. Richard Maudit of London
  m. Elizabeth Pease of Yorkshire
  a. Richard Maudit
  b. Elizabeth Maudit
  m. Roger Atlee of London
  c. Rebecca Maudit
  m. Frances Coxon of the Isle of Thanet
d. Ann Maudit
  m. Philip Hunlock of London
  iv. Rebecca Maudit
m. John Chappell of London
  C. Isaac Maudit of Exeter
  m1. Ursula Martin (dau of Lewis Martin ("a near Relation to Sir Amias Powlett of Hinton St. George"), by 1st wife))
  i. Isaac Maudit, mayor of Exeter (b 1615-6, d 24.08.1686)
  m. Margaret Sydenham (dau of Thomas Sydenham of Whetstow)
  a. Sidenham Maudit of Exeter
  m. Martha Chichester (dau of ?? Chichester of Widworthy, sister of John)
  (1) Chichester Maudit (a 1692)
  a.+ other issue - Isaac of Exeter (dvpsp), Thomas (d young), Margaret, Ursula, Deborah, Rebecca, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Hannah, Sarah
  m2. Deborah Wood (dau of Richard Wood of Holsworthy by Elizabeth Cavell)
  ii. John Maudit (a 1649, rector of Penshurst)
  m. Eleanor Robinson (dau of Peers Robinson alias Norris, son of Nicholas, Bishop of Bangor)
  a. Peers Maudit (a 1692, Windsor Herald)
  m. Emerenliana Mayne (dau of Sir John Mayne of Lynton, Bart)
  b. Theodosia Maudit
  m. Robert Ellicombe of Kenn, Devon
  (1) Margaret Ellicombe
  c. Deborah Maudit
  m. Thomas Clarke of Exeter
  (1)+ issue - John, Thomas, Isaak
  d.+ other issue - Issac in Clapham (a 1692, cleric), John (d young), Ann (d young)
  iii. Joseph Maudit of Exeter (a 1692, alderman, 7th son)
  m. Mary Glyd (dau of William Glyd of Exeter)
  a.+ issue - Joseph (a 1692), William (a 1692), daughters (d young)
  iv. Benjamin Maudit of Southcomb, Devon (10th son)
  m. Ruth Prideaux ("a near Relation to Prideaux of Thuburrough")
  a. William Maudit (a 1692, minister of Little Pethrick, 2nd son)
  m. Loveday Prideaux (dau of William Prideaux of Camelford)
  (1)+ issue - Benjamin, Jasper, William
  b.+ other issue - Isaac of Camelford, Bridget
  v. Jasper Maudit of Liverpool, Lancashire (a 1692)
  m1. Dorothy Venables (dau of George Venables of Agnes)
  a. Samuel Maudit (d infant)
  m2. Penelope
  vi. Elizabeth Maudit
  m. Abraham Gibbs of St. George's & Devon
  a. Isaac Gibbs of Exeter (a 1692) had issue
  m. _ Mercer (dau of John Mercer of Ottery St. Mary)
  b. Elizabeth Gibbs
  m. Simon Gandy of Exeter
  c.+ other issue - John, Abraham (d young), George of London (d 18.11.1691), Jacob of London (a 1692), Deborah (d young), Deborah (d young)
  vii. Rebecca Maudit
  m. (sp) George Leech of Exeter
  viii.+ other issue - Abraham of Exeter (d unm), Jacob in London (d unm), Richard (d unm 1643-5), William (d young), Samuel (d young), Emanuel (d young)
  D.+ other issue - John of London & Exeter, George of Exeter (dsps)

Main source(s): 'The Genealogist' (vol 1, 1877, 'Pedigree of Maudit, pp132+) with a little support as reported above
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